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Japanese emperor begins ceremonies to proclaim his enthronement to the world

Naruhito is the first Japanese emperor born after World War Two. He acceded to the throne when his father, Akihito, became the first Japanese monarch to abdicate in two centuries after worrying that advancing age might make it hard to perform official duties.

Pakistan’s support to terror groups ‘chief obstacle’ to dialogue with India: US

"We believe that direct dialogue between India and Pakistan, as outlined in the 1972 Shimla Agreement, holds the most potential for reducing tensions," the US said.

Facing protests, Lebanon approves emergency economic reforms

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, in a televised speech, said the new measures might not meet the protesters' demands but were a start towards achieving some of them. The government must work to recover trust, he said.

As homelessness surges in California, so does a backlash

California may pride itself on its commitment to tolerance and liberal values, but across the state, record levels of homelessness have spurred a backlash against those who live on the streets.

Islamic State reaps gains of US pullout from Syria

Analysts say that President Donald Trump’s pullout of American troops from northern Syria has handed the Islamic State its biggest win in more than four years.

For Trump the dealmaker, troop pullouts without much in return

For a president who has repeatedly promised to end the “endless wars,” the decisions reflect a broader conviction that bringing troops home — or at least moving them out of hot spots — is more important than haggling for advantage.

Trump blasts critics who pushed him to cancel G-7 at Doral

``I was willing to do this for free,'' Trump said during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, comparing it to his decision not to take his $400,000 presidential salary. But now, he said, ``It will cost a fortune for the country.''

‘It’s hard’: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak of strain of royal life

Meghan Markle described being warned by British friends that “the British tabloids will destroy your life” when she first met Harry, but she said she had not expected the true extent of the pressure.

Climate change making stronger El Ninos, study finds

A powerful El Nino can trigger drought in some places, like Australia and India. And it can cause flooding in other areas like California. The Pacific gets more hurricanes during an El Nino and the Atlantic gets fewer.

No more delays, UK PM Johnson appeals to parliament to back Brexit bill

Boris Johnson's parliamentary battle starts on Tuesday, when lawmakers will debate and vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the detailed legislation that puts his Brexit deal into British domestic law.

Trump praises talks with China as Beijing seeks billions in WTO case against US

Tit-for-tat tariffs imposed by the United States and China over the past 15 months have roiled financial markets and resulted in a sharp drag on global economic growth.

Liberal icon Justin Trudeau fights to stay in power as Canada votes

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces the threat of being knocked from power after one term as the nation holds parliamentary elections.