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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Five simple ways to protect your phone from malware, ransomware and viruses

May 17, 2018 12:20:56 pm

If you think losing your data is a bad feeling, wait till your phone is infected by ransomware or malware

Five reasons to buy the Nokia 3310

June 19, 2018 4:14:11 pm

Why should you buy a feature phone in the age of smartphones?

How to link Aadhaar card to your PAN

May 29, 2018 11:51:02 am

You can easily link your Aadhaar to your PAN in 3 simple steps.

Deconstructing Samsung Pay: A month with the future of payments, its challenges and opportunities

June 19, 2018 4:58:26 pm

Samsung Pay tries to be a unified payment service for India. Has the company set its sight on a goal too lofty?

Five features we hope to see on the OnePlus 5

June 19, 2018 5:43:24 pm

OnePlus has always delivered when it comes to price & performance, but can it replicate the magic with the alleged OnePlus 5?

How to choose the right smartphone for your next trip

June 19, 2018 6:56:48 pm

Vacations are an important part of our lives, and the choice of smartphone we bring along matters

Why I’m ditching Reliance Jio and maybe you should too

June 19, 2018 7:26:43 pm

Cheap data is useless if it can't access your information fast enough

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera: A missed opportunity for Samsung

June 19, 2018 8:40:53 pm

Did Samsung drop the ball with the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8 & the Samsung Galaxy S8+?

Can the Samsung Gear 360 replace your GoPro for your next trip?

June 19, 2018 11:52:51 am

The hashtags #wanderlust and #happyfeet are taking people out and about, and our social feeds are full of travel photos and videos. A 360 degree camera, to paraphrase what Samsung claimed last night while launching the Gear 360, would bring the other person in #followmeto pictures and videos in the frame too. After all, why […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S8+ Launch: Features we’re excited about

June 19, 2018 1:05:41 pm

We share with you the details of what has us excited about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+

The curious case of technology and nostalgia

June 19, 2018 1:24:54 pm

It has often been asked, “what is this obsession for technology,” or, “what is this nostalgia over technology.” The latter was recently asked by a gentleman on the interweb, who was lamenting over the fact that his grandson wanted the upcoming (new) Nokia 3310 for his birthday. The writer’s concerns, although satirical, were very simple […]

Best camera phones for all budgets (March 2017)

June 17, 2018 4:16:30 am

Our phones are no longer just devices of communication. The smartphone has become that one device that has become crucial to our day-to-day functioning. The smartphone has replaced music players, cameras, diaries, planners and even calendars. Of all the essentials that have been assimilated into this one device, the camera is probably the most important […]

How to never lose your contacts ever

May 17, 2018 12:26:08 pm

The simple word for it is called sync

Some things in smartphone tech we wish never existed: Top 4

June 16, 2018 7:02:50 pm

Smartphone technology has brought the world closer, but it isn't without its faults

Moto G5 Plus: 5 reasons why you should not buy

June 16, 2018 5:06:36 pm

Moto G5 Plus is a great device when it comes to value for money, but do you think there is something still missing?

How to get your phone fixed after water damage

May 12, 2018 12:04:10 pm

Here's how you can revive your phone from the aftermath of a wet weekend

Holi Special: Five splash-proof smartphones that can survive this Holi

June 16, 2018 4:54:14 pm

Having a water and dust resistant certification for a smartphone ensures that it can withstand some amount of water splashes.

How to save your phone from water and colour on Holi

May 17, 2018 12:29:11 pm

Have a great Holi, but not at the cost of losing your phone to water damage

Women’s Day Special: Five compact design smartphones that Women might prefer buying

June 16, 2018 3:52:26 pm

In this era, where big screen size smartphones are more preferable choice by everyone, there is one more criteria that most people (irrespective of the gender) also care about, and it is the compact design of their device while having a big enough display. When Samsung had launched its first generation of Galaxy Note, it […]

Five best battery life Android smartphone (March 2017)

June 16, 2018 2:24:31 pm

Buy these phones if you’re looking for good battery performance