The IL&FS trouble exposes the weakness in financial regulatory architecture

Government has forgotten that children have a first right to nation’s resources

E-learning, smart tutorials make IT education accessible

Hussaini Brahmins, various Hindu figures mark Muharram

From Plate to Plough: Maharashtra vs Market

State’s decision to make MSP mandatory for traders will lead to chaos. The way forward is to treat farmers as businessmen and facilitate an environment in which they can flourish.

Out of my mind: Time running out

Being against Modi is not a Manifesto. If India has a low score on human development, if Muslims are a severely economically and socially deprived community, if violence against women and Dalits still persists, it is no good blaming a four-year-old BJP government.

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Inside track: The ‘outsider’

Manipur’s Governor Najma Heptulla, who is unlikely to clear the Bill in a hurry, rushed to Delhi last week to apprise Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the situation. The state government has reportedly buckled under pressure from the dominant Meitei community.

Gained in Translation: Speaking of Ram

If we take the versions of Valmiki, Kamban, Kritibas and Tulsi, then at least two of those narratives unambiguously mention Ram heartily enjoying dishes prepared from animal meat, and there is also some mention of Sita consuming fermented drinks.

elgaar parishad case: SC reserves order on plea seeking special probe into arrests of activists
Urban Naxals et al

The embodiment of Leftist economic policies is MGNREGA. It supposedly guarantees jobs but is in fact just dole. It may ‘alleviate’ poverty but can never help poor people rise out of poverty. Modi seemed to know this when he first became Prime Minister.

Across the Aisle: Jobs- The make or break issue

The reality is that a loan of Rs 47,268 is not sufficient to create a job. That amount may be enough to buy some tools or furniture or install an air conditioner or a refrigerator. It may be used as additional working capital. By no stretch of imagination will Rs 47,268 create an additional job.

Forty Years Ago: September 1, 1978

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Minister for External Affairs, was injured in a stone-throwing incident at a students’ protest rally at Boat Club, Delhi. Vajpayee was at Boat Club to meet students protesting the inaction of police in the murder of the Chopra children.

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Why Rahul, Bhagwat must talk

That dialogue could weaken centrality of ‘secularism vs communalism’ debate

Chanakya In Our Times

India’s use of his concepts of isolationism and involvement confounds Pakistan.

irregularities in the refale deal
Don’t ground the Rafale

We are back to political battles, uncaring about the status of our military. Debate over Rafale mirrors this.

The ordinance makes “triple talaq null and void” and will land the offending husband in jail for three years.
The F-word

Pune police have radical hyperbolists excited — is fascism finally here? Sadly, the word seems to have lost meaning.

The ordinance makes “triple talaq null and void” and will land the offending husband in jail for three years.
Wiser counsel

Government must listen to Law Commission’s cautionary note on proposal of simultaneous polls and sedition law.

The ordinance makes “triple talaq null and void” and will land the offending husband in jail for three years.
Intimate enemy

Targeting of police by militants points to a new breakdown, social and political, in the Valley.

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IPL probe hurts, but it must go on

Cricket is a way of life. But I find myself asking the question: Is the game clean?

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Not a question of cash

Whether demonetisation failed or succeeded is not a moral question. Is it too much to expect that in this data-dependent world, we should discuss hard evidence rather than soft opinions?

Kerala floods, Kerala rain
The Urdu Press: Kerala floods

Akhbar-e-Mashriq has pointed to the statement of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, “The Disaster Management Plan prepared by the Centre in 2016 has a provision about accepting voluntary help from other countries.”

Cabinet approves new procurement policy to ensure MSP to farmers
Big data for farmers

Incorporating all factors that affect crop yields into Soil Health Cards will make them a comprehensive guide for farmers.

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August 31, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Capital Murders

August 31, 1978, Forty Years Ago: The Delhi Police was in the dock in both Houses of Parliament for what members charged was “criminal negligence” on its part in handling the case of kidnapping of two children and their subsequent murder.

The ordinance makes “triple talaq null and void” and will land the offending husband in jail for three years.
Dutee’s victory

It speaks of her remarkable journey. And has implications for the larger debate over sex and gender.

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Inventing the Urban Naxal

An underground insurgent loves and needs a mythical aura. An insurgency is as much a reality, as it is the product of myths that the society, unable to comprehend them, weaves around the insurgent.