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UK academics’ salary gap by race and gender: what research found

The findings showed disparities not only among academics from different ethnic groups, but also between men and women researchers.

Kashmir to Middle East, what drives Norwegian efforts to play peacemaker?

While the visit has fuelled much speculation about the possibility of a new peace effort, that would be unexpected given that several times, New Delhi has turned down — not always politely — offers of “mediation” in the Kashmir issue.

Huawei exec’s arrest: why, what it could mean

The move has led to China warning Canada and calling in the US Ambassador in Beijing to lodge its protest.

Simply Put: Why aircraft carriers are needed

Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba has made a strong case for a 2nd indigenous aircraft carrier. While govt considers it too expensive, the Chinese expansion in the Indian Ocean Region cannot be overlooked.

Sun Pharma practices: questions, responses

Later, it was reported that a “potential whistleblower” too had raised such questions. Between November 30 and December 6, Sun’s stock price at the National Stock Exchange fell 14.7%.

A chunk of votes, a few seats: why rebels always count in this two-party state

The high share has meant independents and parties other than the Congress and BJP have never won fewer than 14 seats in the 200-member House.

Air pollution impact on life, from Rajasthan high to Arunachal low

At the lower end of the scale are several of the Northeastern states — including Arunachal Pradesh (36), Meghalaya (43), Nagaland (49).

Explained: What Facebook emails show

A UK House panel has released documents that paint a poor picture of Facebook’s business practices and attitude towards privacy, and show that it debated how best to profit from the phenomenon it had built

Explained: What are Kilkenny cats

Self-destructive Irish cats, which Attorney General referred to in SC while describing CBI No. 1 vs No. 2

Extreme weather report suggests neighbours worse hit than India

These rankings are based on a Climate Risk Index (CRI) developed by Germanwatch. It analyses quantified impacts of extreme weather events, in terms of fatalities and economic losses

COP24 Summit: Paying for the climate clean-up

The fight against climate change needs huge flows of money, and who produces the cash — and how and when — has long been at the heart of the disagreement between the developed and the developing world

Explained: The role of the 5 Sikh takhts, and the debate over a proposal for a 6th

A look at the significance of takhts, and both sides of the debate over a proposal for a 6th.


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