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Monday, July 16, 2018
July 15, 2018 12:50:14 pm

Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to mix in public with men who are unrelated to them.

EU official urges Trump, Putin not to destroy global order
July 15, 2018 11:23:27 am

Trump is ever the showman and insistent on establishing closer ties to Moscow. So he overruled his advisers and demanded the rituals and pageantry of a formal summit.

US to give North Korea post-summit timeline with 'asks' soon: official
July 15, 2018 11:06:18 am

The repatriation of U.S. remains was one of the agreements reached during an unprecedented summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in June in Singapore.

Gaza strip, Palestine, Hamas militant
July 15, 2018 10:00:43 am

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed in an airstrike in Gaza City, while three Israelis were wounded from a rocket that landed on a residential home.

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July 15, 2018 9:22:32 am

Fox News host Sean Hannity pointed straight to the purloined emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman.

Woman survives seven days drinking water from car radiator after California crash
July 15, 2018 9:05:20 am

Angela Hernandez, 23, of Portland was found by a pair of hikers on Friday evening after they saw her wrecked Jeep Patriot SUV partially submerged at the bottom of a 200-foot cliff in the Big Sur area.

Highchairs and cuddles — how parliaments are catering for lawmaker mothers
July 15, 2018 8:50:03 am

When New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns to parliament after becoming only the second elected leader in the world to have a baby in office, her daughter will be allowed to cuddle with her during debates and swim in the pool.

Spanish rescue boat saves 60 migrants off Libyan coast
July 15, 2018 8:47:19 am

Premier Giuseppe Conte said that Malta and France had come forward in response to his request to all 27 other members of the European Union to share the burden of welcoming the migrants.

Man shot by Chicago police officer dies, crowd gathers
July 15, 2018 8:39:49 am

The Chicago Sun-Times says scuffles broke out between protesters and police officers holding batons who had cordoned off the area.

Did South Korea army plot coup to keep ousted leader in power?
July 15, 2018 8:31:43 am

Revelations this past week of a document showing the military drafted plans to mobilize troops to suppress protests last year have struck a nerve among people in one of Asia's most vibrant and wealthiest democracies.

Immigrant children, parents reunited faster under new court order
July 15, 2018 8:27:42 am

That estimate changed abruptly on Thursday night after a federal judge’s order that the government streamline some vetting procedures for reunifying parents and children.

US judge criticizes plan to reunify families split at border
July 15, 2018 8:09:05 am

The Justice Department on Friday filed a plan to reunify more than 2,500 children age 5 and older by a court-imposed deadline of July 26 using "truncated'' procedures to verify parentage and perform background checks, excluding DNA testing.

July 15, 2018 7:43:09 am

The reform of the 1976 constitution would create the position of prime minister alongside the president, splitting the roles of head of government and head of state.

July 15, 2018 7:38:58 am

Jack Guy Lafontant was to answer questions about the July 6-8 riots that followed the government's attempt to raise fuel prices by up to 51 percent as part of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

July 14, 2018 8:06:15 pm

Trump, who has praised Putin in the past is likely to face an outrage over the meeting, amid Justice Department indicting 12 Russian intelligence officers for meddling in the US Presidential elections. 

US-Iran tensions
July 14, 2018 6:43:44 pm

Iran is in an economic crisis fuelled by the US decision on May 8 to pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal and restore sanctions. International firms have mostly left Iran and the US has demanded allies stop buying Iranian oil.

US-Iran tensions
July 14, 2018 4:53:38 pm

The likely return of US economic sanctions has triggered a rapid fall of Iran's currency and protests by bazaar traders usually loyal to the Islamist rulers.

Donald Trump migrants
July 14, 2018 4:19:39 pm

Trump has repeatedly said the investigation into suspected Russian interference in the 2016 US election - which he casts as a "rigged witch hunt" - makes it hard for him to do substantive deals with Moscow.

July 14, 2018 3:35:24 pm

The South Korean foreign ministry summoned a senior Russian diplomat and "expressed regrets and urged the incident not to happen again", it said in a statement.

July 14, 2018 2:19:40 pm

The annual gathering has typically been a low-key affair highlighting such things as voter registration and balloting devices. This year's meetings are generating far greater interest.