Battle at Bomdila: Winning this one is no feather in the cap for the Indian Army

Remembering TN Srinivasan, a bond forged in music

The next two years of Trump's presidency have now run into democratically created counter-power

TN Srinivasan’s work will continue to enrich the discipline of economics

Hashimpura case: Delhi HC sentences 16 to life imprisonment for mass murder of 42 Muslims
A single tale

For over 30 years, the people of Hashimpura have been reliving the killings

Asia Bibi was released from the prison in the city of Multan. (Reuters/File)
View from the neighbourhood: A dangerous all

Asia Bibi, a Christian accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death, was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on October 31.

Govt responds: No proposal to ask RBI to transfer 3.6 lakh crore
With due respect, Finance Minister

There has been only a marginal increase in the direct tax to GDP ratio after demonetisation. And the economy didn’t need to suffer for digitisation.

November 12, 1978, Forty Years Ago

President’s rule Mizoram came under President’s rule ending the month-long ministerial crisis and nearly six-month rule of the chief minister, T Sailo, at his own volition. A presidential proclamation issued on the night of November 11 also dissolved the Assembly of the Union Territory to pave the way for early elections. The Assembly came into […]

Talking to Taliban
Talking to Taliban

Delhi needs to be at the table. It needs an approach more mindful of changing ground realities in Afghanistan

Talking to Taliban
Missing the opportunity

Pakistan PM’s U-turn on the Asia Bibi acquittal, capitulation to hardliners, confirm apprehensions of his critics

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Jean therapy: Spinning one’s own yarn is great but wearing it is quite another

Patanjali Paridhan is touted to be an “exclusive one-stop solution showroom”, selling everything from ethnic to formal wear, and more specifically, an original range of “swadeshi” denims.

Out of my mind: Beware of friends

Even the destruction of the Babri Masjid happened 26 years ago. What is the urgency now? When the Supreme Court scheduled the hearing in January next year rather than November, why did this storm erupt?

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Inside Track: Ensuring a view of Mr Modi

Maneka Gandhi’s frontal and public Twitter attack on Maharashtra Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar, over the killing of man-eater tigress Avni in Yavatmal, has angered some high-ups in the BJP.

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Fifth Column: Hindutva will not work

Plans have been announced to build a mighty statue of Ram on the edge of the Saryu river. And, pressure is building from the RSS and Hindu religious sects to begin construction on that temple in Ayodhya before next year’s general election.

History Headline: The familiar drumroll of Ayodhya

These lines could well have been from 26 years ago when Mahant Avaidyanath, Adityanath’s mentor, the head of the Gorakhnath Math and one of the leading lights of the Sangh Parivar’s temple movement, had hit out at the “delay”.

To boost tourism, Gujarat asks states to build bhavans near Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue
Across the Aisle: Those who are left behind

As long as Sardar Patel lived, he did not forgive the fanatics who killed Mahatma Gandhi (as Home Minister he had banned the RSS for 17 months), but both the RSS and the BJP have found it expedient to forget that chapter of history.

November 10, 1978, Forty Years Ago

Addressing a meeting of the Congress (I) Parliamentary Party, summoned to felicitate her on the Chikmagalur victory, Mrs Gandhi asserted that her party shall always function in a non-violent and peaceful way.

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Love me, or else

Virat Kohli shows again that he is ungracious in the face of criticism

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
Unsafe sparklers

Both the timing and context of the flurry of announcements by Adityanath raise disquieting questions about the UP government’s motives.

Asia Bibi was released from the prison in the city of Multan. (Reuters/File)
The Blasphemy Test

Pakistan’s apex court has shown guts by acquitting Asia Bibi despite clerics’ anger. A governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, had died at the hands of his own security guard while defending Bibi, who he thought had been framed.

INS Arihant, nuclear submarine, Indian Navy, India's nuclear power, Indian express editorial
Nobody’s air

As Delhi chokes on smog, authorities must ask why people don’t take ownership of pollution control measures. On Wednesday, more than 300 people were arrested for defying the Supreme Court’s restrictions on bursting crackers.

Bank and its critics

RBI has a more coherent case on capital base, performance and autonomy than its critics. Central banks need to be adequately capitalised in order to perform their core functions which include being the lender of last resort for the banking system.

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Demonetisation, a cautionary tale

The heavily flawed policy decision continues to adversely affect us

The sepoys in Istanbul
The sepoys in Istanbul

During World War I, Indian troops spread across the Ottoman empire, helped lay the foundations of West Asia as we know it