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Dalitality: How Kanshiram’s politics took shape as cultural activism, angled its fate

Untouchable India refused to fit into the Brahminical story-writing samples of magazines. It challenged the nationalist narratives and asked the Dalits to self-examine their subordinate slave status in society.

She said: Recounting being the Mahatma’s dandi at 15 years

My first encounter with Gandhiji, which was also perhaps my last, was spurred by the colossal turn of events that took place before his assassination on January 30, 1948.

India and its politicians exist in a goldfish bowl acutely aware of Western gaze

A recent example of this sensitivity to Western opinion came when the British Labour Party passed a resolution on Kashmir. It was critical of the Modi government.

Wealth creators must never be forced to live at the mercy of looters

Wealth creators must never be forced to live at the mercy of looters. This is something that happens only in bad countries.

Gained in Translation: Gandhi, the eternal poet

Gandhi has said very little about poetry, though he had deep spiritual links with the Bhakti and Sufi poets and had carefully and critically read Gita, if we consider that an example of India’s poetry which is, at times, nothing but philosophy in verse.

Judiciary must take proactive steps to stop lynching, punish perpetrators.

Judicial apathy sends terribly wrong signals to future perpetrators, who may justifiably believe that they may ultimately be acquitted, and in any case will be bailed out pending trials.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit troubles are not over

It has been a tense few days and the coming days will be even more so. Boris Johnson has to bring the deal to the House of Commons, persuade Parliament to support it.

Congress ambivalence has allowed BJP to walk away with liberal agendas

Fighting for secularism against the BJP is hard enough; being tarred with the legacy of Congress makes it even harder.

Afghanistan polls, held without a ceasefire, do not portend political stability

A total of 2.7 million Afghans or 28 percent of the registered voters voted in the elections. An election, held without a ceasefire with the Taliban and its allies, the Al Qaeda and Islamic State, was foredoomed

Today, more than ever, we need Gandhi’s economic wisdom

Gandhiji’s economy is sacred and also scientific. We don’t realise that Gandhiji, though he donned the dress of a villager, was an urban mind.

I, me, myself

Trump elects to host a G7 summit at his own golf club, at state expense. For him, it’s par for the course

October 19, 1979, Forty Years Ago

The circular, issued under instructions from the PM, says that any unauthorised briefing of newsmen would be treated as a serious violation of the service conduct rules and would invite stringent disciplinary action.