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Amazon fires: why issues around forest are complex, what Brazil is doing

The fight against deforestation in Brazil has been extremely successful since 2005.

Is Indian Ocean helping Atlantic currents?

For the last 15 years, however, scientists have been worried by signs that AMOC may be slowing, which could have drastic consequences on global climate.

Frequencies at which sounds are disturbing, and how brain reacts

Neuroscientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have now sought to analyse what goes on in the brain when people hear these frequencies.

Explained: Trump, Biden, and the Ukraine file

Biden is the frontrunner for his party's nomination to contest next year's presidential election against Trump.

Explained: The tradition of Marsiya poetry in India

The word Marsiya means elegy, meaning a poem which is a lament for the dead.

Explained: Using Happy Seeder and how it affects wheat yield

Farmers and experts say that to get a higher yield when wheat is sown with Happy Seeder, the trick lies in following proper technique. Also, in initial years, productivity won't overwhelmingly increase or decrease.

Explained: What’s fanning onion price hike & why govt steps aren’t cooling it down

With elections in Maharashtra and Haryana only a month away, the government has to walk the tightrope of not upsetting onion growers, who are part of the voter base in rural areas, and urban consumers who have to shell out more money for the bulb.

On Alzheimer’s day, understanding the disease, and attitude to dementia in India, world

According to the US-based Alzheimer’s Association, there are over 4 million people in India who suffer from some form of dementia.

This new technology will help Railways become less polluting, cost-efficient

The press release also says that the implementation of the project is already underway and that the Railways has so far earned Rs 800 crores in annual savings after 342 trains were fitted with the new technology.

Explained: Indian Navy’s new aircraft carrier dry dock

A dry dock is essentially a berthing place in which the repair, refuelling and maintenance of a ship is carried out after dewatering the dock.

Explained: Gives firms extra cash to invest — and raises a few questions too

The structural issues that need to be addressed are land and labour reforms, and what Rathin Roy, member of Prime Minister’s Economic Advisor Council explained lucidly - products and services affordable to middle and lower income people.

Explained: How the latest corporate tax rate cut impacts the economy

A cut in personal income tax or GST slabs would have spurred the economy more in the short term but the corporate tax cut is beneficial for the economy in the long term.