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Japan aggressively marketing its health products in Asia

Myanmar/Tokyo, Feb 24 (ANI): A Cooling gel Patch removes fever instantly. Recently, Japan’s pharmaceutical company, Hisamitsu, started to expand their Cooling gel Patch products to Myanmar. At Myitta Clinic in Yangon, the doctor has been recommending cooling gel Patch for patients suffering with fever. The recent political changes in Myanmar opened up a new market for imported consumer products. The Cooling gel Patch`Bye Bye Fever’ is one of the newly introduced health care product, to the local pharmacies in Myanmar. The local stores are staring to make sales of the healthcare goods which were directly imported from Japan. They say those products make benefits to the consumer in Myanmar. This is called “High Pressure Oxygen Room” made by Japanese bulk industry Inc. It’s easy to experience the relaxing effect of this room. Users just get in. Then the operator gets the door to shut properly and turn on the machine. It becomes 1.2 times higher pressure in a few minutes. Users can choose how long they are in the room. They focus on anti aging products. Next to the room they show Himalayan rock salt. For example, they say this ball-shaped rock salt has many effects such as improvement of blood circulation and acceleration of metabolism. This is how to use. After you warm up it in the toaster oven you wrap it up in a towel and put it on the body. Then it works well.


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