Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide highlight pressures that overtake the spiritually inclined

Why doesn’t New Delhi trust the people of J&K with real democracy?

At Ramakrishna Mission complex in Kolkata, a different face of religion is visible from what is propagated by Hindutva

Every time Governor’s Rule has been imposed in J&K, situation has worsened, alienation has grown

Flip side: Acronyms and acrimony

The BJP is asking voters to await ‘the new dawn’, while the Congress, quite devilishly, calls it ‘the new don’.

No more petitioners: No more petitioners

Incidentally, one of the most dangerous things he has done is to lie about the Adani Group having been given farmers’ land at throwaway prices.

Inside track: Bhag, mummy, bhag

The infuriated Congress camp, which regards DD as its domain, has now belatedly granted time for a Rahul interview.

Out of my mind: Not all over yet

Each of them has a scenario in which somehow Modi and/or BJP falter at the last minute and the race for the top is left wide open.

When reality outruns strategy

Indians should stop pining for a single-minded strategic culture, look where that got Pakistan.

It happened one night

Isaiah Berlin and Anna Akhmatova could share a life-altering conversation because they had done the reading.

The primary trauma

How casteism is expressed in schools, and how it perpetuates inequalities.

Because politics is more than personal

The social cannot be detached from the political, whether through a saviour-like Modi or a generic aam aadmi.

No child is illegitimate

The court’s ruling on cohabiting couples should extend to single mothers

The other side of populism

How a patchily implemented NREGA could end up hurting the Congress.

Cheap souvenirs

A toshakhana reveals bizarrely cut-price gifts from overseas.

Burden of proof

Tribunal deciding on extending SIMI ban must look at concrete evidence to establish its links with terror.

Security first

Centre and states cannot be adversaries in terror cases. A unified NCTC is crucial.

The case of the phantom voter

Voter lists are marred by errors and bulk additions, because the EC does not have the resources to conduct its own survey.

Rules for the road

We need a comprehensive law for all aspects of traffic safety.

A grain of sense

How Punjab is making the best use of the flawed public distribution system.

The great Game Folio: Arabian ports

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood

Pill poppers

Antibiotic resistance is a major public health challenge, a new WHO report has confirmed.

Arguments for a digital world

Having critiqued multistakeholderism, India must propose its own solution.

Patent relief

India escapes being downgraded by the US for IP violations, with a compelling self-defence.