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Why Donald Trump still likes Rudy Giuliani

Both men have been married three times, with a messy history when it comes to adultery, but Trump seems to have calmed down with age. Giuliani is 74, and he’s involved in divorce proceedings with his last wife, Judith Nathan, who claims very vigorously that he’s been running around.

Forty years ago, January 24, 1979: Cabinet reshuffle

Forty years ago, January 24, 1979: Narinder Singh, a Kisan sammelan leader from UP, comes in place of Janeswar Misra, who is not being taken back into the government.

Those we take for granted

Anganwadi workers, teachers, nurses are paid low salaries, their work devalued

Equality beyond GDP

New India cannot view empowerment of women merely as economic resource.

Righting reservation

New amendment undoes some of the Mandal flaws. But it will not address the merit argument.

Not the EVM again

The accusers swap places with accused, and a contrived controversy goes on

Another Gandhi

Priyanka must brace for a question the new aam voter is asking of Rahul: What have you done so far?

King and others

The humbling of Federer may indicate a change of guard in world tennis. Or it may not

Protect the dialogue

It is important that India and Pakistan build on the process that began in Kartarpur

On Assam, clearing the air

The Citizenship Amendment Bill has stringent applicability criteria. It is not —as it is being made out to be — an open invitation to minority groups in neighbouring countries.

Bezos vs. Ambani is the bout that had to happen

Ambani’s ability to influence policies in his home market shouldn’t be underestimated. Just as Reliance gets ready to push ahead, the Indian government has tweaked its e-commerce rules and made them more onerous for Amazon and Walmart-Flipkart.

Forty years ago, January 23, 1979: Charan Singh

Forty years ago, January 23, 1979: Of the four ministers of state who had resigned in protest against Charan Singh’s exit from the government, three will come back.