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Friday, July 10, 2020

Earth’s largest water reservoir found beneath North America

June 13, 2014 2:00:09 pm

The according to researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico.

Earth, Moon may be 60 million years older than thought: New Study

June 11, 2014 2:09:42 pm

The final stage of Earth's formation is around 60 million years older than previously thought, researchers said.

Human hunters wiped out Ice Age animals

June 9, 2014 4:13:24 pm

Modern man exterminated many of the large animals due to hunting.

Plant sex mystery, solved!

June 9, 2014 1:52:08 pm

The mystery of 'double fertilisation' process is how each single pollen grain is able to produce twin sperm cells.

Devices that detect glucose levels in saliva, blood not needed

June 4, 2014 3:48:46 pm

The biochip is made from quartz, silver and thousands of nanoscale interferometers.

Dinosaur-inspired Korean robo can outrun Usain Bolt

June 1, 2014 5:40:02 pm

Raptor is almost as fast as the world's fastest legged robot, Cheetah.

NASA’s captures gigantic Coronal Mass Ejection on Sun

June 1, 2014 5:06:24 pm

According to NASA, a curtain of solar material erupted outwards at speeds of 1.5 million miles per hour.

New biomaterial that enhances stem cells’ ability developed

May 29, 2014 1:22:20 pm

The biomaterial also dissolves once repair is well underway and its stealth coating makes it invisible to the immune system.

NASA rocket to study birthplace of stars

May 28, 2014 5:42:09 pm

CHESS is equipped with a spectrograph, which can parse out just how much of any given wavelength of light is present.

NASA discovers huge crater on Mars

May 26, 2014 3:27:23 pm

The crater spans half the length of a football field and first appeared in March 2012.

Remembering, as an extreme sport

May 25, 2014 1:13:25 am

A fast-paced, digitally enhanced memory tournament was an unusual collaboration between industry, academic scientists and science, to develop drugs for cognition.

Top 10 of 18,000 species you didn’t know existed

May 25, 2014 1:08:51 am

Scientists believe nature holds another 10 million undiscovered species, from single-celled organisms to mammals.

Check out if you are a part of NASA’s ‘Global Selfie’ of Earth

May 23, 2014 3:51:18 pm

NASA has released the 'Global Selfie' created by combining over 36,000 pictures clicked by individuals.

Moon may get a high-speed broadband connection

May 23, 2014 3:49:42 pm

A ground terminal at White Sands, New Mexico, uses four separate telescopes to send the uplink signal to the Moon.

Delhi students win first award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

May 21, 2014 3:59:05 pm

9 Indian students were awarded at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest high school science research competition.

First technique to turn light into matter discovered

May 19, 2014 3:39:21 pm

The calculation was found to be theoretically sound but Breit and Wheeler said that they never expected anybody to physically demonstrate their prediction.

Ancient girl’s skeleton provides new clues on human migration

May 16, 2014 2:11:13 pm

Naia, one of the earliest inhabitants of the America has helped resolve a question of the link b/w ancestral and modern Native Americans.

Russia loses telecoms satellite in failed rocket launch

May 16, 2014 1:02:07 pm

The parts of the satellite fell from a height of 150 kms into the Pacific Ocean or were scattered over Siberia and Russia's Far East.

NASA discovers square-shaped hole in Sun

May 13, 2014 5:51:05 pm

The coronal hole is an area where the solar wind is streaming out of the Sun at superfast speeds.

Soon, plants may power planes

May 9, 2014 4:37:05 pm

The study was published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.