Health News

AIIMS completes trials for low-cost, painless cervical cancer screening device

The inventor is in talks with the Tamil Nadu government for introduction of the FDA-approved device in a primary care setting.

Uterus may play a role in memory and cognition: Study

As per Bimonte-Nelson, removing one's uterus has a definite impact on spatial memory. The uterus, being connected to the autonomic nervous system, which coordinates unconscious functions like breathing and digestion, plays a more important role than what meets the eye.

Stroking babies gently can relieve them of pain: Study

The study, conducted by the University of Oxford and Liverpool John Moores University, examined the brain activities of around 32 babies and concluded that stroking them gently can have therapeutic effects on the baby.

New study hopes to understand if zinc can cut infant mortality

The Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), in collaboration with University of Bergen, Norway and Tribhuvan University, Nepal, will participate in the multi-country, multi-site study.

Solving puzzles at old age might not boost declining mental health: Study

A recent research shows that you do not have to engage in solving puzzles or mental aptitude exercises to keep your brain young and kicking in old age. 

Inflammatory bowel disease ups prostate cancer risk: Study

For the study, published in the journal European Urology, the team looked at 1,033 men with IBD and a control group of 9,306 men without the disease.

Wasp venom offers hope against lung diseases

In a study over mice, the team repurposed a toxin normally found in Polybia paulista — a South American wasp — to create variants of the peptide that are potent against bacteria but non-toxic to human cells.

Sufficient sleep in childhood may lead to healthy BMI later

For the study, researchers analysed 2,196 children. The findings, published in the journal SLEEP, showed that one-third of children consistently adhered to age-appropriate bedtimes for ages five to nine.

Kerala’s all-women startup introduces ‘lactation pods’ for breastfeeding mothers

On Tuesday, 'I Love 9 months', a startup incubated at the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) in Thiruvananthapuram set up a lactation pod for working mothers at Technopark, an IT park.

Light from cellphones, laptops can reset internal clock

The findings of the study that have been published in the journal Cell Reports might help in improving the treatment of insomnia, jet lag, migraines, and circadian rhythm disorders. 

Being a night owl increases risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes: Study

The study published in the journal 'Advances in Nutrition' attempts to understand the relationship between circadian rhythms and eating patterns - called chrono-nutrition - and overall cardiometabolic health. 

Accepting Alzheimer’s, one lost memory at a time

Alzheimer’s also gets the blame for increased thoughts of isolation, which, when one is feeling particularly low, lead to thoughts of suicide. Facing the reality of losing your mind is devastating.