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Abhinav Bindra misses 10m air rifle medal by 0.5, settles for fourth position at Rio 2016 Olympics

Abhinav Bindra settled for a fourth position in the men's 10m air rifle final on Monday.

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Abhinav Bindra settled for a fourth position in the men’s 10m air rifle final. He missed a medal by just .5.

Abhinav Bindra left it late to qualify for the Final in the 10m air rifle event. He continued to remain in the top 8 after the first two series but then dropped to outside the top 10 when he shot 102.1 in the fifth series. But he shot 10.8 thrice in the final five shots to save his blushes.

That got even worse in the fifth series with 101.6. Bindra on his part made good of a miserable fifth series score of 102.1 to regain his place in the top-8 with a remarkable final series. A medal is there for the taking if Bindra sustains the start he got in the qualifying stages.

Abhinav Bindra’s 10m air rifle final: As it happened

# Elsewhere, Manvjit Singh Sandhu and Kynan Chenai failed to advance in the men’s trap event. India shooters disappointing outing in Rio continues


# Kulish hits 10.5, Bindra with a 10. And, that’s it. India’s ace shooter settles for a fourth position in his last Olympics appearance

WATCH: India yet to win a medal but no need to panic yet

# Bindra tied in the third position with Kulish. Shootoff for the third position

# Bindra is now in the fourth position. He needs very high shot now to keep his chances of bronze alive

# Bindra slips to third but maintains his position with a decent outing in the sixth series. He needs to hold on now

# Bindra with two impressive shots moves to SECOND POSITION. .5 behind leader. Bindra is 113.4

# Abhinav Bindra moves to third position with a score of 102.7

# Bindra in fourth position at the moment with a 81.2 and he shoots a 10.8. Sensational stuff by him

# Sarkov is the first one to be eliminated. We will now have eliminations after every two shots. Bindra is 4th at the moment

# With 70.8, Abhinav Bindra ascends to a safe position as of now

# After shot 6, Bindra has dropped to seventh position with a score of 60.1. Not an ideal start for India’s ace shooter


# Bindra with two 9s in the first four shots. He needs to better as the competition is much higher in the medal round. Can’t afford the slip, like he did in the qualifying series

# With 29.9, Abhinav Bindra is placed in the fifth position at the moment

# India’s Abhinav Bindra takes position in Lane C. Here we go as shooters start with the opening round

# Abhinav Bindra will be in action shortly in the men’s 10m air rifle final

#Kynan has 114 points in total and he has 23 points in the last and fifth round

#Kynan moves to 19 with total of 103 points in total

# Kynan has made it difficult for himself as he is now at 20th spot with 99 points in total and 8 in the last round so far

Kynan has so far scored 3 points in his fifth and last round and he is presently at number 21 

#Manavjit is right now placed at number 7 spot while Kynan is at 19

# Manavjit has scored a perfect 25 in fourth round

# 10.4 on the final shot for Abhinav Bindra and he qualifies with an eighth place! After review, Bindra moves up to seventh with final score of 625.7

# Gagan Narang fails to qualify then. He posts 104.8 in the final series.

# After 8 shots, Bindra has 62.9. 83.9 for Narang after nine shots. Both outside the top 8

# In trap shooting qualifiers on day 2, Kynan Chenai has begun his fourth round. Manavjit Singh Sandhu yet to get underway

# Bindra posts 102.1 in the fifth series. He’s now 12th. Narang with 101.6 to stand 29th

# Uh-oh! Bindra has now dropped outside the top-8 as well – make that the top-10.

# Things looking rather difficult for Narang despite that fantastic start. He is now hovering in the 20s

# Scenes from the range

# Bindra posts 103.8 in the fourth series to stand fifth. Narang disappointing since second series

# Bindra has jumped to second after third series with score of 105.9. Narang, meanwhile, has dropped to 19th with 102.1

# Bindra has overtaken Narang in the third series with good scores. Narang creeping down the rankings

# 104.5 for Gagan Narang in the second series to stand second. Abhinav Bindra with 104.4 to sit at 11th

# Narang and Bindra’s main rivals in the competition:

# Pretty early but Gagan Narang has provided India a flying start. He’s scored 105.3 after the first series of shots. Abhinav Bindra with 104.3.

# And it is a great start for Gagan Narang with a score of 63.7 to stand second. Abhinav Bindra with a score of 83.8 after nine shots

# It has been a disappointing showing from the shooters so far. Expecting (and hoping) Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang to change all that. Their 10m air rifle qualifier is about 10 minutes away.


# India’s women shooters punch much below their weight

Heena Sidhu with her husband and coach Ronak Pandit (left). (Source: PTI)

It’s enlightening to be left behind by a shuttle bus after a women’s air pistol final at the Deodoro range in Rio. To linger and watch what happens when the Indians have packed up, and taken their half-baked, wishful dreams to another arena. On Sunday, the sport to fall back on is archery — by no measure as assured or poised in India as shooting.

After debutants, onus on big guns Abhinav Bindra, Gagan Narang

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Abhinav Bindra will begin his campaign in Rio de Janeiro in what are his final Olympics Games. (Source: PTI File)

India have had a poor showing so far in shooting events at the Rio 2016 Olympics with only Jitu Rai reaching Finals.