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Take a look at Kareena Kapoor Khan’s style evolution over the years

On her 39th birthday and after spending 19 years in Bollywood we take a look at Kareena Kapoor Khan's style evolution over the years.

Chew On This

Cow and Company by Parashar Kulkarni provides that fodder in the form of an epic battle of the ages between chewing gum, which the British Chewing Gum Company wants to introduce in India, and “the empire of paan — the sun never truly set on it”.

Rising Influence

The journey of economists from university campuses to the White House

A Thinking Man’s Guide to Practical Living

A collection of essays that champion reason over blind faith, science over superstition

One Above the Other

A sharp critique, not only of the persistent realities of caste but also of the prevailing state of Dalit politics

Priyanka Chopra fails to impress in this striped Alberta Ferretti pantsuit

The glossy pantsuit was rounded out with bold makeup — a bold red lip, winged eyeliner, bronzed cheeks and kohl-rimmed eyes.

Being ‘night owls’ linked to teen girls gaining weight, says study

The study noted that improving sleep schedules may be helpful in preventing childhood and adolescent obesity, especially in girls.

Signs your body needs more calcium

If you have been experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms, chances are it's your body telling you it is running low on calcium, and needs a refuelling at the earliest.

Chef and explorer Ranveer Brar is rediscovering stories and flavours of the Himalayas

Shot over 45 days, chef and host Ranveer Brar's latest show, Himalayas – The Offbeat Adventure explores Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand regions.

Losing hair? Here’s why it could be happening

While it is advisable to get it checked by a professional, here are some things that could be happening with your body — ones that are well within your control.

Fear gaining weight? Here’s everything you need to know about Obesophobia

Obesophobia, just like other phobias, arises from a combination of traumatic events and internal predispositions.

Author Sangeeta Khanna’s new book dispels myths around one of India’s favourite snacks

There is a section on Non Veg Pakodas. From the usual anda, chicken and prawn to Herbed Omelette Pakoda and Tisre Vade.