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Wind gust sends aloft man holding tent pole; viral video triggers Chandrayaan jokes

However, moments later, the man can be seen being lifted in the air due to the force of the wind while he struggles to keep the pole on the ground.

Hasan Minhaj tweets how his father trolled him on getting a million followers on Instagram

After it  was tweeted, it did not take long for the post to go viral on social media with many cracking jokes about Asian dads."Does any desi parent ever encourage their kids and don’t compare them to anyone else?" wrote a user while replying to the viral tweet.

Japanese YouTuber attempts viral challenge; eats popsicle in less than 5 seconds

"Hi! Guys! My name is "Watan"! My special skill is fast eating, but this time I ate Garigari, a famous Japanese ice candy. I hope you laugh even a little," read the description of the video, which soon went viral after it was shared online.

UK PM Boris Johnson puts foot on table while meeting Macron, here’s how the internet reacted

Never shy to play the clown during his political career, Johnson was filmed joking to the cameras and briefly resting his foot on a coffee table at the Elysee palace.

‘Who got the job’, ask netizens after Jeff Bezos shares first job ad he had posted 25 years ago

"Who would've thought that after 25 years you will become 2 times richer than the person who created the OS of the computer that you were using. Damn! Legendary!" read many of the many comments on the viral post.

This video of a ‘Baby Shark’ fan has left netizens in splits

In the video, the tiny tot named Matteo is seen sleeping sitting on a car seat. But moments after his parents turned up the radio to the play the song, he not only wakes up but immediately starts dancing as well.

Kiren Rijiju shares video of beehive in a very unusual location and it has gone viral

While many couldn't understand how the incident took place, others couldn't decide whether to laugh or feel miserable for the young man. Many also demanded to know how he got out of those jeans.

Crocodile gifted by Fidel Castro bites man at Swedish aquarium

The animal in question is one of two Cuban crocodiles at the aquarium. The two crocodiles, named Castro and Hillary, were given by Fidel Castro to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov in 1978.

An 8-year-old makes headlines globally after taking parents’ car for 140 km/h joyride

When he was found, the eight-year-old had parked the car, turned on the hazard lights and put up a warning triangle beside the vehicle.

An Amazon forest fire photo shared by Leonardo Dicaprio is a stock photo

DiCaprio shared a photo by another Instagram user, who had tagged him in it. The photo has since gone viral with the actor's post getting over 2 million likes and it was shared on other social media platforms.

New Zealand’s Speaker wins hearts online after babysitting for another MP in Parliament

Little Tūtānekai Smith-Coffey was brought into the House of Representatives by his father, the Labour MP for Waiariki, on his first day back at work since taking paternity leave.

A cricketer’s incredible reflex catch during an interview has the internet divided

The crazy video quickly garnered a lot of attention online and while some like former England skipper Michael Vaughan thought it was "greatest catch of all time" and were impressed, others raised doubts and said it was "fake" and "scripted.

Twitter down: As users faced outage, it’s time for meme fest

While others tried the old tactics of uninstalling and re-instaling the app, just to get going at it again. However, that wasn't quite successful. So, with hilarious and sarcastic memes, Twitterati shared how they felt during #TwitterDown.

Raven or a rabbit? People are hooked on to this video of an optical illusion

Shared first on Reddit, the Imgur video at a first glance appears to be a black 'rabbit' enjoying being stroked on its head.

Watch: A video of mattresses flying in the wind has people adding their own music to it

In the viral video, scores of air mattresses were seen flying through a park on a windy day bouncing along as some people tried to catch them. 

This amazing dance-off between a Denver policeman and a child has the internet hooked

In the video, seven-year-old Jayden is seen showing off his breakdance moves on the street while being watched by an officer of the Denver Police department. Impressed by the 7-year-old's moves, the policeman then shows off his own dance moves.

Viral video: Tourists have narrow escape as charging white rhino chases vehicle on safari

The group - which was hoping to spot some leopards on the safari in the Sabi Sands area - had a terrifying encounter with a fierce white rhinoceros.

Fans heartbroken, start campaign on social media as Spider-Man seems set to exit the MCU

Some directed their anger at Sony, while others felt it was Disney's fault. Fans also rooted for the character's survival with a campaign called #SaveSpiderMan.

How people reacted to news that Matrix 4 will be made with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss

As the first Matrix marked its 20th anniversary this year, the news of the next film in the franchise couldn't have been timed better.

‘If you want it, work for it’: Woman holds job interview for kids to teach them about earning

The single mom from Georgia posted a notice with three job openings under the role of "Kitchen Manager", "Lead Housekeeper" and "Laundry supervisor", giving small descriptions about responsibilities of each.