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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Liberal Victimhood: It hides structural oppression of the marginalised, appropriates their protests

On crime against women, bad questions, poor answers

Demoralised teachers are ill-suited to deliver Delhi’s new curriculum to students

Bengaluru's new pet licensing laws are beset by the familiar failing of public policy

Seize the day

How Modi can address the drift and alienation in Kashmir

High-level solutions

The Himalayas need special policy attention, given their strategic importance and unique vulnerabilities

Triumph of the majority

This election is the victory of a socially conservative, small-town ethos — one that most of India lives in

Waiver season

Centre may not have control over state government freebies, but it should refuse to finance them

Letters to the editor: Not a party

This refers to the editorial, ‘UPA to NDA’ (IE, June 13).

Kicking out caution

Blame it on Rio, but teams in World Cup 2014 have shown more of a commitment to attack

To mean business

Modi could become the first prime minister to make a compelling public case for economic reform.

After the photo-op

‘INS Vikramaditya’ best illustrates many of the defence challenges the Modi government must meet.

No coincidence

Herat attack was meant to stop Sharif visit, spoil Modi’s ‘party’.

A womanifesto

Because women’s safety depends on political will

100 day challenge

What the new government should do to spur economic and industrial growth.

How India treats its NGOs

True democracies celebrate involvement of citizens, make consultation a habit

‘Our essential qualifications have changed… but a reporter’s life is more fun than before’

Editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta writes a farewell note to ‘The Indian Express’ newsroom

Finally, some real estate good news in the wild

I’ve carped long and loud about how it’s pointless trying to breed rare wild animals and birds in captivity if there’s going to be no wild to put them back into.

Sukumari Bhattacharji: Marxist, Atheist, Sanskritist

The woman who used Sanskrit as the key to understanding ancient India rationally and scientifically.

Inside track: Picture imperfect

The RSS is unhappy with Modi’s efforts to forge closer ties with China.

Fifth column: An end to socialist elitism?

Modi does not see poverty as romantic or alluring. Having lived in poverty, he knows the indignities it imposes if you are not a tourist.

Flip side: Signs of the times

It could, as someone said in Parliament, be a case of old wine in new bottles, but there are signs that the times are changing and it’s not all to do with politics and government.

From the discomfort Zone: Structuring your need

The start of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Sao Paulo reminded me of my visit to another football obsessed country, Argentina, a few years ago.

Out of my mind: Who’s afraid of Hindutva?

Nationalism is a 19th century European idea.