Health News

New gene therapy can stop common cause of blindness: Study

In UK alone, almost 6 lakh people have been affected by (AMD). Many have been so severely affected that their eyesight has been damaged.

Drinking beer before wine might not prevent a hangover: Study

It is popularly believed that having a beer before wine or vice-versa can result in a bad hangover. However, a recent study, as reported by The Guardian, states that one's drinking order does not prevent a hangover.

Setting realistic life goals may be key to well-being

Perceiving one's personal goals as attainable is an indicator for later cognitive and effective well-being.

Birth control pills impair complex emotion recognition in healthy women: Study

A recent study that featured in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience suggested that women who use oral contraceptives are less able to recognize facial expressions of complex emotions.

A good night’s sleep can improve your body’s immune response: Study

The importance of sleep for one's mental and physical well-being has been highlighted by various studies time and again. However, a new study has established a link between sleep and the body's immune system.

Chronic inflammation can lead to memory problems: Study

After controlling for factors like age, blood pressure, heart disease, education, and many others, it was deduced that more the number of inflammatory factors, greater the chance of cognitive decline over 20 years of follow-up. Decline in memory seems to be strongly associated with inflammation.

Need a breath of fresh air? Hotels to the rescue

Most hotel properties generally charge a higher nightly rate for their clean air rooms, compared with their standard rooms, and while the amount varies depending on the hotel, a stay can be 5 to 7 per cent more expensive.

Western diet may up severe sepsis risk: Study

Consuming a Western diet, low in fibre and high in fat and sugar, can put you at increased risk of developing severe sepsis, researchers say.

Exercise may protect against Alzheimer’s: Study

Exercise produces a hormone that may improve memory and protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to a study.

Heated tobacco devices equally harmful as e-cigarettes, smoking: Study

The study has compared new heated tobacco devices, which heat solid tobacco instead of an e-liquid, with vaping and traditional cigarettes showing that all the three are toxic to the cells.

New ‘Trojan horse’ drug kills cancer from inside

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a 'Trojan horse' to get inside tumour cells has shown promise in patients with six different cancer types.

Eating walnuts may lower depression risk: Study

Consuming walnuts may lower the prevalence and frequency of depression, and improve concentration levels, according to a study carried out in American adults.