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Explained: Maharashtra scheme for rape victims, with provision to withdraw compensation

The Manodhairya Yojana scheme provides for financial support to and rehabilitation of victims of rape, child sexual abuse and acid attacks.

New index quantifies how air pollution cuts life expectancy

India and China, which make up 36% of the world’s population, account for 73% of all years of life lost due to particulate pollution.

Explained: Why Brexit is dividing UK once again

Plan in place but miles to go: What is the deal with EU, what other challenges lie ahead?

Explained: Why soyabean is key to Madhya Pradesh

The crop has often helped shape poll outcomes in Malwa, which accounts for more than half the state’s production. Once thriving, soyabean has suffered falling prices in the last few years.

How do Ant-Man and the Wasp breathe after they shrink?

Marvel Comics characters Ant-Man and the Wasp have the ability to shrink down to insect size. But to be still able to breathe at that size?

Maratha quota: demand, decision, and challenges ahead in implementation

All major political parties are in favour of Maratha reservation. Getting legislation passed in the Assembly and Legislative Council with a two-thirds majority is not expected to be a problem.

Chhattisgarh: after improvement in fiscal position, a sharp decline

The state’s expenditure on education, as a percentage of total expenditure, fell to 19% in 2017-18, from 20.8% in 2016-17.

Explained: How controversy has chased Nirankari sect

The grenade attack in Amritsar on Sunday threw the spotlight on the Nirankari sect, which has historically in conflict with Sikhs who follow traditional practices

Explained: The other officers in CBI war

As Supreme Court hears the CBI case today, DIG M K Sinha’s petition has escalated the unprecedented war in the agency to high levels in the government, and raised the stakes in the battle. Who are these fighters?

Explained: What are penalty runs?

Under cricket laws, these can be awarded on various grounds. Two of these came into play last week

Telling Numbers — Rise and rise in government requests for Facebook info

A Facebook Transparency report released Friday shows a consistent increase in the number of government requests for “information” and “user accounts” in the last five years.

Explained Snippets | In Madhya Pradesh, a climbing fiscal deficit and some recovery

As Madhya Pradesh’s deficit expanded, its spending on key social goals, including on education, health and the social sector, increased over the last four years.


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