If not Narendra Modi then who could be India’s next prime minister?

Congress leaders in New Delhi are suspicious of Kumaraswamy's long meetings with PM Narendra Modi

A referendum in J&K should ask the people a simple question: Do you wish to stay in India or not?

Will India remain a civilisational-state, post 2019, or continue its march to a unitary, ethno-religious entity?

Arithmetic to chemistry

For the patchy beginnings of opposition unity to grow into something more, quantity must gather political quality.

TMC sweeps violent Bengal panchayat polls, BJP is distant second, CPM and Congress trail
It isn’t just Trinamool

Politics in Bengal is about total domination by Party, irrespective of party in power.

The government has, at the same time, been sensible in leaving the door sufficiently open for negotiations.
Water for thought

A new Niti Aayog report should occasion reflection and reform of systems of water governance in the country

The government has, at the same time, been sensible in leaving the door sufficiently open for negotiations.
Get to work, please

If Delhi’s bureaucrats look partisan, they have themselves to blame. They can fix that

The government has, at the same time, been sensible in leaving the door sufficiently open for negotiations.
Hero’s journey

Reaction to Albert Einstein’s seemingly racist diary entries reveals much about the nature of adulation

AAP sit-in at Raj Niwas: IAS officers, Arvind Kejriwal take ‘two steps forward’
A crisis in plain sight

Delhi saga showcases poison of recrimination, institutional subversion, pettiness at highest levels

A major provision in the POCSO is that of setting up a Special Juvenile Police unit in-charge of investigating cases of child abuse
Knee-jerk Justice

For POCSO Act to effectively protect children, it should go beyond death penalty

Forty Years Ago, June 19, 1978: Unity in disarray

The majority opinion at the meeting of the extended Congress Working Committee seemed to be that unity talks with Congress (I) should be discontinued unless the initiative for unity comes from Mrs Gandhi.

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Raja Mandala: Falling behind on Digital Silk Road

India has the chance to foster connectivity and strategic cooperation across Asia. Here, too, China seems to be racing ahead.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (second from right), Karnataka CM H D Kumaraswamy (third from right), Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan (second from left) and Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu (left) during a meeting with wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Sunita, at her residence.
United against Modi, divided at home: Kejriwal’s crisis shows how the 2019 polls might be fought

A pre-poll national alliance, as opposed to regional alliances, is not consistent with the autonomous aspirations of people. If it hasn’t happened naturally in the past, the BJP is now making it happen by usurping the rights of the states as it did in Delhi.

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Avoid ideology

Narendra Modi devised an inclusive strategy in 2014. He reached out to the Dalit voters. He downplayed anti-Muslim sentiments. He modernised the BJP by remaking its image as a tech-savvy party with social media and holograms. This captured the youth vote.

Policy on the fly

India’s bumbling with Maldives is a warning — Delhi has few cards to play, seems intent on squandering even those

Piercing the haze

Delhi’s ongoing pollution problem underlines the urgency of a coordinated year-round strategy

God’s Own Final

This World Cup, Kerala waits again for Argentina vs Brazil

India’s Dutch disease?

With volatility in global currency markets up again, debate on rupee’s correct value has restarted

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Next Door Nepal: Oli’s long march

His Beijing visit is likely to resonate in Kathmandu’s relations with Delhi.

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Kaala: The dark knight

Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’ is a political film that mirrors the social and economic questions of our time.

In Dhaka, return of a spectre

The murder of Shahjahan Bachchhu pierces the complacency that had set in with regard to the terrorism challenge, as Bangladesh braces for political turbulence ahead of polls.

Confusion and horror in Kashmir

The United Nations released its first ever report on human rights violations in the Kashmir Valley. It recommends a commission of inquiry into the ‘excessive use of force’ by Indian security forces.

Inside Track: One for All

The Congress war room is working on a strategy that an anti-BJP alliance should field joint candidates for 403 seats in 15 states in the next parliamentary elections.