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BR Ambedkar opposed the special status for J&K. He would have agreed with its abrogation now

From time to time and on various platforms, Ambedkar had opposed the policies of the Nehru government related to Jammu & Kashmir.

RN Kao, RAW’s first chief, laid the foundations of Indian espionage

Kao founded the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) in 1968 and headed it till 1977. Within a short time after setting it up, he was able to recruit a large number of persons with special skills, not available through normal bureaucratic channels, with great results.

For all its current troubles, WTO may still emerge as the lynchpin of global trade governance

A question uppermost on trade economists’ minds is whether the WTO is worth saving. One way to evaluate the question is to investigate its achievements, with the obvious caveat that the past is an imperfect guide to the future.

National Medical Council Act offers little change, brings in a host of new problems

The NMC Act, in the garb of change, has some provisions which are far more problematic than those in the amended MCI Act. The constitution of the medical commission as proposed in the Act has issues of subjugating federalism at multiple levels.

Forty Years Ago: August 20, 1979

The resignations of the Janata ministers were handed over to the chief minister, Parkash Singh Badal, by the state Janata president, Yagya Dutt Sharma this afternoon.

This isn’t cricket

The relentless jeering of Steve Smith showed a mirror to the dark underside of the game

A new playbook

Defence Minister’s remarks on no-first-use signal to Pak, China, that old rules constraining India in Kashmir don’t hold

Wrong calls

Phone tapping controversy in Karnataka reveals absence of checks and balances in state’s political and police systems

Raja Mandala: What India has to offer in the Gulf

Delhi should support the region’s reform agenda, deepen economic and security cooperation.

People’s consent is missing in how J&K has been taken over by the ‘rest of India’

Betrayals may be inevitable in our fallen world. Taking people for granted, however, and doing with them whatever we want without their consent, is going too far.

High powered commitee for transformation of agriculture should reform restrictive tenancy laws

Transforming agriculture in the medium to long run requires fundamental reforms in land institutions as well. This is what is missing in the new committee’s terms of reference.

Coming generations of Kashmiris deserve better. Let’s give peace a chance

A promise of hope, change and transformation. A promise of getting rid of deceit, terror and the power nexus. A promise to give our much beloved motherland, Kashmir, a chance of peace. Will the promises hold?