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Due closure

Meghalaya’s rat-hole mining requires urgent intervention. But it is also clear that bans do not work.

After the eclipse

Chandamama’s decline mirrored the advent of mass-market entertainment. Children’s literature is now set for better times.

The right step

The Maharashtra government must not raise spurious arguments to subvert the SC directive on Mumbai dance bars.

Breaking down news: They’ve lost the plot

The media— at home and abroad— can’t find their way out of dealing with illnesses or Brexit

Forty Years Ago, January 19, 1979: Gujarat Stonepelters

Forty Years Ago, January 19, 1979: The situation in the troubled areas of Ahmedabad remained quiet but tense indicating that the worst is possibly over after three days of violence during which two persons were killed in police firing, The Indian Express reported.

Limits of class

The RTE Amendment Bill, recently passed in Rajya Sabha, has again triggered the periodic debate between anti-detentionists — votaries of No-Detention Policy (NDP) — and detentionists.

A Hindu in Pakistan

Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani is a high-profile leader of the Hindus of Pakistan and is a member of the National Assembly on a seat reserved for the minorities.

Seniority cast aside

Collegium courts controversy by elevating relatively junior judges. When, by one stroke, 32 judges including chief justices are passed over, it is bound to create a flutter and a feeling of unease.

Chasing peace in Nagaland

Lasting peace in the Northeast is not possible without resolving the Naga insurgency. However, given the complexities involved, there is no easy solution

Diagnosing the job crisis

The regulatory framework that has choked MSMEs has contributed to farm crisis and quota demands.

Acts of love and caring are the most potent influences on our well-being

As we mature into adulthood and older age, it is our social relationships, not the number but their quality, which will determine how long we live and the quality of these years of life.

The Anand Teltumbde I know

It is absurd to think that the same Teltumbde would use the Bhima Koregaon forum to build a conspiracy to inflict violence. For, his views on the Bhima Koregaon battle of 1818 seek to downplay the importance of the 19th century battle.