Fashion Show By Tihar Jail Inmates

The first batch of at least 20 inmates at the Tihar Fashion Laboratory, started by the jail and Pearl Academy in February, graduated on September 9 at a ceremony that included a runway show.

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Comic Con Delhi 2018 where superheroes came to life

Delhi Comic-con 2018 saw a congregation of some of the most popular characters of pop culture.From classics like Batman and Superman to modern day movie characters, the fans thronged the event dressed as their favourite film and comic book characters

Boy lights LED bulb with bare hands

Abu Thahir, a Grade 7 student from Alapuzzha, Kerala can light a rechargeable LED bulb by pressing it to any part of his body. No, it's not a sci-fi story or a character from Narnia! Experts believe it is because of the high salt content in his body.

Meet the children who don’t let visual disability get in the way of their love for photography

On World Disability Day, Express Parenting brings you the story of fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari who has taken it upon herself to teach photography to children with visual disability.

102-year-old Sisters Celebrate becoming Britain’s Oldest Twins

Sisters Irene and Phyllis marked their 102nd birthday on 20th Nov 2018. They are the oldest twins in Britain. Born in 1916, they have seen four reigning monarchs, twenty prime ministers and both the world wars!

Artist creates paintings underwater

Olga Belka, an artist, creates paintings underwater. She uses paints and canvases that are environmentally friendly and doesn't harm the marine life.

Man spends Rs 7,00,000 to make his SUV Dance

Kamal Kashmiri, spent nearly Rs 7,00,000 to modify his SUV to make it dance. He has mastered the trick to make the car jump on its front wheels. He is regularly called to weddings and other cultural events to perform.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrating 71 years of marriage.

Here is a look back at the 71 years of marriage of the Royal Couple.

This Barber Cuts Hair With Fire

A 21 year old savvy hairdresser Mohammed Faizan has a unique technique of cutting hair. He uses a candle instead of scissors at his salon. This unusual technique has earned him clients from not just India but from all over the world.

Combat Air Pollution with These Air Purifying Plants

Here are best indoor plants that purify air in your home. These plants absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and also easy to maintain.

Idols & Idol Makers of CR Park

As Durga Puja fevers grips North India, we trace the origin of the festival in CR Park, and the men behind the beautiful idols.

Meet The Winners of Miss Transqueen India 2018

The second edition of Miss Transqueen was held in Mumbai on October 7th, 2018. The beauty pageant is specifically held for transgender people. As many as 100 participants battled it out to make it to the top 20 for the contest.

Chef Gary Mehigan on what he loves about India and his experiments with indigenous Australian ingredients

Chef Gary Mehigan explains that Australian food is not just a lamb and three veggies on the side, and much more in this fun video.

Steering Change, Woman Takes Driver’s Seat as Bengal’s Only Uber Driver

Sushama Midde, 30-year-old, from West Bengal's Belur has been making cracks in city's male-dominated chauffeur circuit. Partnering with Uber she is currently the only woman driver in the state.

Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcake by Pooja Dhingra

Celebrity chef, owner of Mumbai's Le 15 Pâtisserie and Macaron Queen of India, Pooja Dhingra talks her passion for baking and shares a recipe for her favourite salted caramel popcorn cupcake.

Idli Fries, Peri-Peri Style

Bored of the same old idlis? Give them a makeover with this quick peri-peri fries recipe by So Indian.

Mirchi Vada with Butter Chicken Filling

Mirchi Vada stuffed with leftover butter chicken. Add that twist and savour the delicacy.

How to make chocolate cake pop

Make your leftover chocolate cake pop with these simple cake pop recipes.

Leftover Roti, a thing of the past

Don't fret about leftover roti. Make this tangy roti-bhel instead! These are perfect for those late night cravings.

Chicken Poppers with a twist

Have leftover tandoori chicken? Now you can make these uber easy chicken poppers.

‘Tibetan Nuns Project’ Dedicated to Educate and Empower Buddhist Nuns Living in Exile

The Tibetan Nuns Project is enabling the Tibetan Buddhist nuns to accomplish independence through training, ability building and creating a ground-breaking educational program for nuns.


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