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Kim Jong-un 'nuclear' face mask creates controversy in South Korea

Defending the company's stance, in an interview with the New York Times, 5149's chief executive Kwak Hyeon-ju said the masks were her way of celebrating this year's inter-Korean summits.

Watch: Stunning video of swimmer in New Zealand getting a pod of orcas for company

The video shows three whales -- an adult, a juvenile and a calf -- swimming around the woman as she swims on.

This unique wedding invitation of a Kerala couple has Shashi Tharoor and Netizens impressed!

Calling it a "perfect chemistry", the wedding invite represented the bride and the groom as "two atoms", each denoted with their own unique symbol Sa and Vn, representatively.

Ola blacklists driver after Bengaluru woman shares harrowing experience of her ride

Hazari tweeted that she boarded the cab at 11.31 pm from the Bangalore airport. However, the driver took a separate route than the one suggested by the app to avoid the toll road.


Huge chocolate spill in Germany reminds people of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

About 108 sq-ft of the "delicious" chocolate mess was cleared by 25 firefighters using shovels, hot water, and blowtorches.

Good over evil: Google reveals search for 'Good' more than ever before in 2018

From searching 'how to be a good citizen', 'good things to watch' to 'how to be a good citizen', 'good singer', 'good listening' the viral video featured the positive searches that were done this year.

'Haathland Victory': Amul's cartoon on the Congress victories in three states

In a cartoon featuring Congress President Rahul Gandhi and others celebrating the joyous occasion with bread and butter (yes, instead of laddoos), it congratulated the party saying "Haathland Victory", in another example of its classic wordplay of 'heartland'.

'High-tech' dancing robot in Russia turns out to be a man wearing a costume

The £3,000 (Rs 2,71,741) suit comes with a microphone and tablet display, creates a “near total illusion that before you stands a real robot".

Donald Trump's favourite news channel Fox News gets his name wrong

Many claimed that the error was a sign that the channel was trying to distance itself from its most famour viewer.

Video claims Pakistan flag seen at Rajasthan Congress rally, police say it's fake

The video was widely shared online with many slamming the party and the person recording the video can be heard saying, "Look closely, see how Pakistan’s flag is being waved at a Congress rally".