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US: Major winter storm threatens 80 million in Midwest and Northeast

The storm was also expected to further strain the National Weather Service, where many employees have been furloughed as part of the partial government shutdown.

US: Brace for the Polar Vortex, it may be visiting more often

A major snowstorm has already pummeled parts of California and is heading east, blanketing the Plains with blizzardlike conditions. Over the weekend, snow is expected across the Midwest, the East Coast and as far south as Arkansas.

Pakistan exports over 100,000 kg human hair to China

Demand for human hair has increased in China due to growth in the makeup industry. The other reason for the increase in the export of human hair is that there is a little trend for wearing wigs for fashion

Spanish police arrest 7 after Uber, Cabify cars attacked

The attacks occurred Friday night after taxi drivers announced an indefinite strike protesting a regional government plan to regulate the ride-hailing services that they argued was too lax.

Spanish rescuers to start drilling for boy trapped in well

The mission to save the child has triggered an outpouring of public support as rescuers struggle with the challenge of reaching the toddler safely and bringing heavy equipment up steep access roads.

We have responsibility to get an orderly Brexit, says Angela Merkel

The rejection this week of London's deal with the European Union by British lawmakers has thrown the process into disarray with options ranging from a no-deal Brexit in 10 weeks time to staying in the bloc.

Former British PM Major urges Theresa May to drop Brexit red lines

Major said he compromised on key decisions on the Northern Irish peace process and the first Gulf War while prime minister between 1990 and 1997, and May should do the same after her Brexit plan was rejected by a huge majority in parliament.

Canada says it won’t be deterred by Chinese pressure

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Canada has been abundantly clear it will not compromise national security. "It's a difficult challenge but we'll not be deterred by what we believe to be right and what we believe to be in the interests of Canada," Goodale said.

UN experts: Fuel from Iran is financing Yemen rebels’ war

The experts painted grim picture of a "deeply fractured" country sliding toward "humanitarian and economic catastrophe" with no sign of victory by either side in a conflict that many view as a proxy war between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Gunmen kill two Buddhist monks in Thailand’s troubled south

An abbot and vice abbot were killed when at least six assailants believed to be dressed as members of a government security force burst into the Rattanupap temple in Narathiwat province and opened fire late on Friday, police said.

Afghan Taliban reject reports of talks with US in Pakistan

Senior Taliban leaders said that regional powers including Pakistan had approached them and wanted them to meet the US delegation in Islamabad and also include the Afghan government in the peace process but that the approaches had been rejected.

Henry Sy, billionaire who started as a shoe seller, dies at 94

Sy’s company started as a shoe store in 1948. Today, the group runs 62 department stores, 56 supermarkets, a network of 194 SaveMore grocery stores and 50 hypermarkets.