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‘Hero’ cops save 21-day-old infant from choking, dramatic video goes viral

According to the police, the distressed parents came to the station at around 8 pm on April 15 and officers Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza performed the procedures of the Heimlich manoeuvre to help him.

‘Winter is not coming’: Norwegian police earn praise for ‘arresting’ Night King

The police posted photos of them detaining a man dressed like the Night King, the creature that commands an undead army which wipes out everyone who comes in its way.

Video: Man seriously injured as he tries to stroke caged lion

The lodge denied taking responsibility for the incident as there were warning signs everywhere. "Nortje stuck his hand through the electric fence to touch the lions and was bitten."

Amul’s cartoon on Notre Dame fire is dedicated to France’s resilience

Among many who conveyed dismay over the fire and stood in solidarity with the people of France, dairy brand Amul dedicated their latest topical to Notre Dame.

Watch: Oil rig workers rescue dog swimming 220 kms away from Thailand coast

"He was shaking and he couldn't stand, he had to sit all the time," Rig worker Vitisak Payalaw, an offshore planner with Chevron, told CNN. Payalaw later shared a post giving details of the rescue and Boonrod.

The internet is looking for this man and girl photographed at Notre Dame just before the fire

A tourist who photographed what appears to be an adorable father-daughter moment outside in Paris is hoping someone will recognize the duo.

Video of people singing hymn ‘Ave Maria’ as Notre Dame cathedral burned goes viral

Despite the grief, poignant videos have captured tourists and local residents singing hymns as they watched the fire raging in the cathedral.

Notre Dame fire: France’s civil security responds to Trump’s ‘flying water tankers’ suggestion

"Hundreds of firemen of the Paris Fire Brigade are doing everything they can to bring the terrible #NotreDame fire under control. All means are being used, except for water-bombing aircraft which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral."

World leaders express sorrow over Notre Dame Cathedral fire

The British prime minister, Theresa May, tweeted, "My thoughts are with the people of France tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze at Notre-Dame cathedral.

‘In our nature to rebuild’: Obama’s heartfelt post on Notre Dame fire wins hearts online

"Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can," Obama tweeted.

Game of Thrones fans share ‘out of context’ spoilers and they are better than the rest

'Spoilers without context' is a popular meme format where people give out the story or the plot of a movie or a show without any reference to the characters or the scene.

Oops! Australian prime minister greets Korean woman in Chinese

“Ni hao, how are you?” Morrison said, to which the lady said, “No, no, no, I’m Korean,” and explained how she came from the Korean community in the area. Ni hao means 'Hello' in Mandarin Chinese.