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Samsung promises fix for Galaxy S10, Note 10 fingerprint unlock bug

Samsung has apologized to its users for the Galaxy S10/Note 10 fingerprint unlock bug, and promised to roll out a fix next week.

Apple ‘AirPods Pro’ could debut sooner than expected

Apple's AirPods Pro may have a new metal design, improved sound quality, and a $260 price. The launch could happen before the end of October.

Apple iPhone 2020 lineup preview: 5G, notch-less OLED screens, in-display Touch ID, and more

Here's a compilation of everything we know about the next generation iPhones from new design, 5G integration, new displays to an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Milky Way stole several dwarf constellations from neighbouring galaxy

According to a study published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Milky Way has stolen four ultrafaint dwarfs and two other dwarf galaxies named Carina and Fornax from neighboring Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) galaxy.

Diwali tech deals 2019: Asus, Skullcandy, Samsung, Vivo and much more

Here's a list of all of the best tech deals you can get during Diwali 2019 festive season. Deals from Samsung, Skullcandy, ASUS, Vivo and more.

NASA ends 7-year old Van Allen Probes mission that studied Earth’s radiation belts

NASA decommissioned its 7-year old Van Allen Probes mission on Thursday. It comprised of two satellites that were placed in Van Allen belts which studied how these radiation rings acquire and lose electromagnetic particles.

Apple sees strong demand for iPhone 11 in China, iPhone 11 Pro in the US: Report

Dan states that the overall demand is pretty strong in China, whereas, the demand for the iPhone 11 Pro is exceeding estimates in the United States.

Lawmakers slam Apple for ‘censorship’ of apps at China’s Behest

The letter implied that Apple made the removal decisions to maintain its huge business in China and appease the government.

Google affiliate begins drone deliveries in Virginia town

The drones will start with a flying radius of about 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) from Wing's distribution facility in Christiansburg.

Biodiversity change happening faster in marine ecosystems than on land: Study

Biodiversity loss is happening at a faster rate in the tropical regions of the world, with changes in marine ecosystems outpacing those on land

New Facebook oversight board results to be public, executive says

The board will begin by weighing users' posts and is expected to take on ads later. The ads have recently come under scrutiny after Facebook refused demands to remove President Donald Trump campaign ads that make false claims.

PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka event live, offers exclusive in-game items and rewards

PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka event brings in new daily missions completing which provide the players with Diwali Sparklers that they can use to burst crackers or buy Gift Tokens.