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Read Only Mode: The Five Best Tech Books of 2018

The best tech books of 2018 by Emily Chang, Scott Galloway, Adam Fisher, Ken Kocienda and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Top smartphone brands of 2018: From Xiaomi to Samsung, OnePlus to Apple

Xiaomi to Samsung: We take a closer look at how major smartphone brands fared over the past 12 months in India.

The tech that was fixed in 2018 and the tech that still needs fixing

Personal technology was so awful this year that nobody would think you were paranoid if you dug a hole and buried your computer, phone and smart speaker under 6 feet of earth.

Tech heroes, take a bow

Workers at Amazon and Microsoft have also spoken up for change within their companies, on issues ranging from climate change to surveillance, AI ethics and the decision to work with federal immigration agencies.

Truth bee told: Why the threat of climate change is a warning we can’t buzz away

An important part of the ecosystem, bee populations are seeing a decline across the globe as a result of climate change and its effects

5 big questions Samsung need to answer about its foldable phone

Samsung's foldable phone concept is fascinating, but questions remain about how a foldable phone will work, how much it will cost and what utility it will offer the user

United Nations World Data Forum: What it means for India

A comprehensive legal framework for data requires to be more than a discussion or a report and which does not fall within the confines of a political regime

This Facebook vulnerability might be fixed, but here’s how you can improve security of your account

Facebook data breach: One should assume that everything they put up on Facebook (for public, restricted group or individual users) will be hacked at some point or the other.

Google’s ‘helpful’ Pixel 3 phones could be the start of something bigger

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will come with the kind of integration that will let Google even predict what the smartphone user is up to and suggest answers even before a query has been entered

Google Plus will shut down soon, but that’s not what you need to be worried about

Google Plus breach should make us rethink the kind of blind trust we have reposed in social networks and services like Gmail over the years.

Would Steve Jobs have liked Apple today?

As the world marks seven years since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the debate about whether he would have liked what Apple is doing today is reignited

Elon Musk is NOT Steve Jobs…live with it!

Jobs was no angel, but ironically what many considered to be his Achilles Heel - a penchant for showmanship - was actually his biggest strength.