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Video: Angry elephant charges towards tourists’ vehicle as they went too close to film it

The driver intimidated by the angry animal had no time to turn the vehicle around and quickly reversed as fast as he could to save them from the wrath of the animal.

Video of PJ Kurien’s gaffes while translating Rahul Gandhi’s speech takes internet by storm

Rahul Gandhi had veteran Congress leader PJ Kurien on hand to translate his words so that they reached a wider audience. But things didn't go as planned with many of the translations not accurately conveying what the Congress president had said.

Watch: Did DDLJ’s ‘palat’ scene make it to Game of Thrones season 8?

In the iconic scene, Raj (Khan) can be heard saying,"Raj, agar yeh tujhe pyaar karti hai, toh yeh palat ke dekhegi... palat....palat. (If she is in loves with me, then she is going to turn around.)"

Viral video: ‘Hero’ border collie earns praise online for saving another dog

Realising the car could hit the dog, the border collie flew into the scene out of nowhere and grabbed its furry friend by the neck dragging it away from the car's path.

Sunny Leone doing naagin dance to Sapna Choudhary’s song has Internet in splits

In a light mood, the actor is seen doing 'naagin' dance and goofing around with a friend to the superhit regional song Teri Aankhiya Ka Yo Kajal -- leaving people online in splits.

Daily wage worker from Bihar shocks crowd with his English speaking skills

However, the labourer, who is a graduate from Bhagalpur University, Bihar, shocked the crowd and reporter Saurabh Tripathi when he spoke in English to make his point about the lack of jobs.

Country’s richest MLA dances to ‘Nagin’ song during election campaign

Moily is contesting from the Chikkaballapura Lok Sabha constituency. A music band, which accompanied the minister's convoy, began the song 'Man Dole Mera Tan Dole' from the 1954 Hindi movie and soon the 67-year-old Congress leader started the gyrate. 

Watch: ‘Clumsy’ robber breaks into cell phone store, drops shelf on himself

The video of the incident was shared by the official Facebook page of the police department, requesting people's assistance in identifying the thief.

Bride left aghast after groom’s ex-girlfriend crashes wedding in bridal gown

The ex-girlfriend intruded the ceremony when the groom was about to kiss the bride -- a western tradition for a newly married couple to conclude their wedding ceremony.

Flash mob video of NRIs in support of PM Modi goes viral

The dancers performed on the recreated version of Shankar Mahadevan 'Breathless' themed Non-Stop India, that was released by the composer on Independence Day, highlighting flagship schemes of the BJP government.

Watch: Southwest Airlines flight attendant raps safety instructions before take off

In the 35-second video, the flight attendant can be heard chanting "Stomp, stomp, clap" to prompt the crowd to join in before rapping the safety instructions. 

Viral video: MS Dhoni’s sweet gesture for an elderly fan is winning hearts online

Despite losing their last game against Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings skipper not only interacted with the woman for a significant amount of time but also went on to pose for a selfie.