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Explained: France’s problem with the burqa

France was the first country in Western Europe to impose a ban on face-covering Islamic veils in 2010. Among the different types of Islamic veils, the burqa is the most conservative, covering the entire face and body. A mesh screen in front of the eyes allows the wearer to see.

Explained: Taanaji Malusare and the role he played in the Battle of Singhagad

Hailing from the Malusare clan, Taanaji is popularly remembered for the Battle of Singhagad that took place in the year 1670.

Explained: The pros and cons of an income tax cut

An income tax cut would provide more disposable income in the hands of the taxpayers and the government's hope would be that this extra money would be spent by taxpayers – thus providing a boost to the economy.

Telling Numbers: IITs dominate India rankings, IIT-Bombay and IISc on top

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) dominate the list, with seven IITs figuring in the top ten rankings. Like last year, IIT-Bombay leads followed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). This year, IIT-Delhi has improved its performance by one rank to overtake IIT-Madras.

Explained: What is skin-on interface?

The interface is made up of layers of silicone membrane. It is, therefore, more natural than the hard casing of phones, and can detect gestures made by end-users.

Explained: What is The Hundred in cricket?

The Hundred: With 53 players, Australia tops the list of overseas entrants, followed by Pakistan with 35, but there are no Indians drafted to play in The Hundred.

Explained: Allama Iqbal and his role in the creation of Pakistan

Allama Iqbal was a poet-philosopher whose work promoted the philosophy of self-hood and dealt with the intellectual and cultural reconstruction of the Islamic world.

Explained: Why Chile is in turmoil over metro fare hikes

Chile protests were started by school children and students to avoid paying an increased fare for using public transportation.

24 wickets, 9 bowled, 3 lbws

Bowl within the stumps, on off-stump, and make the ball deviate a shade away or into the batsman.

Explained: Why interest rates aren’t falling

Since February, RBI has cut its interest rate by 135 basis points. Yet, bank lending rates for new loans have not fallen by much while interest rates on many existing loans have actually gone up. What explains this?

Telangana transport strike: What unions want, why govt is unyielding

TSRTC union leader Ashwathama Reddy said employees called for the strike also because they felt the government was preparing to privatise the corporation.

Telling Numbers: 93% milk samples found safe, 41% had quality issues

Among the samples found unsafe, 12 were adulterated (6 with hydrogen peroxide, 3 with detergents, 2 with urea, 1 with neutralisers). Nine of the samples were taken from Telangana, two from Madhya Pradesh and one from Kerala.