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Stray cat in Turkey takes kittens to vets to seek help, video goes viral

The staff said that they were familiar with the stray cat as they often feed it but wasn't aware it had given birth. Calling the moment 'emotional', they were glad the family is doing better.

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A mother’s instinct is one of the most amazing things in the world and it isn’t restricted to just humans. Recently, a mother cat in Turkey suspected something was wrong with its babies and took them to a veterinary clinic to seek help. Now, the video of the feline is going viral, as vets treated the kittens.

In a video making waves on social media, a stray feline was filmed bringing in its babies to the vet.  The veterinarians in the western province of Izmir didn’t understand the feline’s motive at first. A spokesman for Karabaglar municipality said that the cat meowed for a long time after bringing in a second kitten. According to İHA, a mother cat took her two kittens to the Health Affairs Directorate’s office one day apart.

When finally the doctors and nurses checked, they noticed the kittens’ eyes were puffy and they had a problem opening them, Anka Haber reported. They called Veterinary Affairs Directorate and gave some medicine to the kittens, who were suffering from an eye infection. Soon, the vet responded to the mother’s call and the stray feline and her kittens were treated.

Watch the video here:

According to Daily Sabah, after initial care, the cats were handed to the veterinary department of the municipality where they recovered. The stray kittens and their mother were put up for adoption later. “We were familiar with this cat. She was a stray roaming nearby, and we used to give her food and water. We did not know she gave birth to kittens,” a clinic official said.

“This is the first time something like this is happening to us. We were both emotional and very happy to see that they recovered,” a was quoted by Haber Turk.

However, this is not the first time something like this has happened in the country. Earlier in April 2020 photos went viral when a mother cat rushed to a hospital to seek help.

In 2019, another pregnant cat had turned up at a hospital to seek professional help to deliver babies.

They moved people on the internet around the world, who couldn’t stop praising the mother and hoped that the cats get adopted soon as a family.

First published on: 31-03-2021 at 04:20:00 pm
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