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Anand Mahindra’s funny tweet about learning Garba has people in splits!

It all started when the business tycoon shared a video of NRIs celebrating Narendra Modi's landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. In the footage, which was shot in London, a group of people are seen dancing in joy.

Surat hero Ketan lauded for risking life to save students from coaching centre fire

Ketan Chodvadiya, who lives just behind the building, was on his way home, when he saw the fire. He climbed the burning building, perched himself on a ledge, and saved several students who were jumping from the top floor of the building.

Viral photo of trekkers waiting to summit Mt Everest stuns people online

As most imagined the highest mountain to a quiet and secluded far from civilisation, the unusual photo showing the stark reality got everyone talking online.

This video of a dog apologising to his brother for eating his food is the sweetest thing you’ll see today

Many asked how did the owner teach him to hug and the proud mom said, they never taught him that. "The apologising with a hug wasn’t really taught, I guess it’s just Watson’s adorable instinct of just hugging."

British PM Theresa May resigns, inspires #Trexit memes

A sound technician tasked with setting up the microphones became a social media star instantly and now people want to launch a petition to make him the next PM!

ICC World Cup 2019: Fans come up with jokes about this photo of team captains

Fans were more than just excited by an official photo of all teams' captains, and many took to Twitter to decode what each captain's body language and pose in the photo meant. 

Smriti Irani celebrates election victory with ‘perfect’ Game of Thrones meme

Smriti Irani, who is known for her memes on Instagram, went on the app to celebrate her victory in Amethi and shared a Game of Thrones-inspired meme that aptly captured the mood.

Punjab contestant breaks down saying he got just 5 votes, but has 9 family members

Independent candidate Neetu Shuttern Wala, who contested from the Jalandhar seat in Punjab broke down during an interview alleging betrayal and EVM tampering. However, his disappointment turned out to be premature.

Election Results 2019: Amul cartoon praises Narendra Modi’s ‘kamaal ka performance’

With the tagline, "Kamaal ka performance", the dairy brand lauded Modi who created history by becoming the first non-Congress Prime Minister with a majority government to get re-elected with a stronger majority.

Election results 2019: Shashi Tharoor tweets letter from little fan after victory

Sharing a photo of the note and a selfie with the little admirer on Twitter, the Congress leader wrote, "Proud to represent her & the many voteless kids whose future requires good governance & effective representation!"

‘Everyone Voted Modi’: BJP supporters coin new acronym for EVM

Meanwhile, the Modi is cruising to a comfortable victory in Varanasi and as per the latest trends, he is leading with a lead of over 4 lakh votes. While many world leaders have congratulated the PM for the win, BJP supporters across different states are busy celebrating the victory.

Smriti Irani defeats Rahul Gandhi in Amethi and a meme fest follows

As Irani and Gandhi fight it out, Twitterati are sharing hilarious memes. Here are some of the many celebratory tweets and memes trending online.

Enjoy these funny TikTok videos to take a break from election results frenzy

If you are tired of all the frenzy online over the Lok Sabha Election Results 2019? Then here is a dose of daily humour from TikTok to break some monotonicity.

Watch: Ahead of World Cup, Virat Kohli is breaking the Internet with dance moves

Dressed in formals, Indian skipper Virat Kohli is seen grooving to peppy beats of Mickey Singh's 'Yarri Yeah'.

Sunny Leone’s tweet gets praise as her name trends in the middle of election results

Live coverage is not easy, and in a popular English news channel when an anchor mentioned Sunny Leone's name instead of Sunny Deol, vigilant Twitterati did not miss it. But it was the actress' tweet that started a laughing riot online.

Video: Boiling soup explodes on waitress’ face as she tries to retrieve lighter

When the waitress tried to retrieve the lighter using ladles, the hot boiling liquid burst out and splashed on to her face as well as the people around the table. Following the incident, the waitress and a male customer were immediately rushed to the hospital.

General election results social media reactions: As NDA leads in over 300 seats, supporters cheer online

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Reactions LIVE Updates: We're keeping track of what's buzzing on social media as the election results trickle in from across the country.

Man runs out of fuel on highway, Mumbai cop offers petrol from own bike for free

Spotting the cops on the highway when Gajjar asked for the nearest petrol pump, Somanath Kakad of Navi Mumbai Police decided to lend some fuel from his own tank free of charge.

‘We wrote letters almost every day’: Army wife shares experience of living apart

"But soon he had to go back to work, Calcutta was his home but he was posted all over the country. While we were together, I had gotten along so well with his family that when he was away, I’d spend time with them," she said.

Priyanka Chopra shares inspiring story of Ethiopian teen who opposed child marriage

The UNICEF Ambassador shared how the girl alone went up to the community-based child’s marriage prevention platform to stop her own wedding defying norms.