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NaMo or no more?

Every election must be fought as a new one. The BJP should think it is fighting for its life. Else it will find itself out.

Inside track: It is Behenji who will decide what form the alliance takes with Congress

The Congress believes that the BSP leader will eventually climb down under public pressure for a united front.

Because I speak two languages

We are superficial when viewing culture as a term and its meaning. Any culture is deep. It is complicated, with several layers.

Messiah Modi?

The manner in which the Prime Minister announced the arrival of his new tax is another sign of messianic behaviour. Nobody celebrates taxes.

A hundred-day journey

They can live with poverty and betrayed promises of development, but they cannot live in a situation of perpetual conflict.

Forty Years Ago: December 15, 1978

The outlook for peace between Israel and Egypt was bleak as the US Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, wound up his talks with Israeli leaders with a promise to keep working toward that goal.

How MP was lost and won

Do Congress victory and BJP defeat in the state presage a blueprint for 2019? Many ‘ifs’ need to be factored in.

The Jailing of Aafiya Siddiqui

Aafiya Siddiqui's imprisonment is being used by radicals to turn Pakistani Muslims against US.

Here’s looking at you, BJP

Assembly outcomes won’t bring transformations. But they may just bring BJP narrative down to earth.

Third front on the horizon

Zoram People’s Movement promises to end Mizoram’s bi-polar contests.

A shrinking flock

A confused economic agenda and misjudgement on how to get things done at the Centre may have cost PM Modi his non-Hindutva supporters and the opportunity to be a transformational leader.

Virgin territory

Richard Branson could become a pioneer in the space business, and he’s done it by playing safe.