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Forty Years Ago, September 17, 1979: Afghan Prez Resigns

The Indian Express front page on September 17, 1979

Breaker of the mould

The irrepressible life of Ram Jethmalani, who bent convention at every stage

Past its prime

Doordarshan reaches retirement age, and faces competition from the private sector in what was once its core competency

On the loose: Tears for fears

The case for the occasional meltdown

Land, culture have multiple dimensions that human brain can’t easily comprehend

Land, in actuality, is a synthesis of biotic and abiotic factors. Humans would define land in terms of metaphors. Land grows like a twining, sun-fetching climber littered by pheromones of marching ants.

India’s growth story is far from over. But govt must incentivise household savings, spur consumption

Given a large jump in household leverage, monetary policy is unlikely to retain the effectiveness through large rate cuts in the current scenario. Only a counter cyclical fiscal response might address the core of the current problem.

From Plate to Plough: The right to choose

Government could give fertiliser subsidy directly to farmers and let them decide if they want to practise zero budget natural farming or use chemical-fertilisers.

Linking patriotism to women’s bodies is uncalled for

The latest firing of this salvo occurred in the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech, in which it was declared that having small families is a form of “patriotism”. Such exhortations primarily target women, their bodies and their reproductive autonomy.

Let the farmer choose

State may provide the cultivator with funds, but not incentivise untested technologies like zero budget natural farming

No half measures

Government needs to up public spending and investment in stalled projects to beat the slowdown

View From The Neighbourhood: Tragedy foretold

A weekly look at the public conversations shaping ideas beyond borders — in the Subcontinent.

Forty Years Ago, September 16, 1979: No One-day Poll

The Indian Express' front page on September 16, 1979