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Decoding why Bengal celebrates Kali on Diwali

The divergences in the form and depictions that Kali denotes across different parts of the subcontinent is largely reflexive of the way in which her character developed and blended with local traditions and Hindu symbolism.

Shimla could have been named after Goddess Shamli, but there was no Simla before the British

The British did not just lay the foundation stone of an urban civilisation in the hilly district but also developed it with roads, transport, and bridges.

The story of Bengal’s Pal community: From potters to idol makers

The shift of the Pal community from the potter’s wheel to the making of clay idols is a story of exploring new caste identities through changing power structures and economic opportunities.

Transport planes to S-400 missiles, the story of Indo-Russian military cooperation

The military relationship between the two countries dates back to the 1960s when the world was almost neatly split into two as a result of cold war politics.

150 years of Gandhi: Five world leaders who drew inspiration from the Mahatma

In course of time, the Gandhian way of struggle against exploitation would turn into a politically methodology in itself, inspiring several other revolutionaries around the world who dreamt of challenging the powerful.

What is the role of the mosque in Islam?

The question regarding whether the mosque is integral to Islam had come up as part of the Ayodhya dispute when in 1994 the Supreme Court had stated that “a mosque is not an essential part of the practice of the religion of Islam”.

Did you know The Hindu started as a weekly 140 years back?

Published by a group of six people, including four law students and two teachers, it soon turned into a tri-weekly newspaper by 1883 and then to an evening daily in 1889.

Fake ISRO spy case: The seven characters of the false espionage story

The case that involved multiple conspiracies with variegated objectives, was directed towards these seven people, who were accused of leaking out vital defence secrets to Pakistan.

Behind the freedom of Hyderabad, a struggle against the Nizam

Among the princely states that had not acceded to the Indian union by August 1947, the case of Hyderabad was perhaps of the most complex, mainly by virtue of its location.

Jahanara Begum: The Mughal princess who designed Chandni Chowk

Born in 1614, Jahanara lived a life outside the conventional role of a Mughal princess —as an exemplary poet, writer, architect, engineer and painter, especially in an era where the lives of Mughal women were largely confined within the walls of the zenana.

Humans brewed beer over 13,000 years ago: study

Beer brewing may have been, at least in part, an underlying motivation to cultivate cereals in the southern Levant, supporting the beer hypothesis proposed by archaeologists more than 60 years ago.

Hindi Diwas 2018: Hindi travelled to these five countries from India

The migration of Hindi, in particular, the variant used in parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, is intimately tied up with the history of India itself.


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