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Netizens debate: How to brew a perfect cup of tea?

A heated debate began when Twitter user Holly Harley revealed her boyfriend's recipe for the perfect tea.

Memorial plaque installed at Okjokull glacier, the first one in Iceland lost to climate change

After about 100 people made a two-hour hike up a volcano, children installed a memorial plaque to the glacier, now called just ``Ok,'' minus the Icelandic word for glacier.

A Kerala couple’s wedding reception was held in a relief camp after floods hit their plans

Funds were arranged to buy food for other residents of the camp as well as other friends and relatives of the couple. The organisers also ensured that the couple received a gift.

Lilly Singh ‘hangs up the cape’, says she won’t refer to herself as Superwoman any more

Lilly Sing, who used the monicker for almost a decade concluded by saying, "And so at this time, it feels right to give thanks to the moniker Superwoman and to lay the cape to rest."

Watch: Cop saves two-week-old baby from choking, Internet calls her a ‘hero’

Carey was casually having lunch at a restaurant when a waitress came running for help after a two-week-old infant stopped breathing. The footage shows the officer running to the distressed infant and immediately beginning first aid.

Watch: Arunachal boy’s rendition of national anthem makes netizens sit up and take notice

Though the boy mixes up the verses and stammers in a few lines, what has earned the praise of netizens is the way he puts his heart and soul into singing the anthem.

Watch: Boy tries to mimic Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ moves, melts hearts online

The video, posted by the boy's elder sister Kalie, shows the kid standing in front of the television and watching the video and trying to mimic it, step by step.

Way too comfy: Netizens react after python caught relaxing on a bed

The incident was also shared on Facebook by the snake catchers who said while it was very unlikely for snakes to come through the roof, "every now and then something like this happens".

Telangana cop, who was given ‘best constable’ award on I Day, arrested for ‘bribery’

Reddy was arrested by the ACB on Friday for allegedly harassing Mudavath Ramesh, a sand dealer, by threatening to confiscate a false case against him.

Someone posted a picture of ‘Gulab Jamun ki sabji’ and it started a debate online

Yes, you read it right. The photo showed a rich creamy gravy with small gulab jamuns with a tag reading the name of the dish, that baffled many online.

Old Pizza Hut advertisement featuring Mikhail Gorbachev resurfaces, leaves netizens in splits

The advertisement feature Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of USSR before its collapse in 1991 along with his granddaughter Anastasia enjoying a slice of Pizza.

Man asks Anand Mahindra for SUV as birthday gift, gets word lesson on ‘chutzpah’ instead

Mahindra, known for his witty replies, made a sharp comeback with a word lesson.

Watch: Argentinian footballer grooves to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Baazigar O Baazigar’

The video was shared by Watford FC on their official Facebook page as part of an initiative to gain Indian fans and followers and was posted on Indian Independence Day.

‘Diplomacy, like a boss’: Indian envoy’s ‘hand of friendship’ gesture to Pak journalists earns plaudits

"So, let me tell you, we've already extended our hand of friendship by saying we are committed to the Simla Agreement. Let us wait for a response on that from the Pakistani side," he added while walking back to the podium.

Watch: Food delivery boy’s soulful singing leaves Netizens impressed

Chakraborty found out that Haloi wished to be singer through his profile of the food delivery app and requested him to sing. He then shared it on Facebook, to help him fulfil his dreams.

Thailand’s baby dugong ‘Mariam’ dies with plastic in her stomach

Mariam's veterinarian, Nantarika Chansue shared her autopsy on his Facebook revealing inflammation and gas build-up in the animals' stomach.

Video of bald eagle ‘swimming’ with fish in its claws on St. Croix river goes viral

The footage revealed that the bald eagle was not injured but in fact swimming, holding on to a fish with its claw.

Uttarakhand Police latest to join TikTok to promote safety, social causes

In just a span of a week, the force has clocked over 1.56 lakh 'hearts' (likes) and garnered over 14,000 fans, while the official Twitter handle of the force has little over 4,600 followers.

Same-sex penguin couple in Berlin zoo are social media stars after being given egg to hatch

According to DPA, the two king penguins Skipper and ping were given the egg which was taken from a female penguin at the zoo, who had been unable to hatch her eggs for a while, reports DPA.

Video of fog-like mist inside aircraft goes viral, airline clarifies

In a statement, Delta Air Lines said that it was common for the formation of mist inside an airplane cabin when the cool air inside meets with much warmer air outside.