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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Not the age of reason

No party can escape blame. Some tried hard despite obstacles, some faltered, and some buried the facts and relied on bluff and bluster. The victims are the people.

Denial is bad policy

Too many are dying and families who are too poor to buy wood for cremating the dead simply push them into the Ganga. Last week, bodies started piling up along its banks

An agonising end in the river

There is the surreal reality of calmly sitting in front of my TV and watching the terrified reactions of people spooked by the drifting dead, human beings who were summarily discarded, like flotsam and jetsam.

India’s approach to vaccination is excluding the digitally-deprived

In the absence of the internet and without knowledge of how CoWin functions, the majority of India’s rural population is being left out of Covid inoculation effort

Judiciary must uphold rights of citizens without sacrificing sobriety

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court in the Election Commission of India case is an example of such judicial statesmanship.

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Where we went wrong: A sense of hubris turned the predicted second surge into a devastating crisis

April 26, 2021 9:00:24 am

What should be done at this stage is well-known. But effective execution not only requires a decentralised approach and better coordination, but, most importantly, shedding hubris. Can the state rise to the challenge?

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Supreme Court must rethink its order on deportation of Rohingya refugees

April 26, 2021 9:01:15 am

The April 8 order is disappointing not just for the callous disregard of grave human rights issues by a Court which was a beacon for other constitutional courts; it is startling for its refusal to examine the questions raised by the petitioners, and to probe even superficially the facile defences of the government.

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State of distrust

April 26, 2021 4:44:33 am

The J&K administration order on security threat posed by its employees is arbitrary and draconian, belies claim of normalcy.

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Centre’s second shot

April 26, 2021 4:43:35 am

Vaccine can’t be the new oxygen. It needs centralised procurement, decentralised distribution.

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In defence of bureaucracy: To implement developmental agenda, civil servants must have stake, independence

April 26, 2021 9:12:34 am

Corporate coherence is the ability of the bureaucracy internally to resist the invisible hands of personal maximisation by undercutting the formal organisational structure through informal networks.

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Govts can avert future disasters only by investing in health workers and public health

April 26, 2021 9:07:16 am

It is evident that all sectors are intertwined; every single wave across the globe has washed away most aspirations, be it economics, education or service. The second wave has reminded us of the costs and casualties of ignoring public health services. When can this change?

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Government must think out-of-the-box for a special package for migrants

April 26, 2021 9:17:19 am

Existing government programmes cannot provide gainful employment opportunities to migrants at their native places.

A new deal for farmers

April 25, 2021 9:03:53 pm

With digitisation, quick procurement of harvest and reimbursement of payments, farmers’ incomes in Haryana are set to double

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Remembering Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

April 25, 2021 7:01:40 pm

The Maulana was a bird that flew above the storm clouds. His trust in peace and dialogue was not framed by circumstances.

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After 7 years, deprivation, disease & death

April 25, 2021 9:24:35 am

The quality of governance has sunk to an abysmal low. The result is what we see around us — deprivation, debt, disease and death.

India feels like a ship that is totally adrift

April 25, 2021 11:28:22 am

The horror of what is happening seems finally to have pierced the echo chamber in which Narendra Modi is sealed.

Bribe case to declaring donor, full circle for JMM

April 25, 2021 9:21:44 am

Recently, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, the ruling party in Jharkhand, chose to go public about the electoral bond donation of Rs 1 crore it received from aluminium manufacturing company Hindalco.

Football and fans need Champions League

April 25, 2021 9:21:30 am

Champions League is not perfect. But it is still the reason why fans embark on pilgrimages.

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The unknown soldier

April 24, 2021 9:10:20 am

Britain has finally acknowledged the Raj’s systemic prejudice in not recognising the sacrifice of Indian soldiers

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Economy alert

April 24, 2021 9:09:54 am

The impact of Covid surge on the economy depends on how effectively key supply gaps are plugged

The political project of Hindutva is up against many contradictions

April 24, 2021 8:48:54 am

The prime minister is the tallest political leader in the country today. One wonders why he didn’t use his political capital and oratorical skills to dissuade the devotees from coming to Kumbh this year.

As a responsible political figure, Devendra Fadnavis ought to moderate his impulses

April 24, 2021 8:47:00 am

Devendra Fadnavis, a former CM, now leader of the Opposition in the state assembly, should not have breached a law that he himself as home minister enforced during his term in office.

CJI Bobde’s tenure was marked by reluctance to hear cases affecting people’s life, liberty

April 24, 2021 9:19:03 am

Although Justice Bobde did not run into any major controversy, he did court his own set of controversies.

New CJI must seriously address systemic issues plaguing the judiciary

April 24, 2021 9:03:10 am

The new Chief Justice must seriously introspect and review the actions of his immediate predecessors, free himself of the bias in constituting benches and allocating cases and take concrete steps to revitalise the administration of justice.

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Farewell & welcome

April 24, 2021 9:11:26 am

Challenge for the next CJI is to more strongly secure the SC as the custodian of individual rights and constitutional freedoms

Need of the hour is to ensure well-being of the vulnerable, whom we failed last time

April 24, 2021 8:53:33 am

Our political class must set aside differences to act quickly and with compassion to ensure economic security and well-being of the vulnerable, as we fight back second wave of Covid-19.

Forty Years Ago, April 24, 1981: US Scraps N-deal

April 24, 2021 1:50:59 am

Informed official sources told The Washington Post on Thursday that the Reagan ad­ministration was ending the 18-year-old US nuclear cooperation agreement with India.

Preparing for medical and financial emergencies

April 25, 2021 9:19:59 am

Fundamental changes are needed to quicken the emergency response of the administration and increase its effectiveness to meet a crisis situation

A single price for Covid-19 vaccines will stimulate production, ensure efficient vaccination

April 23, 2021 8:34:49 am

The irony is that the section more prone to infecting others would also be low-income people, who cannot ordinarily afford the vaccine.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan was an Islamic scholar who believed in dialogue

April 23, 2021 8:35:39 am

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan saw his mission to help the world rediscover that the essence of Islam (both etymologically as well as substantively) was peace.