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Another blow for Pakistan: Why FATF blacklisting now seems increasingly likely

Pakistan has been under the FATF’s scanner since June 2018, when it was put on the greylist for terror financing and money laundering risks, after an assessment of its financial system and law enforcement mechanisms.

Explained: What tools could Donald Trump use to get US firms to quit China?

The stakes are high: U.S. companies invested a total of $256 billion in China between 1990 and 2017, compared with $140 billion Chinese companies have invested in the United States, according to estimates by the Rhodium Group research institute.

Explained: Why anti-government demonstrations are being banned in Zimbabwe

Political tensions escalated in Zimbabwe after police banned an anti-government demonstration planned by the country's main opposition party — the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the central city of Gweru.

Explained: In crisis of confidence, step towards regaining trust

Sitharaman clubbed the 33 measures into five buckets: taxation, banks/ NBFCs/ SMEs, financial markets, infrastructure, and the automotive sector, which has visibly been one of the worst hit leading to many direct and indirect job losses.

Explained: Why you must curb your need for speed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The ITMS system has been designed after studying models in other cities that have been successful in establishing lane discipline and curbing the practice of driving on the wrong side. 

Decoding Nirmala Sitharaman’s measures to revive economic growth

The announcements come at a time when the perception that the slowdown has been aggravating in recent weeks and spreading across sectors.

Explained: Why Haryana govt wants to pull staff of aided pvt colleges, and why many are opposed to it

Haryana has 97 government-aided private colleges. According to college managements, more than two lakh students study in these colleges.

Explained: How BMC’s duct plan can put an end to Mumbai’s pothole problem

Year after year the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has attracted citizens' ire over pothole-ridden roads. The BMC has now planned ducts while building new roads, a move aimed at avoiding repeated digging of roads by agencies that have utilities underground.

Explained: What Henley Passport Index tells us about mobility of an Indian passport

Last year, an Indian passport holder had visa-free access to 60 countries; this year, she has access to 58.

Explained: Why Amazon fires are worrying

Man-made fires in the world’s largest rainforest have sent smoke to populated cities and the Atlantic coast. Why does it bring focus on President Bolsonaro’s policies? What impact can it have on the environment?

Explained: Why ordnance factory workers are on strike

One of the fears of employees is that corporatisation is a step towards privatisation. They fear job losses. They also argue a corporate entity would not be able to survive the unique market environment of defence products.

Explained: What are the polygraph, narco tests that PNB accused has refused?

Called the 'Lie Detector Tests', several instruments are used including cardiographs, sensitive electrodes and injections in the course of these examinations to put a person in a hypnotic state to 'reduce' their ability to lie or manipulate.