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Ben Ungermann to bring European influence to Indian cuisine with gourmet experiences

Ben Ungermann, who has created the menu for the event, is bringing a multiple city tour in the country -- Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

From brownies to rum cake recipes: Try these decadent desserts this winter

From phirni to decadent chocolate brownies, we bring to your some of these gorgeous winter dessert recipes that are the perfect indulgence on a toasty winter day.

Kochi-Muziris Biennale: Visitors can try a variety of dishes being prepared on the spot

Kochi-Muziris Biennale, which will start on December 12 this year, will feature an off-beat project called ‘Edible Archives’ - it will this time serve art on a plate, literally.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration when it comes to food styling: Chef Kunal Kapur

Instagram India recently held an event, Food @Instagram, where renowned chefs, food bloggers and food stylists came together for a discussion on how Instagram has helped them grow their business.

From bananas to coffee: Here are some healthy foods that can improve your stamina

A lack of energy could affect our daily activities and negatively impact our productivity. But there are certain foods - from bananas and coffee to dark chocolates - you can bank on to instantly give you a much-needed energy boost.

Taking a different turn: Many food places in the Capital are now employing differently-abled people

On World Disability Day, it is heartening to see many restaurants and food giants opening up employment opportunities for the differently-abled and acknowledging their contribution to the businesses.

Kolkata’s new crop of vegetarian cafes offer food lovers choice, and much more

People in Kolkata are still aficionados of good food, and this often surpasses their rigidity regarding vegetarian and non-vegetarian. In Kolkata, good food, still, triumphs all.

Healthy dinner options to try out this winter

From Soba noodles soup to wild herbs roasted chicken and green quinoa salad, this winter try out some food recipes that are not only delicious but healthy too.

How WhatsApp is changing the way India talks about food

The application, blamed for all kinds of mayhem on the subcontinent, has proved a boon for farmers, home cooks and chefs who once lacked a way to share.

From almond flour to honey: Replace the ingredients in your dessert recipes with these healthy substitutes

Give a healthy makeover to your baking recipes with these nutritious substitutes. From bananas replacing oil to jaggery replacing sugar, you can now push away your guilt while eating desserts.

Feed your muscles these good quality vegetarian protein-rich food

Will opting for a meat-free diet bring down your protein consumption? Not if you include these good quality vegetarian protein in your diet.

From jaggery to turmeric: Five foods to keep you warm and healthy this winter

Food plays a very important role in keeping us healthy during the winter months. It can cure a lot of diseases and also build up our body's immunity to fight the weather. So here's a list of what all you should eat during winters.


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