Rio Olympics 2016 Archery Ranking: Deepika Kumari ends at 20th position; India 7th

Rio Olympics 2016 Archery Ranking: Deepika Kumari ends at 20th position; India 7th

India are now placed seventh in the recurve women's team ranking; Korea no.1. Deepika will face Georgia's Kristine Esebua in first round.

After an inspiring start, Deepika Kumari slipped to 20th position. (Source: PTI)

Deepika Kumari started the women’s archery rankings event with a good start but wasn’t able to maintain the performance. After five rounds, and some really impressive five rounds, India’s leading archer rose to the top spot.

Three Koreans were there in the top four but the Indian held her own before a slip pushed her out of the top-10. 49 and 46 in the sixth and seventh round affected her scores and she was found playing catch-up, not to the Koreans but to the rest who were way ahead of her after first seven rounds. Two rounds of 54 each followed, and she ascended, but a 48 to follow took away the little hope of a top-10 finish. She finished at 640, 20th position, 29 behind the Korean Choi Misun who took the top spot. Earlier in the day, Atanu Das was impressive in men’s rankings and he finished an impressive fifth.

Rio Olympics 2016 Archery Ranking: As it happend 

# India are now placed seventh in the recurve women’s team ranking; Korea no.1. Deepika will now face Georgia’s Kristine Esebua in the first round; Majhi to face Alexandra Longova of Slovakia while Laishram takes on Baldauff of Austria

# A 53 and Deepika Kumari ends the Rankings Event at 20th; Laishram 23rd


# One round to go, Deepika scores 56, but continues to struggle at the 18th position

# A 48-point round and Deepika is not helping her ranking at the moment. She moves to 531, and slips to 23rd; Laishram is 22nd

# Deepika shoots back-to-back 54s to move to 483 points, and 15th position. Laishram, after four 8s in her last round, occupies the 17th position now. Majhi is struggling at 45th

# That’s the end of the eighth round, and Deepika has improved to move to 17th. Two rounds in 40s didn’t help her

# Deepika is now placed 18th in the table. She needs some really good rounds to rise back to the top slot. Laishram, too, has slipped three positions to 11th

# The Koreans fight back, Deepika with an ordinary round and the Indian archer is now fifth in the table

# Deepika marches to top spot with a score of 280. She shot X, X, 10, 10, 9, 9 in the fifth round

# As expected four Koreans are in the top three. And, the third to feature in the top four, at no.3, is India’s Deepika

# With solid two rounds, Deepika Kumari ascends to 3rd in Rankings event. Laishram, too, has hit back with improved performance in the next two rounds. She is now 15th with a score of 217

# Deepika is four short of Sartori who leads the charts with a score of 112

# The women’s archery rankings event is underway. Deepika Kumari, Laxmirani Majhi, Bombayla Devi Laishram are placed 8th, 21st and 24th with scores of 110, 107 and 106 respectively

# Next up in archery is men’s team event where India are not being represented. Next event for India involves the women and that will take place at 9.30 PM IST.

# Woojin Kim with a score of 700 and he’s most possibly created an Olympic record. The previous record stood at 699. Ellison stands second with score of 690, David Pasqualucci third with score of 685 and Sjef Van Der Berg with 684.

# Atanu Das finishes an impressive fifth. 58 in the final round and a combined score of 683. X, 10, 10, 10, 9 and 9 in the final round.

# 59 in the eleventh round for Atanu Das. Scores of X, X, X, 10, 10 and 9 in that one. He is now 7th in the list. A combined score of 625. Woojin still tops with 641 points, Ellison 630 and Juan Rodriguez with 627

# Atanu Das climbs into the tenth place with a 59 – 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 and 9 in that one. His overall score grows to 566 after ten rounds. Woojin with 582, Spain’s Juan Rodriguez is now second with 573 and Ellison is third with 572

# Better eighth round and he again goes up by one rank. Rises to 13th in the ranks with a 57 in that round. X, 10, 10, 9, 9 and 9 in that one and his overall score becomes 449. Woojin stays within Olympic record distance with 467. Stays ahead of Sjref (457) and Ellison (456)

# Poor seventh round for Atanu. He does improve by one place but a rather average round of 55. His overall score goes up to 392. That round with arrows of X, X, 9, 9 and 8. Woojin Kim with a really good 59 to improve to 407. Improves gap from Sjref to five and Brady is on 401.

# 57 once again for Atanu. He scored X, X, 10, 9, 9 and 9 in that round to take his cumulative score to 337. Improves by two ranks to go up to 15th at the halfway stage. Woojin Kim is still top (348), Van Der Berg Sjef on 347 and Ellison Brady of US with 342

# Slightly poor round for Atanu. He produces 55 after five rounds for a combined score of 280. He is now ranked 17th amongst 64 competitors. South Korea’s Woojin Kim has taken the top spot now with 292.

# Das improves once again to go up to 13th in the order with a score of 57. His combined score rises to 225. That round produces scores of X, X, 10, 9, 9 and 9.

# The 24th ranked Das scores 57 in the third round. X, 10, 10, 9, 9 and 9 make up the third round. He goes up to a combined score of 168 now. And 19th in the rankings. Mongolia’s Jantsan Gantugs still stands at the top with 173 points. Same as Van Der Berg Sjef (Netherlands) and Woojin Kim (South Korea)

# In his second round of five arrows, Das has dropped down the ranking order considerably. His second round produces a score of 53 – 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 and 8. His combined score stands at 111. Jantsan Gantugs stands atop with combined score of 115

# Atanu Das is in action in the men’s recurve ranking round. His first five arrows have produced scores of X, X, 10, 10, 9 and 9. A total of 58 after five arrows

# Little glimpse on what the sport is:

# The stage is all but set!


# Indian archery team to give opening ceremony a miss

Indian archers are first up in terms of events at Rio 2016 Olympics with classification round on Friday. (Source: PTI)

Archers will begin their campaign with the men’s individual and team ranking rounds slated for morning with women scheduled for later.