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Sunday Long Reads: Films, books, air emergency and more

When Frank Capra arrived at India’s first international film festival to foil a ‘Soviet conspiracy’.

Gurnihal Singh Garcha aims for smooth transition from junior to senior category

Garcha shot in windy conditions and finished third in the Asian Shooting Championships qualification before claiming the silver medal in the final.

Panchkula: Delivery person falls into open manhole, dies

The victim’s body was spotted by a sanitation worker, who then informed the police around 12 pm on Saturday.

Air India to fly from Chandigarh to Dharamshala six days a week now

The Air India flight that will operate six days a week, sparing Sunday, will take off from Gaggal Airport at 8 am and will land at Chandigarh Airport around 9.30 am.

Families in Food: Tastes like Bhandara

If it’s breakfast, it must be bedmi poori and nagori halwa.

National Award-winning filmmaker Bhaskar Hazarika on his brave new film ‘Aamis’, and why Assam grounds his work

'Aamis' is probably one of the bravest, most original films of our times — one that got filmmaker Anurag Kashyap to declare that he had seen “nothing like it” from India before.

Down in Jungleland: A thought on the environmental legacy we are burdening children with

Sixteen-year-olds today will be 17 next year, which will give the politicians just one more year to clean up their act.

Let the children decide what books to pick, and when

Honey, I shrunk their worlds: Like a sapling that flourishes only in the right environmental conditions, imposing books on children that they don’t necessarily want to read is akin to putting an indoor plant in bright sunlight or vice versa.

More than words: Priya Kuriyan’s illustrations capture the world of everyday quirks

The Bengaluru-based illustrator, animator and comic book artist, 38, was declared the winner of the Big Little Book Awards in the illustrator category this week for her burgeoning body of work.

This day and age: A 110-year-old grandmother’s guide to growing older

A huge part of the history the house has witnessed involves my grandmother, Mae, who has lived here since 1963. Her life’s century is worth celebrating, one to rival the piddling ones achieved on a cricket field.

When India’s first international film festival was suspected to be a ‘communist shenanigan’

When Frank Capra arrived at India’s first international film festival to foil a ‘Soviet conspiracy’

A graphic novel that documents the horrors of Vanni in Sri Lanka

A decade after the Sri Lankan civil war, a former UN worker revisits the lives of those he left behind on the island through a graphic novel