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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Without reason in our religious outlook we let the clergy manipulate us

The lifetime rates of sexual violence in India are amongst the lowest in the world

On Mandela's birth centenary, remembering a question asked, an answer to remember

Is Congress pro-Muslim? It’s the wrong question

Forget it

The Net remembers everything. But should we press the delete button?

Reading the verdict

Much depends on how new government interprets mandate, specially needs of young and female voters.

Security misstep

UPA erred by not agreeing to a permanent chairman for the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

Failing Shahid

The UPA government has much to be ashamed of in its record on terror investigations.

No proof required: The measure of Modi

The intelligent Indian voter has responded to Modi’s charms. If he had not been the BJP’s PM candidate, the instability feared by all would have become a nightmarish reality.

The legacy of Vajpayee and Singh

The new government does not need to define — only to pursue — India’s foreign policy objectives.

Telescope: What the pollsters say

The debates around the exit polls were inevitably about the man of the moment, Narendra Modi.

Letters to the editor

The letter adjudged the best for the week is published every Saturday.

The wait

This moment of suspended animation in India’s democracy holds a beginning and an end.

End of delusion

South China Sea turbulence underlines that next government will need a new template for China.

11th hour guilt

Congress shrinks the PM for five years, then thanks him in a 50-second video — it doesn’t work.

A command economy of opinion

The media industry worries little about the Indian government now. Its concern is rather about revenues, which are still tiny in relation to the size of its audience.

Will states matter on May 16?

Electoral data does not support the argument that the influence of regional parties is waning.

Press pause and rewind

There is much work ahead to recapture the hopefulness that characterised Indo-US ties seven or eight years ago.

BJP has a gender problem

The party has always faced a challenge in mobilising the female voter.

Reading Piketty in India

Human capital inequality is what India needs to be most concerned about right now.

View from the Right: Fait Accompli

It is only a matter of turning the page to a certain day, declares Panchjanya, with Modi’s cover picture asserting his victory.

State of the nation

Why it will be necessary to watch Andhra Pradesh on May 16.

MGNREGA claims, and facts

Available data suggests the programme has been effective in reducing rural poverty and gender discrimination

‘A settlement will give the people of J&K an opportunity to seek a future’

Excerpts from a speech by Satinder K. Lambah, special envoy of the prime minister, at the University of Kashmir in Srinagar on May 13