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Man runs out of fuel on highway, Mumbai cop offers petrol from own bike for free

Spotting the cops on the highway when Gajjar asked for the nearest petrol pump, Somanath Kakad of Navi Mumbai Police decided to lend some fuel from his own tank free of charge.

'We wrote letters almost every day': Army wife shares experience of living apart

"But soon he had to go back to work, Calcutta was his home but he was posted all over the country. While we were together, I had gotten along so well with his family that when he was away, I’d spend time with them," she said.


Born without arms, Arizona woman first licensed pilot to fly with her feet

Though Cox was initially scared of flying, she soon overcame her fear and focussed on getting her licence. After completing her graduation from the University of Arizona in 2005, she began her training to become a pilot.

Viral video: Dog's epic performance with living statue

After the video went viral, local media identified the street artist as a Venezuelan immigrant Yorge Luís Ruiz, who has been performing in Brazil for four years now.

'I'm so proud of her': Ellen Degeneres on Dutee Chand coming out

With the announcement, Chand, who is a 100 m record holder and winner of two silver medals at the 2018 Asian Games, has become the first Indian sports star to openly acknowledge being in a same-sex relationship.

Man asks singer Chinmayi Sripaada for nudes, her 'savage' reply is going viral

While most women would have chosen to ignore or block the man, singer Chinmayi Sripaada had the best reply possible and is being praised for it.


Amul celebrates desi fashionistas stealing the show on Cannes red carpet

In a nod to the head-turning creations worn by Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amul featured the two stars in their dresses and a tagline that added a twist to an evergreen song.

As temperatures rise, Ahmedabad car owner allegedly coats vehicle with cow dung to cool it

Facebook user Rupesh Gauranga Das who spotted the car while sharing the images wrote, "Best use of cow dung I have ever seen."

TikTok videos of this woman are going viral for her on-point expression!

A woman on the app has grabbed everyone's attention by her unusual stock of expressions shown in most of her uploads.

The #Cradles dance challenge on TikTok has taken the Internet by storm!

On TikTok, the #Cradles challenge has gone viral, and the users cannot resist performing the hook step inspired by Fortnight's dancing style.

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World Password Day 2019: Forgetting passwords to adding special characters; these memes say it all

World Password Day is celebrated every year on the first Thursday in May. The purpose of the day is to promote good security hygiene and password habits. To honour the day, here are some funny password memes for you.

The 'Jugaad technology' is here to stay; these pictures will show you why

Following are the pictures of some interesting and hilarious hacks people have devised to serve a purpose. Whether it is a broken shower quick fix or a make-do outdoor toilet, these pictures are sure to leave you ROFL-ing!


Bhai Dooj 2018: Here are 10 FUNNY and RELATABLE tweets on brother-sister relationship

No matter which part of the world you are, if you have an older brother, you will have bruises on your arms and if it's a sister, consider her wardrobe your own!

Growing Up With Siblings: 20 hilarious memes that sum up the love-hate relationship

The hashtag #GrowingUpWithSiblings has been trending on Twitter and Instagram, and people have posted funny memes to sum up the love-hate relationship. Steal a glance at these 20 relatable photos here.

'Friday the 13th': Stop cursing the UNLUCKY day and LAUGH at these hilarious jokes

Happy Friday the 13th! We have curated some funny memes for you to share with your family and friends. Spread the fear.

Did you know the MAJOR difference between these 10 CONFUSING words?

Many people get confused or rather don't even realise the difference, and get tangled up in the misconceptions. Don't worry, we have dug out some of the commonly mistaken words and explained the differences between them.


Stress Awareness Month: How this Egyptian artist fights DEPRESSION with these evocative paintings

Excessive stress may lead to depression. During Stress Awareness Month (April), speaks to Egypt-based artist Sief Hamza, who fought chronic depression using art. Evocative and unsettling, his paintings have created quite a buzz on social media.

These pictures showing 'life in progress' are cracking people up!

Before and after photos are usually a huge hit and generate a lot of interest. But this series takes that concept a notch whackier and has a very quirky take on how to pictorially show 'life in progress'.

Top 10 destinations from across the globe in 2018

Trip Advisor comes up with its Travelers' Choice awards for the best destinations, hotels, restaurants, beaches. Planning a vacation? Note down these top 10 destinations to hop off to around the world in 2018.

13 times kids were WISE and SASSY at the same time!

People have been taking to social media platforms to share brilliantly hilarious conversations that either their child or someone they know had, and we can't thank them enough. Here are some samples to make your day! Mind you, let these be a warning to not always take on kids during word play.