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Redmi K20 series seems like a result of Xiaomi’s fear of missing out

Xiaomi has introduced its new Redmi K20 series in the Indian smartphone market. The K20 Pro is a premium flagship with a Snapdragon 855 processor and a triple camera setup, with prices starting Rs 27,999.

Why having triple cameras on your mid-range smartphone doesn’t really matter

As smartphones manufacturers start to offering triple rear cameras as a standard in their mid-range devices, one thing remains unanswered-- do we really need multiple cameras when none of them works properly?

Redmi K20 Pro launch in India: Will Xiaomi finally deliver the knockout punch?

Redmi K20 Pro is being pitched as ‘flagship killer 2.0’ and there’s no subtlety with which brand Xiaomi is rolling out their new launch. The Redmi K20 Pro will take on the OnePlus 7 Pro, but it has its task cut out.

I tried using Facebook’s Libra blockchain. It didn’t work.

Libra’s documentation is a monstrosity, a 12-page white paper accompanied by 96 pages of technical detail. The papers are far from expository.

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency: Why it is underwhelming at best

Facebook Libra, is the company's ambitious new cryptocurrency, which targets 2.6 billion users and is backed by up to $1 billion in funds. But it will have a tough time making an impact and here's why.

So what exactly was Google trying to achieve by teasing Pixel 4 photos on Twitter

Google gave a sneak peek into its next flagship, the Pixel 4 on Twitter, releasing an image of Pixel 4 in June itself though the phone isn't expected before October.

WWDC 2019: Why Apple’s iOS and macOS worlds could converge more

Apple WWDC 2019: At the annual developer conference, Apple could give more insight into what some call Project Marzipan, Cupertino’s bid to help port more iOS apps to the Mac environment.

Apple WWDC 2019: iPadOS could be the bridge between iOS and macOS

The power that the iPads now have seem to have got them dreaming. So from actual multi-tasking to running powerful apps, the iPad now can do everything. All that gets another big fillip with the iPadOS announced now.

Sign in with Apple: Here’s why this could be big

At WWDC in San Jose, Apple announced that it will offer a “Sign in With Apple” option for developers to integrate into their apps. While this might seem as a simple new add-on for apps, there could be more to this move.

Apple sets vision for unified app strategy at developer confab

New tools will mean apps are written once and will run on all of Apple’s major devices. Currently, developers that want to be on Mac computers, iPhones and iPads need to write two separate apps.

Everything you need to know before buying a solar inverter

Looking to buy a smart solar inverter? Here is everything you need to know before you go out to buy a solar inverter.

Google’s big privacy push still puts the onus on you, the user

Google's focus at I/O 2019 was privacy for users, and its a message that CEO Sundar Pichai wants to reiterate. But is Google doing enough to protect user privacy?