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Plastics could be recycled to create renewable energy says a new research

The research, published in The Journal for Carbon Research, focuses on chemical recycling which uses the constituent elements of the plastic to make new materials.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 Today Highlights: India witnesses celestial phenomenon

Partial Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan July 2019: The partial lunar eclipse was visible in India and the event began from 1:31 am on July 17.

Robots to install telescopes to peer into cosmos from the moon

The goal is to give astronauts control of the rover “in a quicker fashion and more like doing some sort of video game,” said Ben Mellinkoff, a graduate student at the University of Colorado.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 Live Stream: How to watch in India, timings and more

Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Today Live Streaming in India: Today on July 16, 2019, a partial lunar eclipse will take place in some parts of the world. Here is how you can watch the live streaming online in India.

NASA to explore whether water on Saturn’s moon could sustain life

NASA plans to study the existence of external life on the oceans which are present on the surface of Saturn's biggest moon - the Titan.

Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019: What is a partial lunar eclipse, India timings and more

Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Date and Timings in India: On July 16, 2019 a partial lunar eclipse will take place and it will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Why computing pioneer Alan Turing was prosecuted, pardoned and now will be on 50-pound notes

Turing developed a machine to crack German encrypted messages and also came up with a test that was later called the Turing Test. to determine whether machines had acquired intelligence.

From Apollo 11 to the new space race

Space exploration was about politics and power. Then, science. It's now also about money. And a growing list of players.

When America landed on the moon, the whole world did

"We had nothing. We hadn't even put our first man in space," says Haug. "And in eight years we landed two people on the moon. It was incredible, what we had done."

Lunar Eclipse 2019 on July 16: Timings in India, how to watch and more details

Partial Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Date and Time in India: According to the Indian Standard Time, the partial umbral eclipse will begin at 1:31 AM on July 17. The peak of the eclipse will be at 3:01 AM and the partial umbral eclipse will end at 4:30 PM.

Chandrayaan-2 launch called off after ‘technical snag’ in rocket, revised date could take months

ISRO officials indicated that it could take up to a few days to assess the seriousness of the problem. That could rule out another attempt at the launch in the current window of opportunity which is available only till Tuesday (July 16). The next launch date could be months later.

ISRO Chandrayaan 2 moon mission launch HIGHLIGHTS: ISRO calls off launch, technical snag observed

ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Launch Online Updates: The voyage which will take 54 days to accomplish the task of landing on the Moon through meticulously planned orbital phases