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Star-studded CVs and moral numbness

The prevailing wisdom is that well-trained professionals will contribute towards social welfare and environmental sustainability. That's not the way it works.

View From The Right: Selective outrage

There is a stark contrast in the media coverage and political responses between the unfortunate killings of Akhlaq of Dadri in Uttar Pradesh and Ramalingam of Thirubuvanam in Tamil Nadu, reads editorial in Organiser.

A promissory note

Opposition’s Common Minimum Programme needs honesty, realistic implementation, not bravado.

Soldiering on, after Pulwama

We are acutely aware of what is at stake in Kashmir. And that there is no easy way out

Ruse Of Gender Justice

Triple talaq legislation does not have anything to do with women’s empowerment

After the kiss

The sailor in Eisenstaedt’s iconic post-WWII photo has passed on. The demons his generation exorcised threaten to return

Truth about terror

Pak PM must know he has no plausible deniability on terror. Saudi Crown Prince cannot turn a blind eye to the problem

BJP and friends

Party bends to regional partners’ demands in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, underlines importance of alliances ahead of polls

Forty Years Ago, February 20, 1979: Chinese Halted

The Indian Express' front page on February 20, 1979

Who rules?

Kiran Bedi’s face-off with Chief Minister Narayanasamy in Puducherry raises questions about role of Lt Governor in Union Territories

Easy does it

Low inflation stokes expectations of further monetary easing. But macroeconomic stability concerns remain

Space for humour

Nasa seeks jokers in the pack to keep cooped-up crews in good humour. It has been imagined before