TN Srinivasan’s work will continue to enrich the discipline of economics

Current forms of urban politics construct a new aam aadmi

Raja Mandala: New ripples in Andaman Sea

India slips in global RTI ratings. But is the ranking system flawed?

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East meets east

India-Japan ties are warming up but expectations from Modi-Abe discussions must remain anchored in reality

NPR journalist accuses MJ Akbar of rape
#Metoo: The movement to create equality should begin at home

If we want to create a better world where women feel absolutely safe, men truly and genuinely respect every human irrespective of the gender and there is equality in its truest sense, we need to teach men to respect women.

My friend Ayyappa

The Sabarimala legend fires a child’s imagination — it has adventure, spectacle, mystery and magic. The current controversy threatens the bond between the hill god and the child.

The CBI has a history of politicisation. But things have never been this bad
CBI is dead, long live CBI

It is not conflicts at the top that define the bureau, but its investigators and staff.

Forty Years Ago, October 26, 1978: Antony’s Rebellion

Kerala Chief Minister A K Antony announced his decision to resign in protest against the Congress Parliamentary Board’s on the Chikmagalur byelection.

Sabarimala row: Police on high alert, 1500 cops, commando team deployed ahead of temple opening on November 5
Custom vs law

In Sabarimala, apex court could have been cautious in applying constitutional ideals

The CBI has a history of politicisation. But things have never been this bad
A lower low

The CBI has a history of politicisation. But things have never been this bad

Talking to Taliban
Glad tidings

Tax data shows improved revenues. It will take an upturn in growth and improved corporate profits for the trend to endure

Talking to Taliban
Restive state

Citizenship bill compounds the insecurities triggered by the updation of NRC in Assam. Both have set off ripples of unease

Talking to Taliban
Virat achievement

Kohli follows in the steps of the cricketing greats, sets a new example

Letter to the Editor: Gust of fresh air
It’s about talking, period

What a group of 13-year-old boys and girls may have found, what Minister Smriti Irani cannot see

Explained: Why the Midterm elections are important for US and Donald Trump
The Allahabad in Prayagraj

Renaming places creates ruptures in the people’s lived experiences.

Forty Years Ago, October 25, 1978: Desai on China

Prime Minister Morarji Desai said that India would try its best to talk things over with China and resolve problems arising from “our lands in its occupation”.

If you add value to the system, lateral entry, bureaucracy will be welcoming and accommodative
Laterally yours

If you add value to the system, bureaucracy will be welcoming and accommodative

NPR journalist accuses MJ Akbar of rape
The revolution before #MeToo

Let’s remember the time when asserting women’s rights did not devolve into seeking mob justice on social media.

At digital war

India might lose the cyber space face-offs unless IT infrastructure of the military is indigenised soon.

Talking to Taliban
An unjustified arrest

Arresting Abhijit Iyer-Mitra for comments online, after he had apologised to the legislature, is attacking free speech

Talking to Taliban
Fantasy is legal

Law students are set to engage with the legal and moral aspects of the Harry Potter books. It could be problematic

Talking to Taliban
Check the trespass

The government’s moves against the CBI, in the dark, have brought a challenge to the door of the Supreme Court

Punjab: HC stays lower court’s orders permitting ED to inspect case file
Perjury upon the soul

Many give false evidence under oath, but complex laws and reluctance to initiate proceedings make prosecution a rarity.