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Is it really ‘Raining Spiders’ in Brazil?

The video, which was shared on Facebook by Cecilia Juninho Fonseca, features a sky filled with spiders. While the "raining spiders" phenomenon is not something unique

This mynah flew business class from Singapore to UK; found 12 hours after take off

Though it is not clear how the bird got inside the cabin and stayed unnoticed on the 6,736-mile long flight from Singapore to the UK, the incident sure has left many amused. While some cracked jokes on the bird being lazy others called it "elite" for flying the business class. 

An armed guard delivering doughnuts to the UK PM’s home is now a meme

Many said that this might be how all doughnut deliveries in the UK might be if the country were to exit the European Union without a deal.

Hold your breath, Harry Potter fans! Here’s another theory about Potter’s scar

According to a tweet shared by Twitter account Today Years Old, the scar on Harry Potter's head is not really a lightning bolt but is related to the curse spell used to kill his parents.

Netizens give hilarious twist to #10YearChallenge and the results will leave you ROFL-ing!

While the challenge began with multiple names and hashtags such as #HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge, the aging challenge and #GlowUp challenge, soon the 10-year challenge caught up and has been trending ever since.

Burger King trolls Trump after he misspells hamburgers

Instead of hamburgers, the US President tweeted about serving 'hamberders'. Although the tweet was deleted, screenshots of the tweet went viral.

Father builds wheelchair accessible snow fort for daughter and netizens are loving it!

The post, which went viral on social media, received many heartwarming comments with many praising Gregg. However, he does not consider himself a hero. Moreover, he did not expect the post to get so much attention. 

There’s an Afghan lookalike of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, and he’s a wedding singer

Abdul Salam Maftoon, a wedding singer from a remote village in Afghanistan, said he had no idea who Trudeau was until everyone started telling him 'Salam Trudeau' or calling him the 'Afghan Trudeau'.

This egg beats Kylie Jenner to become the most liked photo on Instagram

The egg, clearly, created quite some buzz on social media with many praising it for breaking the record. Meanwhile, Jenner too joined the fun and responded by posting a hilarious video of smashing an egg. "Take that little egg," she captioned the post.

This bridal shop is getting bouquets for displaying a mannequin on wheelchair

"It's been great having such a positive response, but in a way it's quite sad people have done a double take, it shows how rare it is to see a wheelchair in a shop window," the shop owner said.

Have you seen this hippo? Giant Hippopotamus statue goes missing in Kent

The statue, which weighed almost three-quarters of a tonne and was around two metres in length, was taken from the Chilstone site, which is located in Fordcombe Road, Langton Green.

This is the latest optical illusion Netizens are obsessing over and it’s blowing people’s minds

The latest optical illusion that's taking over the internet requires a little bit of effort to see. But here's a tip: try shaking your head vigorously.