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With due respect

In CBI case, SC has its task cut out. An independent media only contributes, does not take away from, the quality of justice

A good step back

RBI and government must resist temptation to portray boardroom developments as victory or climbdown.

Out of the ring

Boxing is imperilled as an Olympic sport. That’s such a pity

Urban Only In Name

One-fourth of the urban population lives in these small towns (20,000 to 1,00,000 population). These 7 crore people need amenities to match up to their ‘urban’ status. Many of these towns may not be in the vicinity of big cities.

November 21, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Storm Over Aligarh

November 21, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Indira Gandhi took the oath of allegiance to the Constitution in Kannada amid cheers from Congress (I) benches and boos from members of the ruling Janata Party, the Indian Express reported.

View From The Right: Congress hypocrisy

The editorial claims that Rahul Gandhi does not miss a single opportunity to showcase his “Hindu credentials.”

No Punjab redux

The state might see violence erupt now and then, but it has learned to be wary from a turbulent political past

Calling a truce

What appears to have been glossed over is that unlike in the case of public companies, where independent directors are elected by the shareholders, the external directors on the RBI board, among them respected professionals and some ideologues, are appointed by the government.

Art of a partisan

TM Krishna’s music is beautiful. But he exploits it for divisive politics.

Raja Mandala: Battle for islands

From the Maldives to Papua New Guinea, the rise of China has pushed the Indo-Pacific back to the centre of major power rivalries.

Dear reader, we are changing

From a masthead logo that had three elements -- the pen, flame and the brand name -- we have now refined it to have one primary purpose in the masthead and a strong secondary element to communicate authority that stems from legacy.

Statues As Selfies

Today, a politician is also a product. Can brand equity override ideological moorings?


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