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Horrifying video of woman strangling and beating mother-in-law goes viral

The incident happened in Bijnor, UP, caught on the camera when the son decided to install a CCTV.

Watch: Substitute teacher assaults special needs student in Texas

The horrifying video shows that the student was punched three times on the face after she struck Lankford on the face.

‘Was literally thrown out of car’: Bengali TV star accuses Uber driver of molestation

In a detailed post on Facebook, the actor recounted how the incident took place.  She said the police had later come to the studio to register a case and she has filed a case of molestation against the driver.

‘Pepper spray, whistle’: Women list out self-defence weapons they carry while running

Talking about a group her mother is a part of, she informed her followers about a thread about the kind of self-defence protection they carry with them when going out for a run, prompting her to ask them for suggestions and recommendations for things they carry.

If you get your periods on a flight, expect no help from the crew

Surprisingly, the IGI Airport washroom is not equipped with a sanitary pad vending machine even as the Railways and some other public facilities have begun installing such machines.

Abandoned 6-year-old Filipina girl dreams of attending school — but has no valid papers

“If she gets sick, we cannot rush her to hospital because they will demand an ID. She can’t go to school despite being a brilliant kid. Her future will suffer for want of education. She is six now and should be in school, but without documents how can we do that?" he added.

Video: Little boy blows up sidewalk after dropping lit fireworks in a manhole

A CCTV footage of the incident shows moment before the sidewalk violently blows up with debris and dense smoke around the area. The clip, which was shared widely on several social media platform, left many displeased.

Gillette’s latest ad on ‘toxic masculinity’ triggers heated debate on social media

The ad, which has gone viral with over 2.5 million views, begins with various news reports on the #MeToo movement and gradually moves on to feature sexism in films, violence between boys, harassment in the workplace, bullying, each of which is justified by a subtle, "Boys will be boys."

‘The scariest moment of my life’; Uber rider shares experience as cab goes up in flames

"We stopped and exited the car, only to see it burn down to ashes, and along with it my bag containing my IDs, Dailies and Wallet. I came to know that only the metal skeleton of the seats remained."

Ola blacklists driver after Bengaluru woman shares harrowing experience of her ride

Hazari tweeted that she boarded the cab at 11.31 pm from the Bangalore airport. However, the driver took a separate route than the one suggested by the app to avoid the toll road.

‘Shame on who?’: Lebanese social experiment tries to tackle ‘victim blaming’ culture in rape cases

In the video, a woman actor plays a rape victim while the reactions of the people are captured by a hidden camera. While some people were empathetic towards the girl in the video, others were quick to shame her.

This viral video shows how people flout safety rules at railway crossings

In Amritsar, Dussehra celebration turned into a tragedy as nearly 61 people were killed after a train ploughed into a crowd..