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Monday, July 23, 2018
Patient shelters must become part of urban infrastructure

Instead of fiddling with procurement prices, govt must devise an income policy for farmers

Today’s youth must look back at Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Chandra Shekhar Azad for inspiration

Can small countries match big countries? they can in parameters that matter to the people

Addressing vulnerabilities

This year’s edition of the Human Development Report contains a set of practical recommendations.

How to misunderstand each other

So far, India and Nepal have provided a textbook case.

‘Don’t ask me to apologise for how I look’

A ‘Femina’ cover recently challenged the size zero status quo in Bollywood, revived the conversation on stereotypes.
Here, the woman on the cover writes about beauty and body types in the film industry and outside.

Allies and liability

Coalition politics has not meant more democratic politics.

Fortaleza vs Washington

BRICS summit signalled a more purposeful solidarity among emerging economies.

Letters to the editor

The behaviour of Shiv Sena MPs who force fed a catering supervisor fasting for Ramzan is despicable.

Look who’s walking

Soon, shoes will tell you where to go and we will all be bystanders to the internet of things.

Tread carefully

Law against domestic violence addresses a continuing vulnerability. Tinkering isn’t an option

Once more in Nepal

Modi government must first take note of how Delhi has undermined a crucial bilateral relationship.

Claiming the city

The scope of corporate social responsibility needs to be expanded.

If the EU could do it

A South Asian union based on trade could reduce the incentive for war in the region.

The coming war on dynasty

To consolidate its 2014 success, the BJP must weaken the Congress.

Chinese Takeaway: Sushma in Nepal

The NDA government’s real challenge in Nepal, however, is not China.

Not a grown-up debate

The argument for sending juveniles to jail is based on flawed assumptions.

View from the right: Maoist menace

There are bound to be casualties of innocent people in a pitched fight in darkness.

All in the parivar

Most Hindi serials fail to reflect political and social upheavals outside the home.

The Europe syndrome

Dutch passivity after the downing of MH17 underlines it.

What the budget didn’t say

The PPP approach, for instance, hasn’t taken off in India so far. How can that be remedied?

Brute forces

Shiv Sena MPs may have acted true to party form. BJP government must take exemplary action against them.

Some judgement, please

Judicial appointments row, stoked by Katju revelations, is not about reform.