If not Narendra Modi then who could be India’s next prime minister?

Congress leaders in New Delhi are suspicious of Kumaraswamy's long meetings with PM Narendra Modi

A referendum in J&K should ask the people a simple question: Do you wish to stay in India or not?

Will India remain a civilisational-state, post 2019, or continue its march to a unitary, ethno-religious entity?

City needs a plan

Nothing less than a paradigm shift in urban governance will do

Chinesetakeaway: String of Pearls

China is seeking a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean through a “string of pearls”, or a network of bases, has been debated for a while.

Waiting for the panda

Things could be cuddlier between India and China

Letters to the editor: Wrong reason

The MoS was patronising towards the scientific fraternity.

City of the long siege

MQM founder Altaf Hussain’s arrest in the UK threatens Karachi’s relatively stable state of instability

Shocking negligence

Himachal government must hold accountable those responsible for the drowning of college students

After Karachi

As Pakistan fights internal challenges, India must reach out, signal readiness to invest in its stability

Of primary importance

We need better primary health centres more than AIIMS-like institutions.

Minimum government, maximum risks

Tough decisions made by Modi in Year 1 will pay off handsomely in Year 5.

The persistence of loss

In Punjab,1984 does not inhabit nostalgia, but a collective melancholia

Just governance

Why Modi government must be seen to support judicial independence

Budget 2014-15: No more excuses

The budget could be a joy to behold. For the first time ever, the government will have no excuses for business as usual, sloppiness, inaction and bad behaviour.

‘Governance needs to be digitised. We cannot look at ministries, need a process that runs across ministries’

In this Walk the Talk, Tata Consultancy Services CEO Natarajan Chandrasekaran talks about re-imagining governance and why he believes in the concept of a unique identity.

Letters to the editor: Spoils of war

More often than not, they prove to be roadblocks rather than facilitators in policy matters.

Once again, Nadal

His French Open win affirmed that the Spaniard is the King of Clay

Crony commissions

Leadership and staffing of national commissions should not be a matter of political largesse

The East Asia window

The emphatic election mandate for Modi and political uncertainty in the region have created opportunities for India.

Work it out

President’s address laid out an ambitious agenda for government. It has no excuses for not fulfilling it

Letters to the editor: Plain insensitive

We must resist the interference of foreign governments on the pretext of promoting democracy.

Carbon copies

US climate policy should set a compelling example for other nations to follow.