idea Exchange with Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

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Public interest is court’s concern. What the public is interested in should be left to govt: Justice Kurien Joseph

Former Supreme Court judge Kurian Joseph talks about the January 12 judges press conference, delay in collegium appointments earlier, PM Narendra Modi's visit to CJI’s court and reflects on constitutional morality in faith-linked cases.

Why a leader is aligning with someone is more important that who aligns with who; Mamata Banerjee has a major role: Amit Mitra, Bengal Finance Minister

Bengal FM Amit Mitra talks about demonetisation, the problems with GST, failing Centre-state relations, the need for protecting and building institutions such as the RBI and CBI, investments in the state, and what the BJP “doesn’t get about Bengal".

‘Left to me, I would make Mayawati PM now: Bhim Army’s Chandrashekhar at Idea Exchange

Chandrashekhar AzadBhim Army co-founder and chief talks about where his organisation fits into the politics of the country, his views on the Congress and the BJP.

‘Modi a big leader, but difficult to generate 2014-style hype again. 2019 won’t be a wave election’

JD(U) vice-president Prashant Kishor explains why he decided to join the JD(U) and why it is going to be difficult for the BJP to generate a 2014-style hype again in 2019.

‘It doesn’t help when 14-16 leaders sit on stage and blast PM Modi. It allows him to play victim… Must work at state-level’

In this edition of Idea Exchange Former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah expresses concern over the recent political killings in Jammu and Kashmir and says that the Centre's lack of clarity on J&K is worrying.

‘The patriarchal notion that women are not in the right place when working outside homes, persists… Need sensitisation in every workplace’

Justice (retired) Sujata Manohar talks about the importance of #MeToo as a women's empowerment movement, why there is a need for 'fresh thinking' on the 2013 sexual harassment guidelines and more.

‘For the first time we have a majority govt. If some hard decisions have to be taken, they must be announced now’

Former governor of Reserve Bank of India Bimal Jalan talks about how he addressed the issues of transparency and accountability in financial transactions and governance in his new book, India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond.

Today, a skilled person cannot afford respectable life: Subroto Bagchi

MSMEs need to understand that they cannot build a sustainable business by paying workers crude wages, not having them on their rolls, paying them in cash... There is a very real possibility of a pushback from  them”

Ayushman Bharat a huge leap towards the goal of universal health coverage says Indu Bhushan

Talking to reporters from the Indian Express, CEO of Ayushman Bharat Indu Bhushan said that implementing this scheme is a huge leap towards achieving the goal of universal health coverage.

‘Indian youth have speed, talent and interest in javelin. We just need more awareness’, says javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra

Asian Games javelin gold medalist Neeraj Chopra shares his vision for the next year and admits that 'consistent performance' has led international athletes to take him seriously. Neeraj also underlines the importance of technique in the game.

Ideologies will differ in politics. Dialogue is the only way out: Harivansh

"In a democracy, people's views range from the extreme Left to the extreme Right. It is our job to ensure that all thoughts reach the people. The people are intelligent enough to decide what is in their interest," says RS deputy chairman Harivansh.

Idea Exchange with Hima Das

National sprinter Hima Das talks about her experiences so far, how she prepares for every race, also shares her secret to success and how she keeps her focus on and off the field.

Idea Exchange with Gurcharan Das

In this edition of Idea Exchange, author Gurcharan Das talks about exploring the concept of desire in latest book Kama: The Riddle Of Desire. Talking to reporters of Indian Express, he also discussed about the political scenario and much more.

Idea Exchange with Dr. M Rajeevan

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr. Madhavan Nair Rajeevan addresses questions by reporters on climate change and weather prediction. See more:

Idea Exchange with Justice B N Srikrishna

In this edition of Idea Exchange, Justice Srikrishna talks about the Aadhaar Act, the need for a data protection authority, on becoming an SC judge and much more. Join the conversation to see what he said.

Idea Exchange With Ramdas Athawale

A prominent Dalit leader from Maharashtra, Ramdas Athawale has been raising the issues concerning the Dalits in the government. In this edition of Idea Exchange, he talks about the community’s issues and answers questions on how India can counter cas

Idea Exchange With Sugata Bose, Historian and TMC MP

Sugata Bose, TMC MP from West Bengal and a prominent historian has been critical of the government in the Parliament. At Idea Exchange, he expresses concern over the ‘poison of religious hatred’ being spread and discusses many pressing issues.

V Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi on how IITs can break into the top 100 in world rankings

With the recent tag of Institution of Eminence (IoE), IIT Delhi is expected to improve its performance and be ranked among top 100 in the world by international ranking organisations. The Director of IIT Delhi explains how that goal can be achieved.


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