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Sunday, July 22, 2018
PM get blamed for everything that goes wrong even when the problem may be with states

The most powerful vote bank has always been the Muslims and this does not belong to the BJP

Inside Track: Communication snag

The maximum number of claims of jobless growth have been made in 2018

From world’s largest democracy to its most beleaguered

Suddenly, expectations are strong that the warmth will return to Israel-India ties.

The great NGO scare

Modi government must deal with, not try to wish away, pressures from civil society.


Arun Jaitley’s defence of the previous government’s appointment of the next army chief is reassuring.

Stop at blue

Mamata Banerjee goes to absurd lengths to promote her favourite colour scheme. Are red lights next?

Gandhi and Religious Fanaticism

His equal respect for all cultures and religions implied the idea of mutual learning and inter-faith dialogue.

View from the right: Good beginning

The Organiser also defended of Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani, who was targeted for not being qualified enough for the job.

Power hungry

Viewers without electricity were spared the spectacle of the BJP, Congress and AAP in AC studios, blowing hot air.

Reworking the idea of Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif must revise his country’s notion of India as ‘permanent enemy’ to reach out to India’s new government.

Let them eat football

The staging of the World Cup frames the contrast between Brazil’s investment in vanity projects and vital infrastructure and social needs.

Don’t ban, regulate

Government should welcome private green initiatives like the e-rickshaw.

Turning the web page

Right to be forgotten online must be balanced with the public interest to know.

Righting the Left

CPM must refresh its platform and leadership, or risk ceding the important space it occupies.

His opening

PM Modi strikes many a right note on development and inclusion that he will be held up to

Modi operandi

Modi will be itching to spread the Gujarati rate of growth across India.

City needs a plan

Nothing less than a paradigm shift in urban governance will do

Chinesetakeaway: String of Pearls

China is seeking a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean through a “string of pearls”, or a network of bases, has been debated for a while.

Waiting for the panda

Things could be cuddlier between India and China

Letters to the editor: Wrong reason

The MoS was patronising towards the scientific fraternity.

City of the long siege

MQM founder Altaf Hussain’s arrest in the UK threatens Karachi’s relatively stable state of instability

Shocking negligence

Himachal government must hold accountable those responsible for the drowning of college students