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Monday, July 16, 2018
India’s sexual minorities need not only decriminalisation but rights and protections

Sharia courts are an alternative dispute redressal mechanism that responds to the decline of the civil justice system

India’s team feels the pain of not qualifying, but the World Cup shows the power of self belief in changing a squad’s fortunes

Across the aisle: BJP renders aid and advice to LG!

In denial, still

Prithviraj Chavan wants LS polls confined to national parties. He and his party need to face the change.

While we were deceiving ourselves

Do we have no idea of the relentless propaganda, the dark threats, the extremists standing beside ‘moderate’ Modi?

Afraid of free trade

Diplomacy in South Asia is given over to give-no-quarter bureaucrats, who cleave to a nationalism that continues to trump economics.

Raj, without let-up

MNS chief’s interviews showed how offence can be the best form of defence.

People’s man

Sunil Gupta convinced you that politics and idealism can go together.

The primacy of leaders

This election campaign is dominated by individuals rather than ideas. Why this is not likely to change come 2019.

A real fear

One may be willing to concede that “secularism” will not die completely because of democratic systems, the Constitution and a strong higher judiciary.

Solitude, in other words

The journey of Gabo’s epic novel is a story in itself.

Fairy tale capitalism

Piketty’s work underscores need to address its legitimacy amid growing inequality.

Players and leaders

Moyes’s ouster from ManU after a decline in its fortunes underlines the manager’s importance.

A house for Mr Zaveri

As Modi talks good governance, a Muslim businessman is denied his right to property in Gujarat.

Go on, undo

SC hearing a curative petition on Section 377 is a welcome sign of its willingness to review its verdict.

Semi Column: With states planning to borrow more, RBI mulls new pricing

Among the states, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have already come to the market twice.

Writings on the wall: Navi Calcutta

Mumbai is a tired city with chronic fatigue syndrome. And yet, there is also Padhayi Gali, a patch of sidewalk paved with four young men’s dreams of gold.

Of, by, for auditors

CAG audit of telcos raises questions of blunt accountability instruments.

Letters to the editor: Whose idea?

I was comforted and delighted to read Shekhar Gupta’s article, ‘Secularism is dead!’ (IE, April 19).

Can’t do spirit

BCCI lacks conviction and credibility for a clean-up. As court takes charge, it has only itself to blame.

Iron it out

Court does well to lift mining ban. But to revive output, address bad laws, worse implementation.

IT majors focus back on developed markets

The strategy followed by Indian IT in key developed markets in the coming years could decide if they tide over the struggle to move up into the top league.

The rights choice

A year after his death, J.S. Verma’s legacy lives on in the struggle for individual rights.