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Telling Numbers: Studying and playing in school

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), 2018, released Tuesday, contains data from government schools in rural areas in 596 out of 619 districts.

Explained: Why Assam, Northeast are angry

Citizenship Bill has sparked protests across the Northeast, particularly Assam, from citizens, Opposition parties and even BJP leaders and their allies. What makes the Bill so sensitive, why is govt still pushing it?

Measles Rubella Vaccination: Understanding the question of parental consent

The latest Global Measles and Rubella Update says India had 56,399 confirmed measles cases and 1,066 confirmed rubella cases in 2018.

What is Goa’s ‘Opinion Poll Day’?

Jawaharlal Nehru had promised that Goa would get to decide its own future, but he had passed away in May 1964. It was decided that the poll would be held on January 16, 1967.

Fact Check: After Theresa May’s turbulent January, what now in Brexit?

The UK Parliament rejected the Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May. What are the range of possible scenarios now?

India warming: what trends show

2018 was the sixth warmest year on record, a result of the global warming trend. A look at temperature and rainfall last year, and a series of extreme weather events that have triggered concern about the future

IIP: how this index is calculated, and what it says about factory output

The all-India IIP provides a single representative figure to measure the general level of industrial activity in the economy on a monthly basis.

Telling Numbers: Attendance in states, girls in class, facilities in schools

In most states, school facilities have been improving over time, especially the provision of toilets, successive ASER surveys since 2010 show.

Explained: Why Nitish underlined Amit Shah’s hand in Kishor’s appointment

Prashant Kishor had already worked with us. I have affection for him. BJP national president Amit Shah had called me twice (asking that Kishor be given a position)... (But) It is up to the people of the state to decide my successor," said Nitish Kumar.

Telling Numbers: Class by class, what school students can and cannot read

ASER is a rural survey — urban areas are not covered. In most years, ASER has attempted to reach every rural district of the country

KALIA: how Odisha new scheme supports farm community with payments

Although the scheme is not linked to the amount of land owned, the government insists it will “greatly benefit” sharecroppers and cultivators, most of whom own little or no land.

The story of the Guest House

What was the infamous incident that took place in Lucknow 24 years ago that turned the SP and BSP into sworn enemies, seemingly to never come together again? Why has that situation changed now?