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Messenger As Mandate

What if the EVM could approximate voter behaviour?

Going for gold

PV Sindhu slays a personal demon, ends chatter about her abilities to go the distance.

Review and revise

Transgender bill passed by Lok Sabha falls short, needs more debate and deliberation.

Forty Years Ago: December 19, 1978

Jayaprakash Narayan warned that any step to undermine the unity of the Janata Party, which “symbolised the hopes of the people” would amount to the “betrayal of the trust of the people and a rebuff to their cherished hopes and aspirations”.

Crime & complicity

Sentencing of Sajjan Kumar is a milestone. But justice must not depend on courage and perseverance of witnesses alone.

Thirty-four years later, justice still seems only half done

The judges passing sentence on Kumar sagely declared that the Sikh killings in Delhi and elsewhere in November 1984 were “crimes against humanity”, a massacre that will continue to shock the collective conscience of society for a long time to come.

New rules, old games

Katowice climate conference offers flexibility to developing nations but also familiar platitudes.

View From The Right: Consolidation galore

In Rajasthan, NOTA emerged as a major factor in the BJP’s loss as about 4,67,781 lakh votes — 1.3 per cent of the voteshare — were cast in this category.

Militancy, not militants

The incentive system and reward scheme for killing militants in Kashmir must be scrapped and a holistic surrender and rehabilitation policy needs to be put in place.

Of Melas And Politics

These efforts may lead to the formation of “samagra Hindutva” — the BJP’s recently-framed strategy for the 2019 election

New rules on the block

Katowice climate negotiations have yielded a disciplined rulebook for future. It’s now time to deliver.

Borders and lies

With the death of seven-year-old Jakelin Caal, the Trump presidency is on a moral precipice.