TN Srinivasan’s work will continue to enrich the discipline of economics

Current forms of urban politics construct a new aam aadmi

Raja Mandala: New ripples in Andaman Sea

India slips in global RTI ratings. But is the ranking system flawed?

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
The RBI’s reserves

There is a case for imaginative thinking on using central bank’s reserves. But it can’t be at the expense of its independence

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
The joy of giving

Diwali can go beyond the formalism of a festival: It can be a promise of understanding the other

The coughers and wheezers of Delhi

Each report of the ever increasing Air Quality Index (AQI) and the advisories being issued to avoid all outdoor activities set in motion the ‘law of diminishing returns’ as far as the spirit of elation and excitement of getting back to my moorings was concerned.

Hashimpura case: Delhi HC sentences 16 to life imprisonment for mass murder of 42 Muslims
Where prejudice is crime

Hashimpura verdict highlights the bias within police against religious minorities.

Shock and awe

Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum seeks to engender empathy in food cultures. It may end up reinforcing stereotypes/

Bowing to Beijing

China makes it clear to Pakistan that it sets the terms of their ‘all-weather’ partnership.

Death of a tiger

The gunning down of Avni points to a pressing problem in several parts of the country — human-animal conflict.

An exclusionary benchmark

Doing business report isn’t about economic milieu; it’s about lax regulations.

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Raja Mandala: Shifting sands in West Asia

With Iran sanctions, Donald Trump has embarked on a new course. Delhi needs to devote greater energies to the unfolding changes.

Indian Navy loses one of its heroes: Vice Admiral MP Awati passes away
Farewell Captain

Vice Admiral Manohar Prahlad Awati embodied the spirit of adventure and the tradition of sea-faring.

Missing the wood for the trees

Debate around RBI-government stand-off ignores the structural cause behind India’s economic woes: Interest rates as an instrument cannot achieve multiple, contradictory goals.

November 6, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Delhi Akali Violence

The police fired 29 rounds at four diffplaces and lobbed 339 teargas shells to quell the mob violence in which six buses were burnt.

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
Filling the gap

The government’s move to improve credit availability to MSMEs is a welcome intervention that should aid growth

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
Not standing up

Institutions need to stand up to bullying. That did not happen when ABVP protested Ramachandra Guha’s appointment

On the Loose: Mind your Manners
On the Loose: Mind your Manners

Half the world’s problems would probably vanish the day people stopped dictating to other adults how they should live, and behave.

Imaginary homelands

Allahabad was the name of an aspiration to independent, secular, cosmopolitan modernity — a hope, a sensibility. Prayagraj is a pernicious, hurtful fiction

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Scheherazades Of Bastar

Local journalists in this conflict zone rarely receive the credit they deserve

US sanctions kick in, India can buy Iran oil for now
Juggler’s art

Petroleum minister has to achieve oil supply security and balance the country’s strategic interests

Protests in Pakistan over Asia Bibi's acquittal end
View From The Neighbourhood: Blasphemy rules

A weekly look at the public conversations shaping ideas beyond borders — in the Subcontinent.

November 5, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Nagarwala Case

Front page of The Indian Express on November 5, 1978