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WhatsApp Android beta update ensures you don’t send image to the wrong contact

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature to ensure users do not mistakenly send an image to the wrong contact by adding the contact name below the image caption.

Andwemet, an exclusive dating site for Urban Indians above age of 30

Are you above the age of 30? Here's how andwemet can help you meet your partner in India.

TikTok ramps up recruiting from big tech with Facebook exec hire

TikTok's parent company Bytedance announced that former Facebook executive Blake Chandlee has joined the ranks of the start-up.

Instagram introduces on-screen lyrics feature to take on TikTok

This new feature is being introduced into the Instagram app to help it better compete with the popular lip-syncing app TikTok.

Instagram for Android gets data saving feature in India: Here is how to enable

Instagram for Android has been updated with a new feature to enable uninterrupted browsing experience and save data in slow internet areas. The opt-in mode will slowly roll out for Android users over the week.

Apple wants you to pay $999 for a Mac Monitor stand: Here is how Twitter reacted

Apple is selling a Mac Pro monitor stand for $999. Here is how Twitter reacted to Apple's new expensive accessory for the Mac Pro.

Apple iOS 13: Dark Mode, Siri gets an Indian English voice and other features that impact you

Apple's iOS 13 was made official last night at the WWDC conference in San Jose, California. Here are iOS 13 features which will matter to you, especially for users in India

Google Play Store back online: Users can now browse and update apps

Google Play users took to Twitter posting screenshots of their Play Store app not working. The issue has been solved now and the platform is back online.

Google server outage impacts YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat as they all go down

Google's core services like YouTube, Gmail were down for users in the US on Sunday afternoon and the company blamed network congestion in east United States for the problem.

WhatsApp iOS beta update bans users from downloading contact’s profile photos: Report

WhatsApp has launched beta version for iOS users that does not allow users to save the profile photos of the contacts, according to a report.

Google: Users prefer ‘keep data’ settings, quicker deletion will erode user experience

Google has disclosed that most people were opting for the ‘keep data indefinitely’ option as the default in its new privacy settings.

Microsoft Excel for iOS gets new Insert from Picture feature

The Excel app can now grab any data presented in a table format and convert it into the digital form.