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Monday, July 16, 2018
India’s sexual minorities need not only decriminalisation but rights and protections

Sharia courts are an alternative dispute redressal mechanism that responds to the decline of the civil justice system

India’s team feels the pain of not qualifying, but the World Cup shows the power of self belief in changing a squad’s fortunes

Across the aisle: BJP renders aid and advice to LG!

Sushma Swaraj assures all assistance to Sikh man injured in Afghan blast
Su-raj (good governance) and Ms Swaraj

During the last four years, mobs of both kinds — the one, on the ground, and the other, in the virtual world, have grown in number and size.

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Lives of others

On Wednesday, the Uttarakhand High Court declared all animals including “avian and aquatic” ones as “legal persons”. The jury is out on whether being vested with the rights of “a living person” is good news for Uttarakhand’s fauna.

breast milk , US-Geneva trade, donald trump, US trade war, United States, China, US tariffs , indian express editorial
Betting on the future

The Law Commission has answered a question which has lingered in debate for decades, and found that it would be desirable to open sports to betting, with the caveat that it must be regulated.

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Costly gambit

On Thursday, the Karnataka government announced a Rs 34,000-crore scheme waiving defaulted crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh taken by 17.32 lakh farmers in the state till December 31 last year.

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The Pakistan Paradox

Pakistan’s persona non grata, ex-ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, in his book Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a dysfunctional state, lists the reasons why Pakistan today finds itself swamped with crises it can’t resolve.

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July 7, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Split Averted

Prime Minister Morarji Desai had accepted the formula on the condition that Haryana CM Devi Lal apologise to him and Charan Singh endorse it.

Tax structure for petrol, diesel to be a combination of GST, VAT
Fuel for development

Revenue from Centre’s taxes on petroleum products goes to states, welfare programmes.

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Class act

Supreme Court judgment will enhance the AAP government’s appeal in Delhi, especially among poor.

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Ambedkar’s warning

Emergency has been rightly decried in recent weeks. But Babasaheb’s advice to a young republic on dictatorship must be heeded in post-2014 India.

The curriculum taboo

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions desist from engaging with caste in the false hope that education will remove the social inequality.

Her rights

Amendments to Kerala Shops and Establishments Act recognise gender dimension in work spaces and labour laws

Hardliners on the ballot

Pak army’s political tinkering is setting the stage for electoral rise of fundamentalists

A political price

The hike in MSPs and the formula behind it is unsustainable, can lead to cropping distortions

Trolling Sushma Swaraj, a champion of nationalism, on passport issue is unacceptable

Ram Madhav writes: Trust is the basic Indian virtue that we all should imbibe. Trust our own leaders; they have attained leadership positions because of that.

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On a false high

Punjab’s proposals for screening of all employees for drug use, death for peddlers are a misplaced response to a deep problem

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The Urdu Press: Emergency 1.0

The daily Munsif, in its editorial on June 27, notes: “The Emergency was undoubtedly a black chapter in the country’s history, which no Indian can forget. It was imposed on June 26, 1975 to serve the political objectives of Congress Party and Indira Gandhi…”

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Power to the legislature

The Supreme Court verdict limits the role of LG to that of a titular head in all areas of Delhi government.

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The price is right

Centre’s criteria for MSP ensure remunerative prices for farmers with a decent margin. Arguments for MSP at 50 per cent over Cost C2 defy economic logic.

Reliance JioFiber could trigger price cuts across services, make customer king again
Jio again: How Reliance JioFiber impact could result in price cuts across services

With up to 100mbps speeds on offer, Jio GigaFiber is expected to open up video conferencing services, smart home solutions, online gaming and 4K video services like never before.

July 5, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Quit, Devi Lal Told

On July 5, 1978, the Janata Party moved a step further towards a split when the Central Parliamentary Board (CPB) asked Haryana Chief Minister Devi Lal to step down for his refusal to dissociate himself from the July 17 rally.