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What is ‘Satta Matka’?

The winner of 'Satta Matka' happens to be the person who guesses the correct number and is thereafter rewarded with a pre-determined amount of money. 'Kalyan and 'Worli' are the two most commonly organised 'Satta Matki' lotteries.

Guest house ‘assault’: The 1995 infamous incident that had turned SP-BSP bitter foes

While announcing the tie-up, BSP chief Mayawati said she was ready to "rise above" the 1995 infamous guest house scandal, the incident that made SP and BSP bitter foes.

What is Universal Basic Income?

The Universal Basic Income, implementation of which has repeatedly been debated in India, seeks to alleviate poverty by providing a basic income to all citizens of a particular state or geographical area, irrespective of their income, social standing, or employment status.

What is instant triple talaq?

A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Tuesday in a split verdict ruled that the practice of instant triple talaq in the Muslim community is unconstitutional. The bench, headed by Chief Justice of India J S Khehar, set aside the practice by a majority of 3:2.

Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 passed in Lok Sabha: All you need to know

The bill enforces consumer rights and provides a mechanism for redressal of complaints regarding defect in goods and deficiency in services. The bill was introduced in the Lower House January this year.

What is The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016

The bill aims to shut down surrogacy shops, allowing only altruistic surrogacy,  and banning commercial surrogacy.

What is a JPC probe?

The Opposition has pressed for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the Rafale deal after the Supreme Court dismissed petitions seeking a probe into the purchase of the fighter jets.

What is J&K’s sextortion law?

J&K is the state in the country to have a separate legislation banning sexual exploitation of women.

What is the Mizo National Front?

The MNF came to prominence as a front to get more relief from the devastating floods

What is Witness Protection Scheme?

The Supreme Court approved India's first Witness Protection Scheme, noting that one of the main reasons for witnesses to turn hostile is that they are not accorded appropriate protection by the State.

What is Congo fever?

The Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, commonly known as the Congo fever, is primarily transmitted to human beings from ticks and livestock animals.

What is Sharada Peeth?

Sharada Peeth, considered as a revered shrine for Kashmiri Pandits has been out of bounds for Indian pilgrims since partition.