Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Dire straits of Chilla Village

In Chilla Village, a small hamlet in East Delhi, water supply through a proper piping system, which was promised to the residents during the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 still remains a distant dream.


What Rahul Gandhi and the Congress got wrong

The Indian Express's Manoj CG explains what the Congress got wrong in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and also who the blame should fall on.

Rahul Gandhi concedes loss in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and in Amethi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi conceded defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections and also in the Congress bastion of Amethi that he represented.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: What explains DMK’s victory and AIADMK’s loss?

The Indian Express's Amrith Lal decodes what explains the DMK's performance in the Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu and what it means for its party chief Stalin.

BJP’s Amazing Success Story In Bengal | Election Results 2019

BJP has made massive gains in West Bengal and is all set to gain as much as 18 seats

Decoding Aam Aadmi Party’s collapse in Delhi

The Indian Express's Delhi Chief Reporter Mallica Joshi explains why the AAP collapsed in Delhi in this election, and whether an alliance with the Congress would have helped Sting Music by - Bensound.com

Smriti Irani Wins At Rahul Gandhi’s Stronghold, Amethi

Rahul Gandhi congratulated Smriti Irani at the Congress press conference held in Delhi today

How Filmstars-Turned-Politicians Fared In Lok Sabha Polls 2019

This year, we saw a significant participation from the field of cinema and arts

How the BJP broke into Mamata Banerjee’s bastion of West Bengal

The Indian Express's Abantika Ghosh who covered the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal explains how the BJP made significant gains in the state in this election.

Despite controversies, Pragya Singh Thakur set to win

Pragya Singh Thakur who was fielded by the BJP to contest from Bhopal featured in multiple controversies during her election campaign. Sting Music by - Bensound.com

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results: For BJP, it’s time to celebrate

After results, Union Ministers, BJP leaders pour in congratulatory messages, thank citizens for support

Kanhaiya Kumar Loses To BJP’s Giriraj Singh In Begusarai | Election Results 2019

CPI candidate Kanhaiya Kumar is trailing behind BJP's Giriraj Singh by a huge margin* in Bihar's Begusarai

Kanhaiya Kumar Loses To BJP’s Giriraj Singh In Begusarai | Election Results 2019

CPI candidate Kanhaiya Kumar is trailing behind BJP's Giriraj Singh by a huge margin* in Bihar's Begusarai

Rahul Gandhi Set To Win Wayanad Lok Sabha Seat | Election Results 2019

Rahul Gandhi is all set to win the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat by a massive margin

PM Modi Is All Set To Retain Varanasi | Election Results 2019

PM Narendra Modi is all set to win with a huge margin

Decision 2019: We have faith in democracy, Indians, say Muslim writers

Muslim writers talk about the community's fears and anxieties about the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the hope ahead.

BJP wants Kamal Nath to prove majority, MP CM says he is ready

The BJP sought a special assembly session claiming that the Congress govt in MP was now in minority. CM Kamal Nath said, "I have proved the majority at least four times in the last months. They want to do it again, we have no problem."

Worry for AAP as exit polls give Congress second spot

After the exit polls suggested that Congress might win one seat and the BJP remaining six, AAP workers are anxious about their shrinking vote share in Delhi.

Exit poll results vary widely for UP, Bengal, Odisha

Most exit polls project that the NDA will cross the magic mark of 272 seats to form the government. The projections, however, widely vary with regard to the BJP’s performance in three key states — UP, WB and Odisha — which account for 143 seats.

Why are voters in India’s most ‘backward’ district angry?

Education didn’t get them jobs, governments didn’t get them change and polls pass them by. The Indian Express veers off the campaign trail to spend a week in UP’s Malaka. Will this election be any different in this village in Fatehpur.

BHU discusses their expectations from the new government

As Varanasi goes to poll on May 19, BHU students and teachers discuss the nature of the current government's performance in the sector of higher education and what they expect from the new government.