Psycho analysis: How Hitchcock's 1960 signature runs on two 2018 releases

NHPM will ensure medical emergencies do not result in people falling into poverty

On the football field and on Kashmir, there’s a lot of testosterone around

Cauvery Authority’s challenge lies in forging federal consensus on Centre’s role in inter-state rivers

Same crises, more meddlers

Nuclear weapons have not offered India and Pakistan the promised strategic independence. They have made the two countries dependent on the whims of external mediators during a crisis.

LIVE UPDATES: PM Modi to interact with young start-up entrepreneurs today
The Shangri-La moment

PM Modi’s speech framed continuities, nuance in foreign policy. It needs full force of India’s example behind it

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Facepalm, again

Precisely when the social media leader needed to reassure users, it has laid itself open to charge of misleading lawmakers

Donald Trump's tariffs: What they are and how they would work
The West Asia Stalemate

On the Iran nuclear deal, players lack the moves to deal with a vexed issue

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Riyadh contradiction

First group of Saudi women to receive a driver’s licence mirrors an overdue change. But are civil rights by decree sustainable?

Forty Years Ago, June 6, 1978: New Janata Crisis

The Janata Party was heading for fresh trouble with Raj Narain demanding reconstitution of the national executive and the central parliamentary board of the party.

Northeast elections: Counting of votes in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya tomorrow
View From The Right: Reading Kairana

The editorial argues that the voting pattern clearly suggests that in a constituency like Kairana — in which the BJP secured over 50 per cent of the vote in 2014 with a 73 per cent voter turnout, only 45.7 percent votes could be retained with a 54 per cent turnout in the bypoll.

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Power and force

Incessant political violence in West Bengal casts a shadow over Mamata Banerjee’s record as CM, her claims to a national role

Welcome to Nagpur, Pranab da

Even as the visit stokes outrage in some circles, no swayamsevak has expressed reservations about a Congress stalwart on an RSS platform

The four year toll

BJP-led government might be good at coining acronyms but the people know that it has only marginally built on the legacy of Congress-led governments.

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The new militancy

Centre must look it in the eye, without delusion or denial, in order to address and combat it effectively in J&K

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The Kerala challenge

Congress legislators question its Rajya Sabha preferences, call for better representation for youth. Party must not turn a deaf ear

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Sunil Chhetri’s despair

Let’s empathise with Indian football captain. But why should fans crowd stadiums to watch tournaments with few thrills?

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May 5, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Janata vs Sangh

Front page of The Indian Express on June 5, 1978

18 IAS officers transferred in Himachal Pradesh
Mending The Frame

It is time the pattern of training, system of evaluation, of civil servants is debated

petrol prices, fuel prices, petrol price hike, tax on petrol, common man, two-wheelers, Indian Express column
Fuel for thought

We urgently need a strategy to reduce demand for petroleum products and push substitutes

Abandoned at sea

China’s maritime strategy calls for a paradigm shift in India’s defence-industrial programmes. But declining budgets, dysfunctional acquisitions could stymie strategic necessities.

The gentle archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto has recently been in the eye of a storm provoked by his letter to all parish priests in the Capital exhorting them to start a prayer campaign for the country and political leaders ahead of the 2019 elections.
Mis-reading archbishop’s letter

Anti-RSSism must not obscure that it is part of an organised smear campaign

Raja Mandala: Securing the littoral

At Shangri La dialogue, New Delhi showed that it is backing up its rhetoric on Indo-Pacific with concrete action.

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On The Loose: Without Fail

Whatever one’s opinion of the value of the CBSE or ICSE curriculum, a 90+ score is an indication of how hard a student is willing to work for something, which is a trusted predictor of success in life in general.