For opposition unity to grow into something more, quantity must gather political quality

Politics in Bengal is about total domination by Party, irrespective of party in power

For POCSO Act to effectively protect children, it should go beyond death penalty

Raja Mandala: Falling behind on Digital Silk Road

Rising to the China challenge

It is time that our politicians and diplomats got over the 1962 ‘syndrome’ and evolved a national vision towards ensuring security.

Congress (R) vs BJP (M)

Two parties at odds with their leaders. Two leaders with a larger gameplan.

Why bank on EC

Issuing of bank licences should not be a matter that is referred to the Election Commission.

View from the left: The Old Imperialist

THE OLD IMPERIALIST Taking up the issue of the Crimean referendum that favoured Crimea’s joining of the Russian Federation, the CPM’s People’s Democracy says the referendum has been “endorsed as free and fair” by many international observers, but the US has shown its “double standards on democracy” on the issue. “Displaying the height of hypocrisy […]

Chinese takeaway: PLA Goes Out

The rapid deployment of multiple military assets by the Chinese armed forces in search of MH 370 underlined the PLA new emphasis.

Listen to the court

SC lends its weight to calls for N. Srinivasan’s resignation from BCCI for the sake of a fair probe.

A delicate calm

With independence day on March 26, the public mood is upbeat across the country. And yet there cannot be room for complacence.

A state more adventurous

Getting things done in skills needs unblocking traffic jams at the intersections of education, employability and employment.

Letters to the editor: Lessons to learn

This refers to the thought-provoking article, ‘Who’s afraid of Neville Maxwell?’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE, March 22).

Queen and mother

To dismiss Queen Victoria as a bad mother is to ignore the evidence.

Breaking the silence

The pope’s panel to fight sexual abuse of minors by clerics is a welcome first step.

Let’s not mourn Khushwant Singh

His mockery of death and devil-may-care handling of matters of life and god warrant only celebration.

Private numbers

SC reiterates Aadhaar data is confidential. A privacy law is needed to insulate scheme from controversy.

Transition pangs

The BJP acquired a new power centre. Now, it is being compelled to rearrange itself around it.

No city limits

Candidates from Varanasi must note: you can only ever own half the city.

Crimea and punishment

Global caution, not sanctions, will check Russia and other unilateral actors.

The challenge is skilling

No government can ignore the task of making young India job ready.

Letters to the editor: Party over person

This refers to ‘RSS gives L.K. Advani illusion of choice’ (IE, March 21).

Borrowed lustre

Relying overly on star candidates, parties also signal a loss of faith in themselves.

Where parties dare

CPM is the first to promise to uphold sexual minority rights in its manifesto. Others must follow.