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Quick fix for the farmer

In the absence of patience and vision, the loan waiver remains the most favoured response to farm distress

View from the neighbourhood

A weekly look at the public conversations shaping ideas beyond borders — in the Subcontinent.

The new public investors

With the Centre focusing on fiscal consolidation, public investments by state governments spur infrastructure development

On the Loose: Her, Again

False harassment claims are rare and should not be a priority

Naam vs kaam

PM’s focus on dynastic politics could trigger a welcome conversation on the way parties choose leaders and candidates

Welcome truce

US-China ceasefire signals recognition that trade wars benefit nobody

She is the answer

Gender equality is key to food security. But policymakers don’t seem to recognise that

Why we marched with farmers

The idea behind solidarity is simple: Students are not guided by self-interest alone

Across the Aisle: Will constitutional values survive elections?

The results of the elections will be conclusive for the people of the five states but will be inconclusive for the rest of the country.

Out of My Mind: The new normal

Rahul has transformed the Congress into a Hindu nationalist party. In Gujarat, he made a tentative test drive. It worked wonders.

Inside Track: Modi monitors

The Government of India’s calendar for next year is almost ready with photographs of Prime Minister Modi highlighting major social welfare schemes in the country.


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