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Saravana Bhavan case: The obsession that destroyed ‘dosa king’ Rajagopal

For many years, Rajagopal had the reputation of being a good employer who took care of his staff and paid handsome salaries, and ensured their and their families' education and health. And then things went wrong.

Explained: Can India really deport illegal immigrants after final NRC list

The final NRC is scheduled on July 31. Those left out will have a series of options for appeal, which is a long haul. Only after that will the question of deportation come up, if at all.

Explained: Will Spain’s Pedro Sanchez stay on as prime minister?

Leaders of the main parties are at odds with each other in a country with no recent experience of coalition governments and an increasingly fragmented political landscape, meaning it may take many more weeks, and possibly a repeat election, to find a deal.

Explained: Why are Japan and South Korea at loggerheads?

Japan reportedly also removed South Korea from its “white country” list, that is, nations Japan deems to have trustworthy export control systems.

Explained: Why Ebola is now an international emergency

More than 1,600 people have died since August in the second-worst outbreak of the disease in history. Wednesday's declaration was sparked by confirmation of a case in Goma, a Congo city of more than two million people on the border with Rwanda.

Explaining how and why a man-eater tiger kills

Indian Express explains why and how a man-eater kills, and why the Rajasthan Forest Department did the right thing the wrong way in moving Ranthambhore’s famous T-24 tiger to Udaipur last year.

Karnataka crisis: What was SC’s Kihoto Hollohan order of 1992, what is the role of Speaker?

Senior Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi cited the landmark judgment in Kihoto Hollohan vs Zachillhu And Others (1992), in which the court upheld the sweeping discretion available to the Speaker in deciding cases of disqualification of MLAs.

Explained: What does Ploonet mean?

What if a moon went rogue and acted like a planet? It can happen, astronomers say, and give it a name.

Scientists create Ramanujan Machine: what’s it for, why name it after him?

Ramanujan’s conjectures have been proved by others; can humans prove the conjectures from the ‘machine’?

Explained: Taking stock of monsoon rain

How long will it take before it covers the entire country? Why is annual monsoon rainfall often below average? India’s Earth Sciences Secretary weighs in on monsoon forecasts and climate technology.

Explained: How films are certified, why it causes dispute

Certification— unrestricted public exhibition (U), parental guidance for children below age 12 (U/A), adult (A), or viewing by specialised groups (S) — is decided by the Regional Officer based on reports by Examining Committee members in unanimity or majority.

Telling Numbers: Mutual funds move away from non-banking financial cos

At the start of the crisis in July 2018, the total exposure of MFs stood at Rs 2.64 lakh crore. By June 2019 end, this had fallen to Rs 2.02 lakh crore.