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IMF team in Pakistan to review its economic progress

The IMF delegation will be briefed on the use of the first tranche of the USD 6 billion loan it has extended to Pakistan, tax revenue, the trade deficit, rupee value, new monetary policy and methods to improve non-tax revenue.

Pakistan: Riots break out in Sindh over alleged blasphemy by Hindu school principal

Videos of stick-wielding protesters were shared on social media in which they were seen vandalising a Hindu temple and damaging the school where the incident took place.

Imran Khan on possibility of nuclear war with India: ‘If Pakistan is losing…’

“When two nuclear-armed countries fight, if they fight a conventional war, there is every possibility that it is going to end up into nuclear war. The unthinkable," said Khan.

Jeddah-bound Pakistan flight makes emergency landing after it catches fire

The Jeddah-bound flight PK-759 was forced to make an emergency landing back to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore after one of its engines caught fire during takeoff.

Ahead of UN, Imran Khan dials it up: Kashmir events will provoke Muslims worldwide

With 40 days of lockdown in Jammu & Kashmir, this also sets the stage before Imran Khan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are scheduled to speak at the United Nations General Assembly on September 27.

World believes India not Pakistan on Kashmir issue: Pak minister

Shah's remarks came after Prime Minister Khan claimed that 58 countries had supported Pakistan over its stand on the Kashmir issue.

International community believes India, not us: Pakistan minister on Kashmir

The minister said, "The ruling elite has destroyed the country. The ruling elite of this country destroyed the name. People think we are not a serious nation."

At Rs 140 per litre, milk was costlier than petrol in Pakistan on Muharram

Though the official price of milk fixed by the government is Rs 94 per litre and the retail price set by shopkeepers is Rs 110 per litre, shopkeepers sold it at Rs 140 a litre during Ashura, the report added.

This Friday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan to hold rally in Muzaffarabad in solidarity with Kashmir

The rally is a part of the Pakistan government's campaign of holding an event every week to show solidarity with the Kashmiris.

Pak witnesses 13 per cent rise in HIV cases, dramatic surge among transgenders, sex workers

Health officials had attributed the cause to the use of unsanitary equipment, unsafe blood transfusion and rampant malpractice often at the hands of quacks.

Pakistan team leaves for Bangkok to hold meeting with FATF on terror financing

The outcome of the talks, which would continue till September 13, would decide whether Pakistan's name stays on the grey list or would it be added to the black list, the report said, quoting a source from the finance ministry.

India regrets Pakistan’s decision to deny request to use its airspace for Kovind’s flight

The decision to close its airspace was approved by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in view of the tense situation in Kashmir, the country's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said.