This World Cup, Kerala waits again for Argentina vs Brazil

Murder of Shahjahan Bachchhu pierces the complacency that had set in with regard to the terrorism challenge in Bangladesh

‘Kaala’ is a political film that mirrors the social and economic questions of our time

Nepal PM's Beijing visit is likely to resonate in Kathmandu’s relations with Delhi

Raja Mandala: When guns fall silent

Ceasefires in Kashmir, Kabul may reinforce peace sentiment in the Subcontinent, open up space for politics and diplomacy.

Palghar bypoll: Yogi Adityanath, Uddhav Thackeray face-off raises poll fervour
About Yogi, with prejudice

Tavleen Singh’s indictment of UP CM is not backed by any facts.

His choice, his misstep

Pranab Mukherjee’s decision to address RSS meet in Nagpur need not perturb the Congress. He did not go there as a representative of the party.

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Rajiv Gandhi assassination: For buying a nine-volt battery, Perarivalan today completes 27 years in jail

Perarivalan was handed over to the police by his own parents who were assured that he would be sent back the ‘next day’ after a small interrogation. After 27 years, his parents are still waiting for that ‘next day’ to dawn.

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Next Door Nepal: Speaking in many voices

Leaders of the ruling coalition are sending confusing and contradictory signals.

62% of tribal land claims rejected in Maharashtra
Minor forest produce, major returns

Recognition of tribal rights over tendu leaves and bamboo can help empower marginalised communities.

From Plate to Plough: Why farmers agitate

An efficient and sustainable solution for better prices really lies in ‘getting the markets right’ by overhauling the agri-marketing infrastructure and its associated laws.

Forty Years Ago: June 11, 1978

Prime Morarji Desai said that multinationals will be accorded the same status as domestic enterprises as long as they within the ambit of Indian laws.

In Good Faith: Saving planet, looking within

The individual is inextricable from the environment.

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Matters of the heart

New study on stents highlights need for adherence to clinical protocols, caution in decision-making.

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Size isn’t the issue

Transforming state-owned banks will need radical changes in governance and ownership structures. Consolidation is no panacea.

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Two-legged diplomacy

In Singapore and Qingdao, a foreign policy shift became visible — straddling the maritime and continental.

Mukherjee wrote in the visitor’s book: “Today I came here to pay my respect and homage to a great son of Mother India.”
Chanakya 2018

Pranab Mukherjee rewrote history on Friday. He washed away all the sins of the RSS. From now on, no stigma attaches to the RSS even for the assassination of Gandhiji for which the RSS was acquitted (though the Congress would like you not to know).

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Inside Track: Age-old problem

Both Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Sinha have for all practical purposes left the party. If the elderly are back in the BJP, it may face a disadvantage in presenting a youthful presence.

Gained in Translation: Innocent criminals

The main problem of Indian jails is overcrowding. Government statistics and reports also indicate this. According to the Prison Statistics of India 2015, there are 4,19,723 prisoners in 1,401 jails. Of these, 67.2 per cent are undertrials, who languish in jails for years.

Fifth column: Lies that help Modi

Modi has made mistakes in the past four years. He has failed to take India in a new economic direction. He wasted time on demonetisation and wasted money on huge, useless Congress welfare schemes like MNREGA. And, he failed to change our ‘socialist’ political culture.

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Across the aisle: Governments hide, people seek

The mood of the nation is despondent. In the RBI’s survey (May 2018), 48 per cent of respondents felt that the economic situation had worsened in the last one year. In some sectors, like agriculture, despondency has turned into anger. Among some sections of the people, like Dalits and unemployed youth, despondency has turned into despair.

Remembering Charanjit Singh

Charanjit Singh was killed by those fed on an ideology that demonises non-Muslims in Pakistan

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Who said what

However you parse Pranab’s speech, debate won the day. May there be more rounds to come

The babu-maker

S Rau guided a generation through the UPSC exams.