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Family of deadly Vegas shooting victim sues gun makers

A wrongful death lawsuit filed Tuesday targets Colt and seven other gun manufacturers, along with gun shops in Nevada and Utah, arguing their weapons are designed to be easily modified to fire like automatic weapons.

‘Godspeed, John Glenn’: How the world reacted to the passing away of US space legend

"On behalf of a grateful nation, Godspeed, John Glenn." : President Barack Obama

Dakota pipeline protest, activists gird for fight ahead

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team said on Monday it supports the project and would review it after he takes office.

Britain to add 100 UN peacekeeping troops in South Sudan

A UN peacekeeping meeting was held in London where Michael Falon, Britain's defense secretary, announced adding of peacekeepers to its mission in South Sudan to help build a hospital.

Hillary Clinton says US presidential election an ‘alternative reality’

Hillary Clinton said, "I have to step into the alternative reality, answer questions about am I alive, " responding to rumours about her health problems.

German vice chancellor says Trump poses threat to peace and prosperity

Gabriel said that Trump and France's Le Pen were promising voters "a way back into a fairytale world" in which economic activity only happened within national borders but that history has shown such isolated economies have no chance to develop.

Obama at UNGA: Terrorist groups beheading innocents is an insult to humanity

Obama said, "No matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy, the United States cannot solve the world’s problems alone."

VIDEO: Surveillance footage of Texas restaurant shootout made public

The shootout between two biker gangs, which authorities say arose from an apparent confrontation between the Bandidos and the Cossacks motorcycle clubs, had resulted in the killing of nine people while over 20 were left injured.

Novelist Jackie Collins Dies of Breast Cancer at 77

Collins' tales of sex, glamour, power and more sex were a forerunner to the culture of "Desperate Housewives" and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

No nation immune to climate change: Obama

Obama said the US recognises role in the problem, embraces responsibility to do something about it.

Tracing Origins Of New Portuguese PM António Costa

A Portuguese socialist leader, Costa became the prime minister after President Anibal Cavaco Silva give the nod to the Socialist, Left Bloc and Green-led coalition to form the government.

Bomb attack on Tunisia presidential guard bus kills 11

Security and presidential sources said the explosion was an attack, adding it was not immediately clear whether it was a bomb or an explosive fired at the bus as it travelled along Mohamed V Avenue.