Why Chennai is flooded

Why Chennai is flooded: Watch this video which explains the reasons behind this devastating flood which brought the city to its feet. This is the worst flood Chennai has seen in the last 100 years.


Express Adda: Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee On How AI & Gene Editing Can Help Prevent Cancer

In this snippet from Express Adda, Dr. Mukherjee gives a brief on how Artificial Intelligence & Gene editing are the new frontiers of medicine.

From take-home salary to start-up at home? Manish Sabharwal breaks down the Indian job scenario

The job market in India is undergoing a sea change. Increased automation and outsourcing of production has led to a de-growth in the conventional employment sector. And at the same time a slew of new economy jobs are being created everyday by individual entrepreneurship and tech-innovations. Manish Sabharwal, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of TeamLease in […]

Why the Gorakhpur bypoll result is an important one for the BJP

This by-election result in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency is very important for the BJP, chief minister Adityanath and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

How BJP’s meticulous planning showed results in Tripura

BJP prepares to form its first ever government in Tripura, creating history. How did the party pull it off? Liz Mathew explains.

Explained | The Rafale Deal Controversy

The Opposition parties have alleged that the NDA government bought 36 Rafale fighter aircraft, built by Dassault Aviation of France, under a direct government-to-government agreement at a much higher price than the one that was being negotiated for 126 aircraft by the previous UPA government under an open tender.

Sikkim Impasse Explained: What Is The India-China-Bhutan Border Standoff? Watch video

Doklam standoff: On June 16, Indian soldiers stopped Chinese soldiers from constructing a road through the area in Doklam. This lead to a tense standoff between the two sides.

Explained: The Miraculous Rescue Of The Siachen Soldier

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, who clung to life buried 30 feet under a massive ice and snow debris that hurtled down a mountain slope on unforgiving Siachen glacier, was on Tuesday battling for survival after being evacuated. He is comatose and his condition is extremely critical, Army Hospital Research and Referral said after Koppad was […]

Explained: Why Winters Set In Late

A southward shift of two wind systems has allowed the Westerlies to penetrate into the Indian landmass. Indian Express explains how.

Why Chennai is flooded

Why Chennai is flooded: Watch this video which explains the reasons behind this devastating flood which brought the city to its feet. This is the worst flood Chennai has seen in the last 100 years.

Explained: BCCI’s Steps To Reform The Body

Long before boos rang at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on a muggy March evening, Narayanaswami Srinivasan had become one of the most unpopular men in world cricket. It was the World Cup final presentation ceremony. Srinivasan was persona non grata in the Indian board after the Supreme Court had barred from holding any post in […]

Explained: The Afghanistan Earthquake That Rocked North India

Almost exactly six months after the Nepal earthquake that killed nearly 10,000 people, an earthquake of similar magnitude hit north-west Afghanistan today, tremors of which were felt through most of north India, including New Delhi. Today’s earthquake, measured 7.5 on the Richter scale, had its epicentre at a place about 50 km southwest of the […]

Has Dal Become The New Pyaaz? Explaining The Rise In Pulse Prices

Till about a month back, it was onions at Rs 50-plus a kg that was giving the BJP-led government the jitters. Now, arhar and urad at Rs 150 and more is the major talking point in the Bihar Assembly polls. Whether dal would be the pyaaz of this election, as some reports have begun to […]

Explained: RBI Cuts Rate – What It Means For Customers Like You

OVER TEN days ago, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan was counselling India’s industry to be patient, saying the country should resist quick fixes. He cited the turmoil witnessed in Brazil, an emerging market peer, after their central bank was pressured to reduce interest rates in a bid to grow fast, leading to a credit spree. On […]

Explained: Polio and Introduction Of Injectable Vaccine

India is all set to introduce injectable polio vaccine (IPV) in its universal immunisation programme (UIP) in a phased manner from November. This will be over and above the oral vaccine. From April, 2016 the trivalent polio vaccine that is currently administered will be replaced by the bivalent variety to reduce incidence of vaccine-derived polio […]

Explained: Porn Sites Ban In India (Legally Speaking)

Citing morality and decency, government ordered blocking of 857 porn websites late Friday evening. While the ban has partially been lifted, one wonders if the ban in the first place is not an infringement of an individual’s right to freedom. Can one challenge government’s order which has been widely criticised as moral policing.

Explained: Swiss Challenge Model For Private Participation

Last week, the Cabinet cleared a proposal to redevelop about 400 railway stations through the ‘Swiss Challenge’ method. It is learnt that even the roads ministry is mulling the same method for developing expressways. But what is the ‘Swiss Challenge’ model. P Vaidyanathan Iyer explains.

P. Muralidhar Rao explains the three-phased membership campaign.

P. Muralidhar Rao, General Secretary and in charge of members training program BJP explains the three-phased membership campaign.

EXPLAINED: One Rank One Pension

One rank, one pension (OROP) for military veterans was one of the first public promises made by Narendra Modi in his campaign which immediately won him the support of a majority of veterans in the country.

EXPLAINED | The Emergency and the significance of June 12

June 12 marks the fourtieth anniversary of the Raj Narain verdict which was the immediate trigger for the declaration of the Emergency 13 days later. The Indian Express consulting editor Coomi Kapoor, whose book on the period is set for release, explains the importance of this day.