You have to take Naipaul's worldview and the flashlight with which he exposed hypocrisies as one entity

Ruling Awami League must see that students’ protests reflected deep discontents

Arguments against those with disabilities pursuing medicine are prejudiced

Congress’ stand on NRC reeks of its communal and opportunistic politics

Babasaheb and BJP

The party makes a bid for Dalit vote by appropriating legacy of its icon.

Letters to the editor: All politics is local

Chavan’s proposal will simply not hold water.

There’s a moon out tonight

Discussing the apocalypse and end-of-the-world theories.

Fifth Column: A dangerous disconnect

‘If Modi destroys the India created by 67 years of Congress-style secularism and socialism, he will be doing India a real service’.

Out of my mind: What kind of PM will Modi be?

With its core partners the Shiv Sena and Akali Dal, the BJP/NDA may get an outright majority of around 275.

‘We could have sped up environmental clearances… PM could have stepped in’

In this Idea Exchange moderated by P VAIDYANATHAN IYER, Editor (Mumbai), Chavan advocates prohibiting regional parties from contesting national polls and defends himself against charges of being overcautious on land issues.

From the discomfort zone: Mysterious mask

The festive atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve returned to the Middle Ages.

Inside Track: Patel’s new office

Patel plans to groom son Faizal for politics.

Anticipating India

A selection of the pieces from the book (HarperCollins Publishers India and Express Book Series) that foreshadowed the big changes.

Unhealthy secrecy

From a leader in ‘The Washington Post’.

Letter of the Week: Free country

The EC cannot curb an individual’s freedom of speech and expression.

Everest’s Sherpa

This community of guides is consigned to the footnotes of great mountaineering accounts.

Innovation that includes

The pharmaceutical industry needs to shed its archaic blockbuster model.

World and web

A global discussion on Net governance tries to bring vision of multiple stakeholders in line with democracy.

Court’s revolving door

A fixed term for CJI is a good idea, but judicial appointments must be more transparent.

Just name-calling

Next time intellectuals complain about Gujarat, can they provide some evidence?

The Big Story

TV just had to cover the huge roadshow in Varanasi as Modi travelled to the collectorate.

Not just his and hers

Supreme Court has created a nuanced framework for legal recognition of transgenders.

From The Urdu Press

There are three lakh Muslim voters in Varanasi and the widespread perception is that Muslims will vote for Arvind Kenriwal to defeat Modi.

The Juhapura model

Revisiting a Muslim ghetto in a Gujarat city in poll time.