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Saudi Diplomat Who Fled India Not The Only One To Abuse Diplomatic Immunity

Saudi Arabian diplomat Majed Hassan Ashoor -- a First Secretary and deputy head of visa section in the Saudi embassy in Delhi, who is in his 50s and was accused of raping two women from Nepal, a in their 40s and 20s respectively, left India -- without facing trial -- on Wednesday night. By now, Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations -- which says “The person of a diplomatic agent shall be inviolable. He shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention. The receiving State shall treat him with due respect and shall take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack on his person, freedom or dignity” -- is pretty well-known.And the fact, Ashoor -- thanks to his benevolent Saudi government -- managed to invoke this clause of “diplomatic immunity” and escape the wheels of justice, has understandably caused deep concern and outrage. Many times, in this hyper-ventilating world dominated by TV and social media debates, outrage seems misplaced. But, this time, it is not.


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