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‘Boss Lady’, say netizens after Sushma Swaraj gives befitting response to a troll

Swaraj's response won many hearts online, with some even requesting the politician to not respond to such tweets.

Instagram’s famous Monte Neme lake turns out to be toxic dump

Multiple tourists have been hospitalised after taking a dip in the famous Monte Neme lake, which is now considered to be a toxic dump, and they are suffering from various reactions to the skin and digestive system.

Chandrayaan 2: Here is how India reacted to ISRO’s moon mission launch

The launch was witnessed by nearly 5,000 people who were accommodated at a viewing gallery. Following the launch, congratulations and wishes poured in for ISRO from citizens and politicians across the country.

Uttarakhand policeman risks life to save drowning man, netizens salute his bravery

"Salute to Uttarakhand Police for this brave effort. A drowning boy Vishal was saved. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this," read one of the many comments praising the Uttarakhand officer.

Viral video: This fusion of Shape of You and Urvashi Urvashi has netizens hooked

"This is just amazing. I love fusion music and I love how amazingly happy you looked while performing. Man I could listen to this for days," read one of the many comments on the viral post.

Youngsters help man suffering from dementia surf ‘one last time’, video leaves netizens emotional

Once shared online, it did not take long for the video to go viral with many left teary-eyed after watching it. However, many also expressed how the clip was both "heartbreaking" and "beautiful" at the same time.

Double blunder: Shashi Tharoor misquotes Ghalib on wrong birthday, gets schooled by Javed Akhtar

Quick to notice Tharoor's gaffe, Akhtar tweeted, "Shashi Ji, whoever has given you these lines should never be trusted again. It is obvious that someone had planted these lines in your repertoire to sabotage your literary credibility."

‘Golden Girl’, say netizens after Hima Das bags fifth gold medal of the month

Earlier in April, Das had failed to complete the 400-metre race in the Asian Athletics Championship due to a back spasm. However, this time, Das, fondly called the 'Dhing Express', turned heads and won praise for her performance.

Anand Mahindra’s latest tweet involves TikTok video on ‘Scorpio’, leaves netizens in splits

It did not take long for Mahindra's post to go viral, with many complimenting him for his sense of humour. However, some also pointed out that the number plate of the vehicle was missing, which is illegal.

Viral Video: Haryana school girl wins hearts online after ‘reporting’ on waterlogging

A little girl from Kurukshetra, Haryana is being praised after a video of her reporting about the waterlogging issue in her neighbourhood went viral on social media.

Not unusual karate kicks, video of military tank used for #BottleCapChallenge goes viral

After many actors, singer and even dogs had unusual takes on the viral #BottleCapChallenge, this one using a military tank probably can be a clear winner.

‘Virat Kohli’ is the newest sensation on TikTok. Check out his videos

With whopping followers of over 4 million and 35 million 'hearts' on the popular app, Arora is TikTok India's one of the most popular creator.