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Viral Video: US ice cream vendor impresses Indians with his fluent Telugu

In the clip, Richards explains how he learnt the language while he was residing in various places across Andhra Pradesh such as Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad, where he spent around two years. 

Watch: Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid praised after exiting celebrations as champagne pops

The two players beat a hasty retreat as the champagne bottles were popped as it wasn't in keeping with their religious beliefs.

This woman’s priceless reactions to England’s World Cup victory are going viral

In the video, the woman is seen watching the World Cup final on her television and reacting to all the developments of the nerve-racking final.

Watch: Chimpanzee escapes enclosure, attacks zoo-keeper

A video showed the chimp kicking and punching a zoo-keeper several times before running off in a different direction.

Watch: What happens when the famous Sholay dialogues are dubbed in Sanskrit

Who can forget the highlight of the film where Gabbar enquires about Jay and Viru. Now imagine, instead of saying, 'Kitne aadmi the', Gabbar delivering his signature dialogue in Sanskrit.

Wimbledon 2019: Not just the tournament, Simona Halep wins hearts with ‘humble’ victory speech

It was a joyous remark about the membership that left everyone in splits online. "I said at the start of the tournament that one of my motivations was to win and become a lifetime member of the club!"

Funny TikTok video of JCB machines doing the ‘Naagin’ dance goes viral

A Twitter user recently posted a TikTok video of a JCB excavator with the naagin tune being played in the background and a man pretending to play a snake-charmer's flute.

VidCon 2019: Kid wearing an influencer apology costume has left everyone in splits

The cosplayer identified as ‘PugLoca’ is now clearly winning the Internet with his antics at the VidCon 2019. “More realistic than YouTuber apology videos,” one Twitter user commented.

Viral Video: The enthusiasm of this boy at physical therapy is inspiring people

A heartwarming video of a little boy doing physical therapy is the latest pick me up on the internet. The boy, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder, shows off his walking skills as his sister records him

Watch: Woman tries to frighten cockroach by playing a mean beat with chopstick

The woman's impressive beats had plenty of rhythm and energy, which thrilled people online. While some praised her for her talent, others set it to classic hits.

Viral Video: Bird stops moving tractor to protect her eggs, makes netizens emotional

A short clip has gone viral, which features a mother bird stopping a moving tractor in Ulanqab city, North China to protect her eggs. The touching moment has caught everyone's attention.

Tiger crosses national highway, jumps over crash barrier, video goes viral

The video reportedly shot near Chorbahuli crossing along the highway near Nagpur, shows the wild cat tiptoeing the four-lane road and then jumping over the crash barrier to enter the other side of the forest.