The IL&FS trouble exposes the weakness in financial regulatory architecture

Government has forgotten that children have a first right to nation’s resources

E-learning, smart tutorials make IT education accessible

Hussaini Brahmins, various Hindu figures mark Muharram

It is well understood that Myanmar is not a full democracy.
Failing the mandate

Reluctance of Myanmar’s civilian leadership to speak up for a free media betrays its fear of the military, lack of conviction.

In calendar year 2018, the rupee has depreciated by almost 13 per cent, which is seen by the government as too fast-paced a slide.
Rumble over rupee

Government steps in to arrest its slide against the dollar. The panic over its depreciation may be uncalled for.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani at a joint press conference with Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tehran. (AP)
Iran on the edge

US sanctions have pushed the country’s economy to the brink.

Gained in Translation: Children of the sea goddess

The novel Korkai has shown that the consequence for those who do not move with the times to make changes in their lives, mindsets, approach to profession and way of life is their downfall.

Out of my mind: A simple lesson

Factional splits are the norm rather than exceptions in Indian politics. This is not because there are deep ideological differences among the parties. The trouble is that they are all alike.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP leaders Amit Shah and LK Advani at the event in the national capital on Thursday.
Inside Track: Party before govt?

There are enough straws in the wind to indicate that former BJP president and Union minister Nitin Gadkari is feeling the chill even though, officially, both pro and anti camps deny rumours.

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A big ask in election year

The consequence is that the government revenue has become oil-dependent, government is loath to give up easy revenues, and there is mounting anger among the people as prices of petrol, diesel and LPG soar every day.

Vijay Mallya
Fifth column: In defence of Mallya

Instead of competing to distance themselves from big business our political leaders should explain to the people of India why a company that produced 40 per cent of our copper was forcibly closed by the Tamil Nadu government.

Performing moderately

A new state of democracy report records a significant dip in India’s record on civil liberties, personal integrity and security, freedom of association, media integrity, gender equality

About false promises

RBI data has confirmed that demonetisation failed in its stated goals.

Dynasty everywhere

BJP’s attack on the Nehru-Gandhi family and Congress’s dynastic politics is hypocritical.

Among Indian and Pakistani comics, it is the contrasts with rail travel and the inherent elitism associated with flying — served on the way by persons speaking a colonial language — that have provided the bulk of the humour.
Up in the air

Sri Lankan President’s attack on airplane cashew nuts is passé, the punchlines on eating in the sky have been exhausted.

Israeli sources said they were making major concessions at Camp David to prevent failure of the talks.
Forty Years Ago: September 15, 1978

At a press conference in Moscow, External Affairs Minister A B Vajpayee said he had given a categorical assurance to the Soviet Union that “India would not normalise its relations with China at the cost of dependable friends like the Soviet Union”.

Thanks but no thanks, Murakami said too in a cryptic response to his nomination.
Every breath you take

The Global Burden of Disease study shines the light on challenges for Ayushman Bharat.

It is well understood that Myanmar is not a full democracy.
Get Mallya back

But don’t let l’affaire Mallya pave the way for return of unfair motif of businessman-as-villain, taint enterprise itself.

Pakistan soon began imitating Afghanistan by losing its own writ.
The Ungoverned Land

Islamabad’s writ has disappeared from 60 per cent of Pakistan’s territory.

asian games 2018, asian games, india hockey, india cricket, virat kohli, india test match, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara
We, the chokers

Why do India’s hockey players, and its cricketers, freeze at the finishing line?

Breaking Down News: The Fault is Not (Entirely) in Our Stars

When Serena Williams was right in principle but not on the particulars, and who helped the kingfisher fly

Thanks but no thanks, Murakami said too in a cryptic response to his nomination.
How to protest

To be the ideal protester in the Capital, just do as Delhi Police tells you to do

In this photo, Justice BN Srikrishna hands over the report to IT Minister RS Prasad. (PTI)
When it isn’t right to forget

Right to be forgotten in proposed Data Protection Bill poses a threat to press freedom and RTI.