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Why Congress can’t: It doesn’t possess the vision, strategy or ground strength

The Congress is an obstacle to those who want to build an alternative. A large mainstream party acts like a magnet that catches a lot of energy around it. So, even when the Congress is unable to defeat the BJP, it ends up diverting and diffusing a lot of the energy that gets drawn to it.

Dear Yogendra, I disagree

Why the Congress is necessary.

Power under pressure

High AT&C losses, inadequate tariff hikes, continue to pose challenges to discoms.

No laughing matter

H D Kumaraswamy threatens legislation against media satire. His peevishness would be comical if it wasn’t disturbing.

Try respect

Amid jingoistic taunts and military escalation, Iran’s foreign minister offers Donald Trump sound diplomatic advice.

May 22, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Rice price politics

Sanjay Gandhi and R K Trikha, who came to appear in the court of the Special Judge (Anti-corruption), were arrested along with more than 200 supporters for defying Section 144.

Unseeing The Wave

When it comes to elections, experts and politicians tend to wear blinkers.

A one-sided justice

The complainant in the sexual harassment case against the Chief Justice has not been fairly treated. Institutional bias is visible in the inquiry, which leaves complaints about victimisation unaddressed.

Why Mohanlal is ‘The Complete Actor’?

Mohanlal’s rich body of work shows us why he is, indeed, ‘The Complete Actor’, who has excelled in varied roles, without clinging too tightly to his star image by repeating the same act over and over again.

Coalitions allow a diversity of voices to be heard, keep fundamentalism at bay

It is my belief that coalition politics helps different interest groups to be heard. It allows policies to evolve, seeking to serve multifarious needs. We have to evolve from an illiberal mindset based on patronage to one which is tolerant and inclusive.

Routine meetings between leaders will liberate the Subcontinent from formalism of summits

Rather than pray for the success of SAARC, the new government in Delhi should double down on informal diplomacy that could help pave the way for more purposeful regional cooperation — both bilateral and multilateral.

If exit polls are right, Election 2019 marks a structural change in Indian politics — the end of Congress’s dynastic rule

The most unfortunate event to befall the Congress was that the party won three states in December 2018. This lulled them into thinking that they had a good chance of making a come back in these states, and therefore, across India.