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Just say moo

Because, let’s face it, some hostels have it easier

Whose foreign policy?

Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump may or may not unseat him. But they send out disturbing signals

RBI’s choice

Monetary Policy Committee must address growth slowdown even as inflation rises. It should frontload rate cuts in December

An Officer For Social Justice

For P S Krishnan, welfare of Dalits, Adivasis, trumped ideological considerations

India needs a new story

Rising India narrative is suffering due to re-hyphenation with Pak, slowing growth, retreat from RCEP, Trumpism

A verdict, a test

Ayodhya ruling frames a question: What is the true idea of Bharat?

Beyond the mandate

Finance Commission is tasked with distribution of tax proceeds between Union and states. Recent amendments threaten to subvert it

Unhappy echoes in Dhaka

Modi government’s policies in J&K and Northeast will have repercussions in the neighbourhood. In Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina could find it hard to contain anti-India voices

Listen, Mister Muslim. You are rightly upset with the Ayodhya verdict as it puts faith above law

Let’s recognise our own complicity in becoming the convenient ‘Other’ for Hindu nationalists

There is nothing ‘fast’ about fast track courts

The performance of fast-track courts was mixed. The new special courts should take that record into account.

Dropping out of RCEP protects Indian industry in the short run. But it serves our long-term interests

Missing out on a market eight times the size of India’s is closing off to the world we will regret for decades. We need to get back in before February.

For Nehru, spirituality was rooted in Indian tradition and connected to ethics

The need to address the “spiritual” was not merely personal for Nehru. Reflecting on the human condition, he noted in a conversation with R K Karanjia in 1960, “the need to find some answer to the spiritual emptiness facing our technological civilisation”.