They are our neighbours, want to cooperate with Saudi Arabia: Gholamreza Ansari, Iran envoy

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‘BJP communicates clearly, we have a big leader… so others’ (oppn) voices aren’t heard. Why blame us?’, Mahendra Nath Pandey

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Union Minister for Skill Development Mahendra Nath Pandey talks about need for skilling during schooling, elaborates on Ministry’s Northeast, J&K plans, and more.

‘Need more critical students, not just ones cracking exams… We cannot produce zombies’, Ashutosh Sharma

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Dept of Science & Technology calls for strengthening the Indian education system, talks about Chandrayaan-2 and more.

‘Politicians in sports are necessary evil… They create a situation that players have to come to their door’

Bishan Singh Bedi says no team matches up to the Indian side now, talks about losing captaincy for a telegram to Mrs Gandhi, recounts interactions with General Zia-ul-Haq, and calls for more debate among selectors before choosing players

‘All engines of economy stuttering… How long will hypernationalism help? Oppn will mobilise people’, Anand Sharma

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Deputy leader of Congress in Rajya Sabha, Anand Sharma expresses his views on Chidambaram’s arrest, J&K split, and more.

Kashmir’s post-90s youth interrogative… realises avenues in Modi’s India… Doesn’t want to miss bus’, Jitendra Singh

MoS PMO Jitendra Singh says restrictions in J&K must not be seen through the ‘subconscious prism’ of Art 370, and says scenario in Valley will change once ‘shroud of fear’ is lifted.

Prakash Javadekar on the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill and more

Cabinet Minister Prakash Javadekar talks about the central government's decision to implement the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill and the challenges the government might face in Jammu and Kashmir after this decision.

‘No major riot in last 5 years… If lynchings create fear, doesn’t this create sense of security?’, Arif Mohammad Khan

Former Union minister Arif Mohammad Khan blames “privileged sections” for creating fear among Muslims, says Muslim youth is losing faith in clergy and giving importance to education.

‘DU is like Stanford… it’s linked to opportunities’

Dr Anju Srivastava, Principal, Hindu College, & Dr Bijayalaxma Nanda, acting principal , Miranda House, on the challenges of addressing a diverse classroom, matching up to private universities, & more.

‘No dictatorship, PM Modi takes all views into account’; ‘People wonder what Rahul has done, he built people like me’

Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi & Karur MP Jothimani on what inspired them to join politics, the challenges of being a woman in the field, and more.

70% of Singapore drinks treated sewage water. (If it happens here) fights between states will end’, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat talks about the need to revive traditional water bodies and pitches for rainwater harvesting to tackle the country’s water crisis.

Indian agriculture has reached a stage where more the govt intervenes, lower will be growth’, Ramesh Chand, Member NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog member Ramesh Chand on government's intervention in the agricultural sector and what states need to do aid the growth of this sector. All these and more in this edition of Idea Exchange.

‘In the process of introspection, there should be some casualty. Sooner it is done, better for party’, Veerappa Moily

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily explains why the Congress ‘doesn’t need to get disillusioned or disappointed’ with the loss in Lok Sabha elections 2019. This and more in this edition of Idea Exchange.

‘No one has ever doubted Muslims’ nationalism. No one still doubts it, and never will’, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Union Minister of Minority Affairs, talks about the plans the government has for the minorities in the next five years. He believe that discrimination against Muslims has reduced and dismisses the Sachar Committee report.

‘If a senior player gets emotional about mistakes, it increases fear of failure, pressure in juniors…’, Paddy Upton

In conversation with the Indian Express is the Head coach of Rajasthan Royals, Paddy Upton, who talks about working with the 2011 World Cup-winning team as a mental conditioning coach. All these and much more in this edition of Idea Exchange.

‘Shattered belief that TMC can’t be defeated… When we create that mood in Kerala, BJP will win’, Kailash Vijayvargiya

In this edition of Idea Exchange, BJP’s general secretary in charge of West Bengal, Kailash Vijayvargiya, decodes the party's performance in West Bengal and tell us what these results mean for the party's future in the state.

‘Can’t run world’s fastest growing economy on employment support… Must create employment’

Dr Rathin Roy, member of PM’s Economic Advisory Council believes that smart policy, not expensive schemes will help meet targets. All these and more in this edition of Idea Exchange.

Coastal roads, shelters, warning, response… We’re at a stage where we can save most lives: IMD Director General K J Ramesh

IMD Director General K J Ramesh in a conversation with Indian Express, said the aim is to ensure that there are no casualties from cyclones. Talking about Fani, he said that it won’t impact the monsoon this year.

“Polls are about ‘Modi versus who?’ Where there is no answer to ‘who’, it will be Modi all the way”, Ram Madhav

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav talks about Modi's campaign strategy and the issues that BJP has been raising in their election campaign. All this and more in this edition of Idea Exchange.

‘Govt should be close to industry, not individual industrialists… Hear industry, but do what’s right’

Co-chairman of Forbes Marshall Naushad Forbes gives his view on employment statistics, says that they are “flat” and that jobs have been created in the informal sector. He believes that government's decision to block the NSSO survey backfired.

There is no alternate leader… Indians know how to distinguish between state, LS polls. BJP will win’, Ravi Shankar Prasad

With a few days to go for the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has been raising the national security issue in its campaigns. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says the Opposition questioning Balakot strikes is a poll issue.