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The healing word

There cannot be a single story for layered narratives in a time of trauma.

Protect the LoC

Because it is the Line of Control that has, ironically, preserved common political space between India and Pakistan.

China and its quasi-colony

Beijing’s hypocritical stance at the UN against India is a bid to distract from its own troubles in Xinjiang, Hong Kong. It is patently wrong to claim that scrapping of Article 370 has resulted in ‘internationalisation of J&K’.

Forty Years Ago, August 21, 1979: Charan Govt Resigns

The Indian Express' front page on August 21, 1979

More Than A Dam

Sardar Sarovar Project should be completed to avail of the promised gains

Justice delayed

Vacancies, adjournments, vacations are bogies. Time to identify real causes, find meaningful solutions

Uncertainty ahead

Despite an imminent US-Taliban ‘peace agreement’, no light is visible at the end of the long Afghan tunnel

Music of the soul

Composer Khayyam’s oeuvre is a rare combination of originality and versatility

Spending limits

Centre needs to re-evaluate its expenditure priorities. States should have the autonomy to decide on theirs

BR Ambedkar opposed the special status for J&K. He would have agreed with its abrogation now

From time to time and on various platforms, Ambedkar had opposed the policies of the Nehru government related to Jammu & Kashmir.

RN Kao, RAW’s first chief, laid the foundations of Indian espionage

Kao founded the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) in 1968 and headed it till 1977. Within a short time after setting it up, he was able to recruit a large number of persons with special skills, not available through normal bureaucratic channels, with great results.

For all its current troubles, WTO may still emerge as the lynchpin of global trade governance

A question uppermost on trade economists’ minds is whether the WTO is worth saving. One way to evaluate the question is to investigate its achievements, with the obvious caveat that the past is an imperfect guide to the future.