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Rocket fired on Iraqi capital’s ‘Green Zone’, no casualties

The Katyusha multiple rocket launcher is an inexpensive type of rocket artillery that can deliver explosives to a target quicker than conventional artillery, but is less accurate.

Trump on Alabama abortion ban: President tells anti-abortion activists to stay united for 2020

With Alabama's tough new abortion law stirring divisions on the right, Trump implores anti-abortion activists to stay united for the 2020 election if they want to preserve their gains.

Venezuelan soldiers oversee fuel rationing in some towns amid shortages

Venezuela, whose economy is reeling from a five-year recession amid a prolonged political crisis, saw long lines of vehicles appear at services stations in several regions this week after a shutdown at the OPEC nation's second-largest refinery.

Trump, Saudi Arabia warn Iraq against Middle East conflict

The heightened rhetoric follows last week's attacks on Saudi oil assets and the firing of a rocket into Baghdad's heavily fortified "Green Zone" on Sunday, home to government buildings and foreign embassies.

Hundreds protest Alabama abortion ban: ‘My body, my choice!’

Alabama is part of a wave of conservative states seeking to mount new legal challenges to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Speaker stuns 2019 Morehouse grads, to pay off student debt

Billionaire technology investor shocks 2019 graduating class at Morehouse College, announcing at their commencement that he will pay off their students loans worth up to $40 million.

Brazil shooting: 11 people killed in gun attack at bar in Para state

Brazilian news media say a gang of gunmen roared up to a bar in Belem city in Brazil's northern Para state and opened fire, killing six women and five men.

Don’t go ‘too far’ in ‘damaging moves’: China tells US

Beijing has warned of retaliation against the order that effectively barred Chinese telecom giant Huawei from the US market.

Saudi Arabia says it seeks to avert war, ball in Iran’s court

Iran has denied involvement in either operation, which come as Washington and the Islamic Republic spar over sanctions and the US military presence in the region, raising concerns about a potential US-Iran conflict.

Brazil ups fine against Vale in face of possible dam rupture

Authorities in Brazil have raised to $73 million a fine that mining company Vale will face if it does not present within 72 hours a technical report on the risks and impact of the possible rupture of a waste dam in Minas Gerais.

Elizabeth Warren building unlikely connection with black female voters

Elizabeth Warren is gaining unlikely traction with black women who are debating whom to back in a historically diverse Democratic presidential primary

Police ID teen tackled after bringing gun to Oregon school

Police have released the identity of an 18-year-old student who was tackled after reportedly bringing a gun into classroom at a Portland, Oregon, high school