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Indian-origin woman sentenced for smuggling hundreds of undocumented immigrants into US

In June last year, Hema Patel pleaded guilty to immigrant smuggling for financial gain by fraudulently bonding illegal immigrants from custody and causing their release into the United States.

Navy warship sunk by German sub in WWII finally located

The sinking of the USS Eagle PE-56 on April 23, 1945, was originally blamed on a boiler explosion. But the Navy determined in 2001 that it had been sunk by a German submarine.

Trump’s immigration measures follow European example

While the Trump administration’s detention centers have provoked major controversies in the United States, the camps created under European and Australian policies have met with far less backlash.

Suspected arsonist planned Japan’s worst mass killing in 18 years: report

The unidentified man shouted "Die!" before dousing the entrance to Kyoto Animation headquarters with what appeared to be petrol and setting it ablaze around 10:30 a.m on Thursday, media reported.

Explosion outside Kabul University kills two, wounds 10

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion but both the Taliban and the Islamic State group affiliate are active in Kabul.

US House Homeland Security panel head says Trump words endanger lawmakers

Representative Bennie Thompson, in a letter to Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger who heads the police board, cited "heightened threats" to four House Democrats who have come under attack by Trump, as well as other members of Congress.

Records detail frenetic effort to bury stories about Trump

Court records released Thursday show that President Donald Trump took part in a flurry of phone calls in the weeks before the 2016 election as his close aides and allies scrambled to pay porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Trans asylum seekers assaulted, abused in US, UK, Norway detention centres

Riviera, a transgender woman, said strangers' verbal abuse, her poor mental health and U.S. administration policies such as a ban on new trans military members left her feeling she had to leave.

Italy’s warring coalition parties warn of government collapse

Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, who heads 5-Star, said the League position risked isolating Italy, while League leader Matteo Salvini accused his partner of betraying ordinary voters after promising to bring radical change to Europe.

Yemen has been Saudi Prince’s war and now it’s his quagmire

Asked about Saudi plans to fill the void left by the Emirati drawdown, an official of the Saudi Embassy in Washington said last week that the kingdom would rely more on Yemeni allies.

Donald Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia for labour secretary

Trump tweeted the news Thursday evening, less than a week after his previous secretary, Alexander Acosta, resigned amid renewed criticism of his handling of a 2008 secret plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Donald Trump says he wants Iran to agree not to produce nukes

Trump withdrew last year from a nuclear deal that was struck with Tehran and six world powers in 2015. He has imposed stringent sanctions against what he described as the "authoritarian" Iranian regime.