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Spyware maker NSO promises reform but keeps snooping

NSO says its technology is licensed only to governments for combating terrorism and fighting crime. It also promises it won’t sell to governments with records of human rights abuses.

New WhatsApp vulnerability using MP4 video files found

A new WhatsApp threat has been reported that allowed a remote attacker to hack a phone by sending a video file in MP4 format to the target.

16-inch MacBook Pro’s new keyboard same as the magic keyboard: iFixit

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro now comes with standard scissor-switch mechanism, which is identical to the Magic Keyboard on iMac.

NASA’s CASE instrument to aid European mission on studying exoplanet atmosphere

NASA will contribute an instrument to a European space mission that will explore the atmospheres of planets orbiting stars beyond our Sun for the first time.

Can thin but powerful devices push up laptop sales in India?

The PC market in India has seen some revival in Q3 2019, up 15.8 per cent compared to the year before. A lot of these new purchases might have to take into consideration the requirement of the young users who make up a substantial chunk of the workforce everywhere.

Motorola Razr is back with a foldable display and clamshell design: All the top features

Motorola's razr is back in a familiar flip form but with an important difference. The razr now has a foldable or flexible display, which is supposed to be future of smartphone displays.

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will search for signs of ancient life on Jezoro Crater

Scientists with NASA's Mars 2020 rover have discovered that Jezoro Crater on Mars could be one of the best places to look for signs of ancient life on Mars.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock review: Time for a change

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review: With the new generation Echo Dot, Amazon has added a digital clock on the front. The new clock makes it easy to see the time, without having to interact with Alexa.

Microsoft to shut down Cortana app for Android, iOS in January 2020

First announced in 2015, Microsoft Cortana was initially pitched as an answer to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. However, the voice-based digital assistant failed to compete with other digital assistants.

Huawei patent hints at Motorola Razr-style foldable phone with a clamshell design

Huawei's next-generation foldable smartphone could look like the recently launched Motorola Razr 2.0, reveals a new patent application.

Apple bans vaping apps from App Store on growing health concerns

Apple initially stopped approving such apps in June, and now it is pulling them from the App Store entirely.

Is HTC looking to bring a ‘classic’ smartphone back?

After Motorola, it looks like HTC is looking to bring a 'classic' phone of its back. Head of HTC Creative Labs Drew Bamford took to Twitter to ask HTC fans which classic phone they would like to see the company bring back with today's technology.